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It was later that night. Pepper said that her father was away on a work trip, and she didn't feel like being alone so she was going to spend the night over our house. Rhodey's mom said that it was alright, but we had to sleep in the living room, eying me in particular. We were going to pull an all-nighter, and Pepper was very excited on that objective.

"Tony." Pepper waved her hand in my face.

"Huh?'' I asked.

"We were going to watch a movie. You wanna pick one, or do I have to pick one like last time because Rhodey says that every time he picks one, we complain so, get up, get a movie, or I'm going to pick one. You know, Sometimes I really feel like you're not listening to me. You know how much that hurts my feelings? You know what, I think I might go home. Or better yet, I'll go over to GENES HOUSE. At least there he'll say something back to me when I scream and yell at him for what he's put me through." Her eyes were tearing up.

"Pepper, Pepper, slow down. Use less words. You can help me pick a movie, and no, you're not going to Genes house because if I have to fallow you there, I might not think twice about killing him." I said slowly and softly, putting a hand over Peppers mouth.

"Fine." She sniffed.

"Good. Now which movie? I was thinking a comedy to cheer us up. How about 50 first dates, or... Meet the Spartans." I suggested.

"Definitely not 50 first dates. You know how many dates Gene took me on before I went out with him? And Meet the Spartans isn't funny. It's retarded." She rolled her eyes.

"Okay... So... how about... The texas Chain saw massacare?" I asked.

She just smacked my arm in a 'don't push me' way.

"Alright then... maybe we can watch New Moon?" Her eyes watered up instantly.

"Never mind. Lets watch... The Green Mile?" I suggested.

"Ohh! Lets go." She got up and took the movie walking over to Rhodey.

"We got a movie." I said as Pepper put the DVD in the DVD player.

"I can see that." He said looking at me.

"Be right back." Pepper walked into the bathroom. When she came out she was in shorts and a tank top.

"Where'd you get those?" Rhodey asked.

"You think I keep makeup in my bag? You're funny." She snorted.

"Oh." We said at the same time.

"O.K. that was weird." She laughed. "I'm gonna go get soda." She walked into the kitchen.

"Dude, make your move before Gene comes back and sweeps her off her feet man." Rhodey pushed me.

"What?" I said dumbly.

"Go ask her out! Tell her you've liked ever sense you met her, and you want to spend the rest of your life with . Man, trust me, girls love that kind of stuff." Rhodey was now pushing my in the direction of the kitchen, and Pepper.

"W-who said I like her?" I demanded.

"Explain why you're blushing if you don't like her." He ordered.

"Shut up man she'll hear you!" I snapped.

"I'll hear what?" Pepper came out confused.

"Busted." Rhodey fake coughed.

"That, I, uh used to watch My Little Pony when I was a kid." I replied. She wasn't fooled.

She placed her hands on her hips. "We're friends, right Tony." She demanded angrily, taking a sip of her Coke-a-cola.

"Yeah..." I was confused.

"And friends tell friends secrets, right? I mean, you've already told me that you're," She looked around the area then whispered,"Iron Man."

"This is a... different kind of secret." Rhodey covered for me.

"Fine. Don't tell me. But when you're both little old men sitting in rocking chair when I'm dead you're both gonna be like, 'damn, I should have told Pepper.'"

She went to go sit down.

"Wait, Pepper. Do you think you could help me get popcorn. I'm gonna make three bags. I might need some help." I said.

"Good job man." Rhodey back slapped me.

"Sure." She walked back to the kitchen. I fallowed.

"So." She said.

"So." I replied.

"Hand me the first bag." Her voice trembled at the end of her sentence.

"Are you crying?" I demanded.

"No." She lied, sniffing and wiping her eyes.

"Whats wrong?" I asked walking close to her, so close that my heart implant was touching her shoulder.

"Nothing. I have an eyelash in my eye." She wiped again.

"Let me see. I'll get it out." I said.

"No, I got it." She answered poking her eye. "Ouch."

"Let me see." I demanded.

"No." She said back.

"Pepper." I said sternly.

"Tony." She said back with a taunting edge to her voice.

"You're crying, aren't you." I demanded.

"So what if I am." She sniffed.

"Pepper." I groaned.

"Tony." She mimicked.

"Why are you crying?" I demanded.

"Because I am." She responded stubbornly.

"Do you really want to know the secret." I sighed.

"You'll probably just make up another little kid one." She sniffed.

"I wont. Do you want to know the real secret..." I asked closing my eyes. If she try's to kill me, Rhodey is going to get the beating of a life time.

"Yes." She said softly.

"The secret was that I had to tell you that I liked you before Gene came back and swept you off your feet." I said quickly hoping that she caught that.

"The secret was that you had to tell Drew that you liked him, before Gene came and swept him off his feet?" She asked confused.

"No." I laughed. "I had to tell YOU that I liked YOU before Gene came and swept YOU off your feet." I said slower.

"So you were talking about me and didn't want me to know." She said flatly.

"No. Don't you get it. Rhodey found out that I like you and he tried to make me tell you. And I just did like an idiot." I smacked myself in the forehead.

"Of course you like me. Were best friends." She said dumbly.

I groaned. "Pepper, I like you more than a friend." I said threw my hands.

"You like Drew more than a friend?" She asked sadly.


"Oh." She said happily. "That's nice." I pulled my hands away from my face and she leaned in and kissed me. "I like you too. Gene was just a trip to get you jealous." She blushed.

I couldn't say anything. She. Kissed. Me. She went out with Gene to make me jealous, because she liked me. I think I died and went to heaven.

"Tony..." She asked nervously.

I didn't say anything. I grabbed her by her waist and pulled her into my chest, kissing her.

"Tony, whats all this yelling about... OH MY LORD!" Rhodeys mom yelled.

"What happened? Wheres the bad guy?" Rhodey came running into the kitchen to see Pepper in my arms. "OH YEAH!" He yelled. "It worked. It worked." He sang.

"What worked James."

"Mom. It's Rhodey." He whined.

" I gave you a name to call you by it. Now what worked." She demanded.

"I set them up. Told you it would work Tony." He said smugly.

"So... whos Drew." Pepper asked after a second of awkward silence.

We all started to laugh.

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