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Chapter 4,

Edward spent his day off with Emmett and his sons. His sons seemed unaffected by the presence of their uncle but Edward still was happy that they got to really meet him.

"I don't think they would remember you."

"Well they have the memories of an ant."

Edward shrugged. Mitchell was happy in Emmett's lap and more than willing to be pampered by his uncle. Robbie, however, was being antisocial and was brooding in his swing. Or he was just laying in the warm cushioned swing, impartial to what was going on. Edward liked to imagine his children could brood if they chose.

"He looks like Bella," Emmett said, smoothing some of his nephews brown hair.

"I told Bella that the next one has to look like me."

Emmett snorted and Edward flipped on the television. He found CNN and Emmett glanced up.

"I should see if you are on ESPN," Edward said.

"I'm surprised you know about ESPN," Emmett replied. "Edward I'm going to educate your sons."

"You were like a B student on a good year," Edward reminded him.

"No I mean real education. None of that history and science crap."

"You should really talk to the PTA about your education ideas."

"I'm serious!" Emmett cried. "Seriously, who gives a damn about dead people?! They're dead and gone! The present is important and in the present everyone is a fat ass and there is no gym program. Your boys will know sports."

"I want to teach them to cook," Edward said.

"Fine, they can cook after sports. Eddie don't make them into women."

Edward rolled his eyes.

"Yeah Mitchie, Uncle Em will teach you what's important," Emmett cooed, holding his nephew against his chest and kissing the top of his head.

"Lord help my children," Edward pleaded towards the ceiling. "Save them from their jockey uncle."

"More on the attack on Emmett Cullen, a swimmer for the US olympic team."

"Lord," Emmett sighed, "me t.v."

"I love the shots they keep using," Edward said watching stock footage of his brother being taken to the ambulance and then leaving the hospital in a wheel chair.

"Yep, I'm quite photogenic," Emmett said dryly. He tickled Mitch and smiled when the baby cooed and giggled. "How long has he been giggling?"

"He started the other day," Edward said with a smile, "my boy, a month old and already laughing."

"Robbie giggles too?"

"Not really, no. He smiles like crazy though."

Emmett just smiled and then looked up at the screen. "You know what sucks?"

"Changing diapers?"

"They can't even find him," Emmett said grimly, "I told them exactly who attacked me but they can't find the damn asshole."

"Em you know when they do all he's going to get is assault charges right?'

"It's not even that," Emmett said sadly, "Edward since graduation this has been my life. Training for China has been my every day. I love Rosie to pieces but this came before her even. Because this is a once in a lifetime chance and it was just taken away from me in one swift blow. I feel violated."

"Em you're going to recover," Edward promised.

"Yeah and how well do you think my knee will hold up? How fast will I be able to swim after the casts come off?"

"Does your knee hurt?" Edward asked.

"Of course it does!"

Edward got up and went to the kitchen where Esme kept Emmett's pills. He opened the cabinet and sighed. All the glasses were dirty and all they had were sippy cups. Edward smiled and grabbed one with clouds on it and the matching lid.

"So when are you going back?" Edward asked loudly.

"I dunno yet," Emmett answered.

Edward put the cup aside and warmed two bottles for his babies who were going to be wanting their meals soon. While they were warming he brought the sippy cup and pills out to his brother.

"Oh haha, you're funny," Emmett grumbled, taking the cup.

"Make sure you don't spill Emmy-bear!"

"Lord I hate you so much sometimes."

Edward laughed and saw a grin on his brother's face. He ruffled Emmett's hair and went to get the bottles. When he came back Emmett took one and cradled his nephew against his broken arm to feed him properly. Edward went to the swing and lifted his son out of it. Robbie began to whimper and whine.

"Oh hush now, time to eat," Edward shushed, taking him to the sofa. Robbie had been sucking on his fingers and seemed hungry but he refused to take the bottle he was offered. "Come on pretty baby."

"It's starting," Emmett sighed dramatically.


"Boys aren't pretty, they're rugged and handsome."

"Gay now are we? Does Rosie know?"

"We discussed it," Emmett replied with a simple smile, making Edward laugh.

"Robbie come on!"

"Dude did you just whine at your son?"


"Robbie dear your daddy is about as mature as you are!"

Edward stuck his tongue out and Emmett returned the gesture.


Carlisle didn't mind grocery shopping and was actually annoyed when his fellow doctors insisted that it was a woman's place. He carried Ryan into the store and pulled out a cart with one hand. He put his son in the little seat and pushed into the store. Admittedly there were some things about Forks he did miss. He missed the kind old deli manager back home that always knew exactly what kind of lunch meat he wanted and how much of it. They were a little nicer too.

"What can I get you?" the young man asked.

"One pound of turkey, half a pound of the honey ham and half a pound of swiss cheese."

"Alright coming right up."

"Ham comes from piggies."

"That's right," Carlisle said, patting his son's head. Ryan grabbed his tie and looked up at him.


"Yep," Carlisle smiled, "your older brothers and sister thought it would be funny to get me silk ties for father's day."

"Its blue!"

"It certainly is."

Ryan dropped the tie and began fidgeting with the handle of the cart. He watched Carlisle put the lunch meats in the cart and then went back to fidgeting. As Carlisle walked he pulled a list out of his front pocket.

"Alright, we need cheese, milk, bread, cereal, and pasta."

"Macie cheese," Ryan said.

"Yes, macie cheese," Carlisle said with a smile. "Thank you for reminding me."

Ryan smiled, pleased with himself. Then he began to get a bit antsy.

"I done wanna ride," he said.

"You don't?"

Ryan shook his head and Carlisle sighed. He lifted his son out of the cart and set him down. "Okay Ry-Ry behave or I'll put you back in the cart. Do you understand?"

"Yes," Ryan said with a nod. Carlisle pressed on, walking at a slower pace so his toddler could keep up. When he stopped to pick out cheese Ryan plopped down and began to poke at a dust bunny on the floor. Carlisle looked between two types of cheese, wondering what kind Esme wanted. She had told him but he had forgotten and he wanted to bring her dinner at the hospital. He knew she liked both sharp and mild cheddar but she had specifically told him what one she wanted.

He put the mild back, figuring either way she would be satisfied and dropped it in the cart.

"Do you want some string cheese Ryan?"

"Yes!" Ryan squeaked happily. Carlisle lifted him up to chose a stick from the box on the shelf. He liked the cheddar sticks a bit better than the mozzarella. He did pick up a package and put it in the cart though.

"Got a good one?" Carlisle asked.

"Yep! Very good."

"That's good."

He put the stick in the cart and was about to put his son down when he heard someone cry loudly. Immediately he suspected a robbery so he held his son close to his chest and shielded him with his arms. However he merely saw someone on the ground, shaking. He put his son in the cart quickly.

"Stay here," he said before leaving the cart and rushing to the man on the ground. He saw a young girl crouching by one of the fruit islands and she looked panicked. Already he saw phones. There was a crowd forming. "Stand back," he said to a concerned bystander. He dropped to his knees and began to assess the situation. He saw a roll of lifesavers on the ground near the man's hand and saw the chain around his neck with the red cross.

"Give me the phone," he ordered.

"I'm calling an ambulance right now," the other man said.

"I'm a doctor," Carlisle told him. "Put it on speaker."

The man obeyed and held the phone down to Carlisle.

"We have a diabetic in a seizure in the produce section of Albertson's grocery on seventh and cass," Carlisle said clearly, "head trauma from falling and an open wound. There's a doctor on site."

"Sir, are you a doctor?"

"Yes. Carlisle Cullen M.D Immanuel Hospital."

Carlisle looked down when he heard gagging.

"What's that sound?!" The frightened girl asked.

"He's choking," Carlisle said calmly. He could see the small candy and retrieved it with his bare hand, shocking the man holding the phone. He tilted the man's head and saw the nasty wound still bleeding. "Do you have a handkerchief or anything?"

"D-daddy has one in his pocket."

Carlisle reached into the man's pocket and pulled out the cloth and pressed it to the back of his head to ease the bleeding. The spasms were slowing down and Carlisle just calmly held the cloth on his head. He didn't flinch when the man vomited a bit into him.

"Are you his daughter?" He asked the girl. She nodded.

"Can you do me a favor?" he asked in the same calm voice. "Can you tell me when your daddy had his insulin?"

"Um...w-with lunch."

"Can you tell me his name?"


"What's your name?" Carlisle asked.


"Alright, Kelsie, are you okay?"

She shook her head. "Daddy's gonna die?"

"Oh no sweet girl," Carlisle assured her, "he's going to be just fine. How old are you?"


"I have a girl myself who is six. It's a fun age. You're in first grade then right?"

"Yes," Kelsie mumbled. "There's so much blood."

"Yes, but let's not think about the blood okay. Tell me about your school."

"It's small...and has a playground."

"Come on honey," a worker said kneeling down, "do you want a cookie?"

Kelsie nodded and the worker helped her stand.

"Don't worry Kelsie, I'll take care of your daddy," Carlisle promised.

The girl nodded and followed the worker as the paramedics ran to the scene. Carlisle stood as they took over and he told the chief everything he needed to know.

"He's diabetic and needs a gluten shot. The bleeding has stopped but he'll probably need stitches. His daughter is in the bakery right now and her mother will need to be called. I'd rather she not have to be taken to the hospital as well if she doesn't have to."

"Right, thanks Dr. Cullen."

"Drive safe," Carlisle said. The chief nodded and left with his crew. Carlisle went back to his cart and his son where he found an elderly worker asking him where his parents were. "I'm sorry to leave him," Carlisle said to her, "but thank you for your concern."

"Oh, you're the doctor," she said, "he was starting to cry and I got worried."

"I appreciate your concern," Carlisle said with a smile, "if I may ask, can you watch him for just a moment longer? I want to assure Kelsie that her dad will be fine."

The woman nodded and Carlisle left for the bakery. He found the little girl sitting on a metal table nibbling weakly at a chocolate chip cookie.

"How do you feel?" He asked her. "Scared?"

She nodded.

"Well your daddy is on the way to the hospital. Has your mother been called?"

"Yes. Nana is coming to get me. Are you sure daddy's gonna be okay?"

"I promise," Carlisle said, "he's going to get a special shot called a gluten shot to raise his blood sugar. He'll need some rest and he'll get some stitches for his head. But you were very brave Kelsie, and I know he'll be proud of you."

Kelsie smiled weakly and he ruffled her hair. He bid her farewell and returned to his son who was getting a bit irritated by his constant disappearing.

"Daddy stay okay," he ordered.

"I'm all yours for the rest of the night," Carlisle smiled, kissing his head. "Thank you for being such a big boy and not getting hurt."

"I gotta potty."

"Alright," Carlisle chuckled. "Thank you so much for watching him."

"No problem," the lady said with a smile, "enjoy your night."

Carlisle nodded and bid her the same before heading off to finish the rest of his shopping. He took Ryan into the bathroom and helped him go. He held him under the arms so he didn't fall into the toilet, praying he didn't have to sneeze like he had when Alice was potty training. That had been uncomfortable.

"Done," Ryan said. Carlisle helped him down and then helped him to wash his hands after cleaning up. "Did I do good?"

"You certainly did," Carlisle smiled, lifting his son up and kissing his cheek. He set Ryan down and let his toddler act like a big boy and walk along with him. It doubled his shopping time but it was worth it in how adorable Ryan was when he toddled along. It also tired him out so by the time Carlisle reached the check out his son was sleepy in the cart. Thankfully he hadn't been pointed out as the doctor yet so it went smoothly. However when he was leaving the news van had shown up. They were asking questions of the employees. His phone rang and he picked it up after seeing it was Esme.

"Hello dear."

"The paramedics just brought in a diabetic who had a seizure and the paramedics told me he was being cared for by a handsome doctor with blonde hair. Your handiwork?"

"I believe so," Carlisle said with a smile, "I'm just leaving the store with Ry-Ry."

"Wow did you buy the store?"

"No, he just wanted to walk along with me."

"Ah, that makes sense. I just wanted to let you know that Mr. Dennison is fine and his sweet little girl is sitting with him right now. He had to get two stitches though and we want to keep him for a few more hours."

"Alright sweetie, don't work too hard."

"I'll try my hardest," Esme said with a smile. "Tell Ryan I love him very much."

"Alright. I love you."

"I love you too baby."

Carlisle hung up and put his phone in his pocket before pushing the cart out to his car. As he finished loading everything in he strapped Ryan into his car seat and got into the drivers seat. He pulled out and left the parking lot quickly before being noticed by the news crew.


When Carlisle got home he heard Emmett and Edward in the living room.

"Hey Edward can you help me with groceries?"

"Yeah," Edward said. "Dad can you help me feed Robbie? He's fidgeting like he does when he's hungry but he won't take his bottle."

"Don't force him," Carlisle advised, setting his sleepy toddler down and taking some bags into the kitchen. "Try again in about ten or fifteen minutes."

Edward nodded and went out to the car to get the other bags. When he came in he helped Carlisle put everything away. Out in the living room Ryan had crawled up onto the couch to sit with his brother and nephew.

"Tired Champ?" Emmett asked.

"Yes. Daddy let me walk."

"Wow, big boy!"

"Uh huh, and daddy did doctor stuff."

"What kind of doctor stuff?" Emmett asked.

"The guy was shaking."

"So what happened dad?" Emmett asked.

"A middle aged man had a diabetic seizure at the store and I helped him."

"You don't sound too happy," Edward said.

"Eh I just don't really believe in saving people to get glory. I mean yeah, sure a thank you is nice, but that's all I need. I mean lord I get paid a bundle, I don't need any more otherwise I feel like I'm robbing them or something."

"Dad why are you always the pinnacle of nobility?" Edward asked.

"Hard work I guess," Carlisle said with a shrug, "trust me Edward it's come with age. When I was a teenager I was a selfish brat. Hell if I wasn't you probably wouldn't have been born."

"Thank god for hormones," Edward sighed happily.

"Seriously! I insisted that pulling out wouldn't get Lizzie pregnant because I was horny and the house was empty. Though then mom came home early and started saying the lords prayer outside the door until we got dressed. Due to the surprise I forgot to pull out and viola, we have you and Alice."

"Dad I like to believe that I am the kind of miracle that doesn't need explaining."

"Lots and lots of hot awkward sex."

"Emmett make him stop!"

"Yeah I'll get right on that," Emmett said, changing the channel on television.

"By the way mom wanted mild," Edward said, putting the cheese in the fridge.


"That's a divorce worthy trespass right there," Edward teased.

"I hope she'll forgive me," Carlisle sighed dramatically. "Because you've been so sad I got you a treat."

Carlisle gave Edward a bag of skittles. "Oh, now all of my pains have vanished."

"How are you doing?"

"Better," Edward said quietly, he still didn't want anybody knowing about his relapse unless they had to, "Bella and I argued it out and I'm working on my paranoia with the family."

"Good," Carlisle said, "because you know your brothers and myself would never do anything to hurt those boys."

"I know that realistically," Edward said, "but the anxiety is still there."

"I understand. I found something you may want to see," Carlisle said, walking out of the kitchen. Edward mentally debated on if he wanted to follow but when Carlisle cleared his throat in a very unsubtle way he just went for it. After all there was nothing that could scar him further.

Carlisle went to his dresser and opened the top drawer. Edward was extremely curious but extremely wary. When Carlisle handed him a piece of paper he took it and read it. His eyes scanned the paper and then all he could do was let out a dry laugh.

"She would," he said as a tear dribbled down his cheek. "Dad why did she always put us first? I mean she was like some sort of saint!"

"Harsh catholic upbringing I suppose," Carlisle suggested. Edward raised his eyebrows. "Why do you think Edward? She loved you like a mother would. I mean hell she half raised you and Alice. Who do you think was steering me through your babyhood?"

"But you're good at this parenting thing," Edward said, "grandma just filled in where you couldn't."

"Edward I'm the parent I am today through observing my mother as well as trial and error. I know you're worried about how you'll do."

"It keeps me up at night, yes."

Carlisle hugged his son's shoulders and kissed his temple. He loved that Edward was always going to be just a few inches shorter than him.

"I'm your safety net, so don't worry."

"Who knows, maybe you'll be up to your ears in grandchildren soon."

"God I hope not," Carlisle moaned, "you kids make me feel old!"

"I think Emmett wants to ask Rosie to marry him," Edward said, "and you know they'll have babies."

"Rosie is a sweet girl but her gene pool has been tainted by tooliness."

"Tooliness?" Edward repeated.

"Yeah. Her dad is a tool. No, scratch that, he's the whole friggen tool store."

"I'm going downstairs now," Edward said.

"Seriously! I'd probably dunk his head in the cake at the wedding and kick his skinny ass into the wall!"

Edward just laughed and went down the stairs. He ruffled his baby brother's hair and Ryan smiled up at him.

"I gots cheese."

"So you do. I hope dad got more."

"In the fridge," Carlisle chuckled, "I'm going to try feeding Robbie again."

"Go for it."

Carlisle cooed to his grandson and lifted him up. He kissed his forehead and Robbie cooed in delight. Carlisle sat in the empty spot on the couch and Edward handed him the bottle.

"Daddy can I help?" Ryan asked.

"Alright," Carlisle agreed. He moved to the floor and Ryan sat between his legs with the baby resting on his lap. "Now be very gentle Ryan."

Emmett smiled as he watched his baby brother hold the bottle for his nephew. Ryan smiled brightly and Edward took a picture. Robbie looked up at his uncle that was barely older than himself while he sucked on the rubber nipple.

"He's tiny."

"He's a newborn," Carlisle said gently, "you were this small once."

"Nuh uh."

"Oh yes," Carlisle said with a smile, "you were so tiny when you were born I was afraid that I would break you!"

Ryan looked like he didn't believe him and Carlisle just kissed the top of his head.


Carlisle loved the hospital at night. It seemed more peaceful. On this particular night it was fairly slow. He found Esme catching up on paper work in the lounge. He crept up behind her and covered her eyes.

"Guess who," he murmured against her hair.

"Mmm a delicious doctor maybe?"

Esme turned her head and her husband had a kiss waiting for her.

"I brought you dinner."

"Oh honey you're so sweet!" Esme squealed, hugging him awkwardly from her seat. Carlisle gave her the paper bag and she saw a sandwich, a banana, some carrots and a can of lemonade. "My husband is perfect."

"I'm sure his wife made him that way," Carlisle murmured with a soft smile. He took a seat and she unwrapped her sandwich. "Been busy?"

She nodded as she chewed. "Sharp cheddar?"

"Forgive me oh sweet wife!"

Esme smiled. "It's a lovely surprise. Besides, saving lives comes before cheese."

"I hear it's all over the news."

"Yeah they came here hoping to interview you. I told them you were off duty. But Carlisle you really need to be extra careful about doctoring out of the hospital."

"Esme he would have choked to death."

"I know, I know I'm just paranoid that's all."

"Why?" Carlisle asked.

"Dr. Jenkins just got sued because he made a misdiagnosis on the street. Sure the lawsuit won't hold but he had to attend a malpractice conference."

"That's bullshit, pardon my language, and you know it."

Esme sipped her lemonade and just shrugged. "I just worry about it that's all. The last thing we need is you getting sued for plucking a life saver out of his mouth instead of doing the hymlic."

"Which I would have done if he wasn't having a seizure and if it had been lodged in his throat. Besides, he can't possibly want to sue me over that."

"No, no he doesn't. He told me to thank you for looking after his daughter. He left about an hour ago."

"He stayed here a while then."

Esme nodded and nibbled on a carrot.

"So what's with the worrying?"

"I just don't want to see you getting in huge trouble that's all."

Carlisle smiled and put his hand on her knee.

"Don't worry okay."

Esme nodded. She looked over when another doctor came in. It was Tara.

"Oh Carlisle I knew you'd be here," she said. "The doting husband."

"Can I help you Miss Tara?" Carlisle asked with a smile.

"Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but you're being sued."

"What?! Why?!"

"Is it Mr. Dennison because if it is I was just telling him to be more careful."

"No, he's fine. Actually he left a thankyou card for you. No it's Mrs. Hayes."

"My hypertension patient?" Carlisle asked. "She was doing great this morning. She just had a bit of a fever that was being handled."

"Do you recall what you gave her last night?"

"Yeah, and ACE inhibitor," Carlisle said.

"Guess what she miscarried today."

Carlisle stood up and Esme's jaw dropped in shock. Her husband wasn't careless on the job, in fact he was more focused than any of his peers sometimes. Surely he would have noticed if she was pregnant.

"There was nothing in the chart that said she was pregnant," Carlisle defended, "there is no way she is suing me."

"Well she is," Tara said, "she believes you should have known."

"Well she can take her lawsuit and shove it because there was no record that she was pregnant and there was now way I could have known."

"I'm not worried," Tara said, "even if she had told someone when she was admitted it's on that person's head not yours."

"I admitted her before I left," Esme said, "she didn't say anything."

"Perfect! She's a dumb bitch then! Problem solved, I'm gonna get some coffee."

Esme couldn't help but laugh a bit. Their superior had become quirky in her older age.

"Well this night is shaping up nicely," Carlisle grumbled.

"I could take you into the supply closet and cheer you up."

"Hey hey there will be no supply closet nookie in my hospital," Tara warned with a smile.

"Miss Tara I believe I walked in on you and Dr. Ren doing the naughty when I was an intern."

Tara just grinned. "And you were just a baby intern, far too young to see such things. But seriously, the new chief can be a bit of a bitch about those things. Something about it being unsanitary or something. What about your hospital in Forks?"

"About the same," Carlisle mumbled, a slight blush creeping across his cheeks.

"Do tell," Tara said.

"I went down on him in a supply closet."

"Ooh naughty. Way too naughty for you," Tara said with a grin.

"I dunno, I was kind of a wild teenager," Esme shrugged.

"No, I was talking to the virgin Carly here."

Carlisle glared at her. "I'll have you know I lost my virginity when I was fifteen."

"Ooh a bit of a tramp were we?" Tara asked with the same grin.

"Well hell my kids were born when I was nineteen!"

"I haven't seen those kids in forever, tell them to stop by more! I was in Florida on conference when the your grandchildren were born. Are they cuties or did they inherit too many of your genes?" Tara asked with a grin.

Carlisle ignored her comment and whipped out his wallet. Or as Esme called it, his mini photo album. She did, however, giggle at Tara's jab.

"That one is Robbie," Carlisle said, showing her the blonde baby, "Edward named him after my brother."

"Aw he's so cuuute," Tara cooed.

"And this one is Mitchell," he said in the same proud voice, "he was named after Emmett and Jasper's dad."

"They are adorable," she praised, "smothering them with your love I presume?"

"Of course I am!"

Esme smiled at her overly excited husband and went back to eating her sandwich. She smiled when her phone buzzed and she answered it.

"Hello sweetie."

"Hey mom, Ryan wanted to say goodnight."

"Alright," Esme said with a smile.

"Mommy are you coming home?" Ryan asked.

"Not tonight love, mommy has to work. Daddy will be home soon though and he can tuck you in."

"No! I wants a song!"

Esme smiled. "Alright are you going to bed now?"

"Eddie tucked me in."

"Alright then," Esme said. She saw Carlisle smile at her briefly before going back to his conversation with Tara. "Rock a bye baby on the tree top, when the wind blows the cradle will rock, when the bough breaks the cradle will fall and Ry-ry will land on a soft fluffy cloud."

Tara turned and raised her eyebrows at the end of the lullaby.

"Night mommy," Ryan mumbled around a yawn.

"Goodnight baby."

Esme hung up after her son did and put her phone back. She looked at Tara's confused expression and Carlisle's grin.


"And Ry-ry will land on a soft fluffy cloud?" Tara asked. "That doesn't even go with the song!"

"Yeah but otherwise the song makes him cry."

"The real reason is that the song makes you cry," Carlisle corrected.

"It's a lullaby about a baby falling out of a tree!"

They just laughed and Esme grumbled.

"Whatever I have to get back to work."


When Edward got home Bella was awake. She was sitting in bed reading a magazine. The moment he came in he met an angry glare.

"And where were you?"

"I told you, I hung out with Emmett."

"Till eleven thirty? Edward the boys have a bedtime."

"Relax they were put down in their cribs at eight and they slept the entire way home. They didn't even wake up on the way to their room!"

Bella just looked at him with angry eyes.

"Oh come on carrying them up two flights of stairs isn't easy! I didn't wake them at all! Some credit please."

"Kudos, you didn't wake up the babies you kept out all night."

Edward sighed and pulled his shirt off. "What do you want me to say? I was talking with dad. He's getting sued for malpractice again and he was upset."

Bella softened a bit. "Edward I appreciate that you like to be there for you dad, but you can't keep the boys out so late. What if something had happened?"

"Like?" Edward asked as he removed his jeans and dumped them into the hamper.

"Oh I don't know, a mugging, a car accident, a mugging after a car accident! Bad stuff happens late at night in big cities and I love you to death but you aren't exactly masculine looking."

"Wow, okay thank you for that."

"Edward come on do you really look like someone who could punch the crap out of someone!"

"Why don't you ask Mike Newton? I kicked his ass in high school, and gave Em a black eye."

"Yeah, yeah but the boys were with you!"

Edward rolled his eyes and pulled on his pajama pants and got into bed. "Goodnight crazy lady."

"Edward this is serious! These are our children!"

"Alright, and I'll say your point is valid when dad mugs me as I leave his house."

Bella slapped his shoulder with her magazine and near slammed it on the table. She angrily turned her light off and yanked up the covers. Edward sighed and settled in. He put his hand on her shoulder. He smiled slightly when he felt her hand cover his. She tugged on his arm and he moved closer until they were spooning.

"I'm sorry I'm so snappy anymore. I just worry about them."

"You're just being a good mother," Edward assured her. He kissed her shoulder and hugged her close. "Nobody loves those boys more than you."

"Thank you, Edward."

"No problem sweetheart."

Edward continued to hold her until she fell asleep.


Bella could feel the white hot pain all over her body. She could see Edward against the wheel with blood creeping down his cheek and neck.

"Ed...ward..." she gasped, trying to reach for him but she couldn't. Sirens flashed nearby and there was something warm covering her feet. She looked down and saw blood. Lots and lots of it. The blood was so deep it was up to her ankles. Within the pool she saw two small figures. The empty faces of her sons were clearly visible and their empty eyes were open and watching her.

Edward didn't stop bleeding. There was a pool in his lap. The doors were opened and he was pulled out. His seat was covered in blood and there was an imprint on the steering wheel and it was dripping.

She looked back at her twins and the reality set in. They hadn't made a sound. They were cold and lifeless. She shook her head as she began to scream. Someone was pulling her out. She saw Carlisle in his scrubs and Esme beside him.

"He's gone," Esme said. Tears were streaming down her cheeks and Carlisle looked so angry.

"You killed my son and then my grandsons! Edward would have been so much better off without you!"

"H-he can't! No!"

It was getting harder to breathe.

"Her lung was punctured by a broken rib."

Carlisle put his hand against her broken rib, the one that was causing her to slowly suffocate.

"You stole my son," he growled as he pushed hard on her side. She felt sharp pains and then she couldn't breathe anymore. She struggled to move her body but she felt like she was breathing in water.

Bella jerked awake and sat quickly. Her heart was racing and she couldn't catch her breath. She felt her stomach and once again realized that she was in her apartment and she already gave birth to her sons and they were alive and well. But that didn't stop her from getting out of bed and walking into the other bedroom. She looked into the cribs and watched her boys sleep.

She sat in the rocker and began chewing her thumbnail as she rocked. She obsessed a bit over her sons. She realized that before her babies were born if Edward came home late because he was hanging with a brother he didn't get to see very often she wouldn't care. Rationally she knew her boys were safe with their father. But it had been Edward who was driving that night and the crash was nowhere near his fault but she still couldn't forget it. She put her hand on her stomach, where she knew her babies once lived and were completely and totally safe. Out in the world they were at risk for everything from sickness to physical harm.

Around six she got back up and went into the bedroom and crawled into bed. She closed her eyes and tried not to think about anything besides clouds, rainbows and what she was going to get for lunch that day. When the alarm went off she pretended to groan in protest like Edward. They got up and Edward went to check on the babies. While he did that Bella zipped over to the bathroom and put coverup under her eyes. She sighed and walked out in time to meet Edward for a good morning kiss before going to feed her twins.


I don't know why I keep torturing Carlisle. I just love him so much. XD