Hey guys! So, this is one shot I thought up earlier. It's more about the horribleness of Creddie than Seddie. But, it's still about Seddie. It's called: iSee and it is in Carly's point of view. Enjoy! :)

"Hey Freddie, it's Carly." I yelled at Freddie through the closed door of his apartment. I waited and frowned; if I ever knocked on Freddie's door three months ago, he would have opened it in a millisecond, but not anymore. It's obvious now that he has been in love with Sam for awhile. I sighed…wait why am I sighing? I don't care anymore, right? Right…

The door opened. "Oh, uh, hey." Freddie said giving me a polite smile. Wow, it's funny how he can't even act like he loves me anymore…Jesus, I really wasn't over him, was I? Great, as soon he stops liking me, that's when I realize that I like him. Okay, I decided, I'm going to get him back! He'll stop liking Sam soon enough.

"Hey, oh my gosh, I have this insane story to tell you!" I started, knowing how he loved my stories. "So I was talking to Wendy, right? And, all of the sudden-"

"Uh Carly? I don't wanna be rude but I have some…um…homework to do." Freddie stuttered. Yeah, I'm sure Freddie "A Plus" Benson needed help with homework. But whatever, this was my chance to win him back.

"Oh, well if its homework you need help with," I said dragging him inside and to his couch. "I can help you; I'll call a tutor." I said, pulling my phone out, starting to dial. Freddie just bit his lip, staring at me. What? He thought I could tutor him? Fat chance…

"No, Carly." Freddie said, taking my phone and setting it on his coffee table. "Look, Carly that's really thoughtful and everything but-"

"Oh, I get it." I said in a sad voice, looking down. "You want to be alone. Got it." I slowly got up and left. I was half way across the hall when I realized I forgot my phone. I turned around to Freddie's door and let myself in. What I saw let me know I would never have a chance with Freddie…

There Sam and Freddie were, on his couch, breaking my heart. They were kissing deeply. It wasn't making out; it was a passionate kiss, filled with love. Genuine, pure love. Some homework… I grumbled mentally. That showed me that what Freddie and I ever had could never amount what I was seeing on this couch.

I slowly closed the door, feeling the tears well up. I leaned against the wall, and slowly slid down until I was sitting completely. I buried my face in my arms and cried. I cried harder than I ever had. Can't you see, Carly? I thought bitterly to myself. He never loved and never will. He loves Sam.

Answering the question out loud, I whispered, "I see."

Well there you have it folks! Aren't I cool the way I made the last word the title...Don't answer that…haha. Well I hoped you liked it!!!

Love and Hugs,

Melody (seddielover4ever)