So here is a summary of what's going on:

Melanie, Jared, Ian, and Wanderer are all out on a raid. Wanderer is collecting nonperishable food and clothing as usual. Meanwhile, her human friends have been gathering up a few host bodies with souls in them. Wanderer and the others were planning to take the bodies back to Doc and Candy so the souls could therefore be removed and shipped off planet, and everyone could make an effort to revive the lost human memories.

Wanderer has been cooperative and helpful, but she is uncomfortable with the situation. She therefore puts this responsibility entirely on her adopted family's shoulders, saying that she couldn't bear to watch as her own kind being lured to the back of the van, not knowing what was coming for them. The others sympathized, but knew that they had to continue this duty on by themselves. This relaxed Wanderer, not having to kidnap her own kind by herself, and life went on.

However, as Wanderer and the others made their way back home at the end of the raid, with 6 host bodies stolen, the absences of the six souls had been noticed. Seekers were sent out. There were whispers of humans in the area. Every town was searched for any signs of humans. Many souls were interviewed for any suspicious signs. A seeker somehow links the absences of the six souls to the absences of Wanderer and her seeker. Wanderer somehow learns of this information on her next raid. She orders her human companions to stop collecting bodies and explains of the news. It looks like the rebels would have to lay low for a while.

But it doesn't stop there. All of the seekers in the area have been putting two and two together. Someone mentions a kind, child-like, soul. The description was that she had a small body with a sweet face. She had golden hair and hundreds of freckles. The seekers begin to interview the souls that had interacted with Wanderer. The seekers falsely conclude that the soul "Wanderer" was kidnapped by the humans, and forced to do their bidding and/or the original host mind had taken over the body. A search is immediately formed to find the sweet girl and rescue the soul trapped inside the body. Wanderer is unable to learn about this recent update of information due to the fact that she and the humans have decided to remain isolated inside the caves for a while. The seekers are patient, they wait.

Finally, the humans decide that all is well, and send Wanderer and her friends out on another mission. The seekers find Wanderer and trap her. In the following chapters, the story will truly begin, and you will hear the tale of how Ian deals with Wanderer's loss, and how Wanderer survives her new life in a different body, back amongst civilization.

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