Lunar Flower: Sakura

This takes place before Sasuke leaves, and he and Naruto are on top of Konoha Hospital about to fight. The Wolf's Rain part starts somewhere around episode 14, when they have Blue and are looking for Cheza. I seriously don't know about the pairing, it was orginally suppose to be a Kiba/Sakura thing, but that is one hell of a age gap. Who knows, I might overlook it, but I don't know. Anyway, please review!

I do NOT own Naruto or Wolf's Rain, they belong to their rightful owners!


Sakura: 13
Kiba: 20
Tsume: 21
Hige: 18
Toboe: 15
Blue: 17
Cheza: Unknown
Quent: Late 40s

Chapter 1: Lost or Found?

Naruto and Sasuke stood facing each other, on top of the roof of Konoha Hospital. Sasuke's eyes flashed crimson, as he activated his kenkei genkai, the Sharingan. White sheets fluttered in the breeze around them, but the two remained unaffected. Naruto's determined blue eyes shined brightly, with occasional flicker of red, reminding everyone he was the the container of the "Great Kyuubi no Youko". Sakura stood back as she watched the two boys, sadly. Team 7 was slowly falling apart, and there was nothing she could do about it.

'Please Kami, help us', she prayed silently, as she looked up at the clear blue sky.

Sakura's mind drifted away from the impending fight. She drifted to a place where flowers the color of the moon bloomed brightly, and the sky was endless. A place where peace and calm were always present and a beautiful river flowed freely. Stars brightened the sky and everything just seemed right.

Sakura was brought out of her daze, when she heard the sound of chirping birds. She looked up to see Sasuke charging up his Chidori, and Naruto had one of his shadow clones and together they began to form a Rasengan. They charged at each other, and everything seemed to move in slow motion.

"NARUTO!!!" shouted Sasuke with rage and hatred in his eyes.

"SASUKE!!!" shouted Naruto in unison with him, hard determination shone in his eyes.

Sakura's body moved on its own and she ran towards them, with tears in her emerald eyes.

"Stop it!!" she screamed and, both Naruto and Sasuke's eyes widened.

"NO!!!" she cried and their attacks collided with her.

A white light flashed before her eyes, then nothing. Silence. Complete and utter silence. No pain. No Naruto or Sasuke. No anything. Sakura just floated in a blank white space, willing her eyes to stay open.

'Dear Kami, please don't let me die', she prayed with all her might. But, in the end weariness overcame her and sleep finally won.

In Freeze City, Quent Yaiden, stumbled down the street. The dreary and worn down buildings did nothing to help his mood. His eyes had lost they usual bright determination that he had, when he hunted wolves with his trusted partner Blue.

'Blue', he thought sadly and ironically it began to rain.

'Those damn wolves took my Blue away from me', he thought bitterly, now he truly had no one left.

Wallowing in his self pity, Quent barely noticed the flash of pink in the cover of his eye. He turned his head, toward the dirty alley, and saw a naked girl about 13, huddled in a corner, shivering. Quent's eyes widened and he forgot all about his problems. He quickly pulled off his old tan trench coat and covered the girl's shivering nude form. He picked her up bridal style and grunted in surprise, when he saw that her hair was the color of cherry blossoms.

He rushed to his apartment, which wasn't much. It was a simple two bedroom apartment, not including the bathroom. Beer bottles were littered on the floor, but he didn't care, all that he was focused on was the girl in his arms. He gently placed her on the couch, and went into the bedroom to find some clothes for her to wear.

Sakura didn't know where she was, she was lost, but somehow everything felt familiar. She could see faces, but they were blurred and she couldn't identify them. Her shoulder length pale pink hair, gently blew around her as she a breeze picked up and she was abruptly thrown out of her false reality. Her eyes slowly opened and she coughed, softly.

'Where am I?' she thought wearily, as her eyes adjusted to the dimly lit room. She could hear the rain outside and the soft sound of her breathing. She looked at her body and panicked, when she saw that she wasn't wearing any clothes only a very wore out tan trench coat. Then, something hit Sakura hard, and it took all of her control not to panic.

'My chakra, its gone!' she thought frantically, but no matter how hard she tried to feel it, it just wasn't there. Sakura curled up in a ball and held back tears.

'Naruto, Sasuke where are you?' she thought softly and a few tears leaked out of her eyes, but she remained unaware.

"Naruto", she said softly and closed her eyes, just wishing that this was all a bad dream. She was in a foreign place, and her chakra had disappeared.

'Kami, why are you doing this to me?' she prayed silently and her body tensed, when she heard someone approach her from behind. Sakura closed her eyes and placed her arms over her head protectively and did the one thing, that she could do. She screamed.

Kiba and his pack slowly made their way through a blizzard, when they heard a terrible scream.

'Cheza!' was the first thing Kiba thought and he raced forward, not caring for the others.

"Kiba, wait!" shouted Tsume after him, but Kiba didn't listen he just continued running. Blue and Toboe struggled to keep up with him, and Hige glanced back wearily at Blue. "Kiba, slow down! We have female and pup with us!" shouted Tsume, and Kiba glared back at him.

"Cheza needs me!" he snapped and moved faster, disappearing into the blizzard, leaving his pack. "KIBA!!" shouted Tsume after him, but he received no response and Tsume swore, before telling the pack that they had to find shelter.

Quent dropped his spare clothes and covered his ears, Sakura's scream was a tragedy of its own right. Sakura stopped screaming and looked at Quent fearfully, wishing that she could just disappear. Quent uncovered his ears and slowly picked up the clothes, trying not to frighten Sakura more than she already was.

"Its okay, I won't hurt you", he whispered and Sakura shook her head, in response.

"W-where am I?" she whispered with terror in her eyes, but Quent just held the out the clothes to her.

"You are in Freeze City, I found you in a alley", he said softly and Sakura hesitated before taking the clothes.

"Freeze City? I've never heard of it, where are Naruto and Sasuke? My mother and father?" asked Sakura sadly, but much to her dismay Quent just shook his head. Tears streamed down Sakura's pale cheeks and she did nothing to stop them. She hugged the clothes to close to her and cried, bringing much angst to Quent's heart. Sakura was not in Konoha anymore, that was for sure.

Sakura walked out of Quent's bedroom wearing a too big faded blue T-shirt and long faded blue jeans with a leather belt. Quent rubbed the back of his head sheepishly and apologized to Sakura for not having clothes that fit her.

"Its okay, thank you for your hospitality", replied Sakura half-heartedly and she smiled a fake smile, but Quent didn't seem to notice.

"So, what were you doing in that alley?" he asked and Sakura eyes filled with tears before she blinked them away, and forced a smile.

"I can't remember", she lied and Quent nodded in understanding, before he placed a hand on her shoulder.

"It will be okay", he said and Sakura shook her head, before bursting into tears.

"I couldn't stop them! They were my family, and I couldn't stop them, my body just reacted! I didn't think!" she cried on his chest and Quent wrapped his arms around her, comfortingly. Sakura cried and cried, not caring. All she felt was pain, and she didn't want to feel like that forever. So she cried, unaware of the changes going on in her body.

Naruto and Sasuke stare at the place Sakura was just a few moments ago.

"S-sakura", whispered Sasuke, but Naruto wasn't as hesitant.

"Sakura-chan!" he shouted looking around for any traces of her, but she was no where to be seen.

Kakashi arrived a few minutes later and his eyes widened at his discovery. Naruto was on his knees crying his heart out and Sauke stood there, looking lost and confused.

"Boys, what happened?" demanded Kakashi and Naruto looked at him with puffy eyes.

"Sakura's gone!" he cried and punched the ground repeatedly, not caring when his hands started bleeding.

"Gone? What do you mean gone!?" demanded Kakashi his one eye showing confusion, and a hint of concern.

"Gone, Kakashi! She took both of my and Naruto's attacks and now she's gone!" shouted Sasuke finally regaining his ability to speak.

"T-that can't be", Kakashi whispered, mostly to himself.

"Sakura-chan!" cried Naruto and Sasuke much to everyone's surprise had a few tears rolling down his cheeks, as well.

'I promised not to let another comrade die', thought Kakashi regretfully and he balled up his fists, feeling nothing but rage and sorrow flowing through him. "SAKURA!!!!" he shouted in the sky.