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Chapter Six

I sit by myself for sulking for the rest of the dance, just string at Sam's shoes. I was so close to telling her how I feel. Then her mom had to go and get arrested. Just my luck. Two moments were ruined tonight. Were they signs that Sam's not the one that I should be with? Or was it al just bad luck? The dance ends and Carly comes up to me.

"Where's Sam?" she asks with surprise. As if she was expecting to find me and Sam glued together.

"She had to go bail her mom out of jail."

"She was arrested."

"For driving without a license."



"Is she coming back to help clean up?"

"Nope. But she's spending the night at your house."

"Since when?"

"Since now."

Carly sighs. "Of course. Let's go clean up."

While we clean up, I let my thoughts drift. Maybe fate wants me to be with Carly? I mean, to most people, Sam and I wouldn't make a good couple. But I want to be with her so bad. Actually, I've only thought of Carly during my thoughts of Sam. AH! I hate my brain. Why couldn't my life be simple again? A life filled with unrequited love for Carly and hate for Sam. I sigh and ask for fate to give me a sign. Is my heart telling me I want Sam? Am I over Carly?



"What is with you lately?" Carly asks.


"Tell me what's going on, Freddie."

"I'm not feeling up to telling you about it."

"Does it have to do with Sam?"

I freeze. '"What makes you think that?"

"Sam always has a way with affecting your mood."

"She does?"

Carly laughs. "Well, yeah. It's always been like that."

I think this over. "I guess you're right. Huh. I never noticed that before." She's so right! Sam is the only person who can drive me completely crazy. No one else can do that to me.

"I think you need to take a bit of a break," Carly says to me. We sit down at out table. "Hey, Sam left her shoes here."

"Yeah. I tried to go after her when she left, but she moves fast."

"They're really nice shoes. Help me put them on."

She takes off her shoes, I grab one of Sam's, and kneel on the floor. I try to put the shoe on but, "It doesn't fit."

"When'd my feet get bigger than Sam's?!" Carly squeals, unable to believe it. Meanwhile, I'm unable to believe that I just got my sign. I stare open-mouthed at the shoe and Carly's foot.

"Carly, I'm over you."

She looks at me. "Well, that was random."

I stand up. "I'm sorry if it hurts you. I know you're used to me pinning after you, but I'm done with that. I've found-" I stop when she begins to laugh. "What's so funny?"

"Freddie, I know you don't like me anymore."

"Since when?" It seems like she realized it way before I did.

"I'm not sure when I started to know, but it slowly became obvious. I mean, you looked so sad when Sam said she wasn't coming to the dance. And every time she danced with another guy, you looked like you wanted to stab someone."

I can't believe it. She knows. She's known for while that I love Sam now. "That's why you wanted her at the dance? To get us together?"

"Yeah. It's also why I ran off to the bathroom. I wanted you guys to have some time alone so you could tell each other how you feel."

"Carly, Sam doesn't feel the same."

"Oh please. I thought you were smart. Why do you think she picks on you so much?"

I just look at her.

"She only does stuff like that to guys she likes."

"But she picks on Gibby all the time."

"No. That's different. She picks on nerds one way and guys she likes another. And since you've always had it the worst, that means she likes you a lot."

I sit down. "Oh. My. God."

"You didn't tell her how you feel."

"I was about to when her mom called. I guess I'll have to wait until another day."

Carly smacks my head. "If you don't tell her tonight, you never will!" She picks up her phone and dials. "Hi, Sam."

"What are you doing?"

She shushes me. "Yes. Freddie told me you're sleeping over. When you get there will you wait outside my door for Freddie? Because he has you shoes and some other decorations," she pauses and listens to Sam. "I don't know when I'll be back. Who cares if Spencer's asleep? You'll be able to get in. Sam, I know you can in without a key. You can just go upstairs and wait for me. No, you won't be alone. Freddie'll be with you." She hangs up and turns to me. "Now you go tell her how you feel."

"Why do you want us to get together so bad?"

"You're my best friends and it'll make you both happy. NOW GO!" She throws the shoes and a box of decorations into my hands and then pushes me toward the door.

This is the fastest I've ever run. I've been running for while and I'm not even out of breath. I run into my building and up the stairs, ignoring Lewbert's screams at me. I get up to my floor and trip in front of Carly's door. I hear Sam's laughter.

"You gotta learn to watch where you're running, Frednerd."

I look at her. She's sitting on the floor with her legs stretched out in front of her and her back against Carly's door. She was still in her dress, but her hair is now down and I have no idea where her mask is.

"You did that on purpose!"

"Nah. That was just luck," she says to me and gets on her knees. She takes some bobby pins out of her bra and picks the lock. We hear the door unlock, she stands up, and opens the door. We hear a scream and someone comes running at us with a bat. We both scream back at the person and Sam punches him in the gut. I drop everything in my hands and turn on the light.

"Spencer?" I squeak.

"Dude, I'm so sorry," Sam says.

"Yeah. Me too," Spencer spits out.

"We thought you'd be asleep so I picked the lock," Sam says as she helps him up.

"I just got up to make some soup." He looks around. "Where's Carly?"

"She's still at school," I tell him. "She sent me back with some decorations. And Sam. Gibby's gonna help her bring the rest back soon."

"We'll just go upstairs and leave you to your soup," Sam says and heads up the stairs. I grab the shoes and follow.

"Hey, Sam," Spencer calls.


"You look really pretty. Even with all that fake blood... It is fake blood, right."

She laughs. "Yeah. It is." She shoots him a beautiful smile. "And thanks."

We go and hang out in the iCarly studio. Sam plops onto one of the beanbag chairs. I sit in the one next to her.

"So... How'd bailing your mom out of jail go?" I ask.

"Pretty interesting," she says as she takes off my lab coat and throws it on the floor. "All the cops got freaked out when I walked in wearing a fancy dress, covered in fake blood, and had on no shoes. I had to spend, like, an hour explaining it all to them."

I chuckle. "I bet the looks on their faces were priceless."

"Oh. You know it." She looks at me. "You have my shoes?"

"Oh. Yeah."

"Um... do you think you could put them on my feet for me?"


"Don't ask questions! Just do it!"

I get on the floor and put them on. I can fee her eyes on me the entire time. "There," I say when I finish. "A perfect fit."

She looks at her feet and lets out a happy sigh. "They're so pretty." She smiles. "What was with the perfect fit comment?"

"Oh. Well, you're dressed as Cinderella. Plus, Carly's feet were too big for your shoes."

"My feet are smaller than hers?"



"You um... Wanna know a fun fact?"

"Uh, sure?"


She looks at me with wide eyes. "You don't love Carly anymore?" I can't believe she understood me.

"That's what I said."

"Is there a special reason why?" she asks me cautiously. Wow. Carly was right. I see it in Sam's eyes. Fear that the reason I don't love Carly anymore because there's someone else, but at the same time hope that if there is someone else, it's her. I see more fear than hope though.

"Yeah. There is." I bring my face close to hers and smile at the surprise in her eyes. "It's you, you blonde-headed demon," I say and kiss her. It's even better than the kiss on the fire escape. I can feel both our hearts beating a million miles a second, and the butterflies in my stomach are having a dance party. We finally pull away from each other for air.

We both have goofy smiles on our faces. "You have no idea how long I wanted to hear you say those words, Fredward," she says to me then passionately presses her lips against mine. She pulls away again and tells me, "This is the best night of my life."

I give her a quick kiss and say,"Me too."

The End