Shadow was in trouble she was surrounded with no way out and no way to access her PET which wasn't good considering who was surrounding her but suddenly a fish sword broke through allowing her to get to her PET

"thanks commander I needed that, voltage battle chip in and download"

the viruses retreated

"Shadow are you OK" asked the commander

"yes I'm fine how's Sharkman?"

"he's OK just a little out of energy"

"that's good the rest of the team?"

"Skullman's gone missing"

(groans) "great more work for us well I'm off to bed I have school in the morning"

"goodnight Shadow see you tomorrow"

next day at school

"hey Mary did you enjoy the tournament yesterday?" asked Lan

"yea I did but Megaman cut it a bit close if you ask me"

"I know I wonder why though"

"hopefully it's nothing"

suddenly the school went into lock down

"what happened?" asked Maylu

"we're locked in guys" said Dex

"this is not fair" said Yai

"I'm thinking it's World Three" said Lan

"yea who else would do this" said Tori

"anyone besides me thinking of Grave right now?" asked Mary

that's when Skullman appears on the screen

"it's Skullman" said Lan

"for the glory of Grave!" cried Skullman

he takes out the manual override

"he's working...for Grave but why?" asks Mary

Sharkman shows up

"Skullman what are you doing?"

Skullman doesn't listen and attacks Sharkman

"Ms. Mari can we get a window open?" asks Mary

"what for?"

"I can get battle chips to the commander if a window is open even just a crack"

Lan tries and fails

"no good we're locked in good"

Ms. Mari makes a decision

"class if you know how I'll allow you to net battle but please be careful"

"but Skullman..." starts Lan

"is evil now Lightman jack in power up, triple light bolt battle chip in and download" said Mary

things weren't going well when Skullman logged out and Sharkman fell to his knees

"Sharkman are you OK" asks Lightman

"I'm fine just a little out of energy but Skullman..."

"I know Sharkman I know"

for the rest of the day the group was subdued, after school

"let's go to my place maybe we'll think of a plan to stop Skullman" said Yai

"sorry guys but that's a no go for me I promised my dad I'd come straight home since both my mom and younger brother are sick" said Mary

"OK how about you come over for dinner and we'll tell you what our plan is up to that point"

"OK bye"

she goes to net agent HQ instead of home

"Black Rose, Mysteriyu have you found anything out" asked the commander

"no nothing" said Mysteriyu

"he's staying hidden after attacking the school" said Black Rose

"I've got nothing either and what's worse is that Skullman managed to give Lightman a virus if the anti-virus doesn't work we're cooked" said Shadow

"especially since he has the special battle code Lan will need to fight Grave" said Mysteriyu

"forget the battle code Mysteriyu, if the anti-virus doesn't work not only will we lose a navi but I've been studying the virus. We won't be hit with deletion we'll be hit with a navi gone bad and I don't have a surefire way to separate the two so we'll lose two agent navi's instead of one"

"very well be careful Shadow and don't net battle" said the commander

"sorry but the guys want to train but I'll try and make up an excuse"

well after helping her father out she gets the right signal for both the anti-virus and the new chip she was working on and then the group trains until really late (it was a weekend they could do that)