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Suka: We're going back?!

Bri: Yup.

Suka: Yay! X3

Bri: But we have to bring my friend along.

Suka: Why? O-o

Bri: 'Cause he went down on his knees, begging.

"We have to go again?"

Bri and Suka were in Tsunade's office, again. Bri had long dark-brown hair, while her cousin Suka had black hair and Hyuga eyes.

"Yes, you have to go again," said the blonde Hokage as she sighed. "I need you to tell me what's their objective. And why they stole the Sand Village's Kazekage earlier."

Has she forgotten that we know this already? Bri thought. Or has she finally stopped trying to ask?

"Oh, and you're supposed to take Shairo."


"Because he begged me to, and threatened to take away all the sake..." Tsunade looked at the floor as she said the last part.

"Great. Well, let's go Bri." Suka grabbed Bri by the ponytail as she walked out the door.


...One hour later...

"How are we going to get into Akatsuki this time?" Suka asked.

"We can't do blackmail this time, seeing that I lost the picture..." Bri said as she checked her pockets.

"Well, can't we just bust ourselves in?" Shairo asked.

Shairo had silver hair and golden eyes. He had on a Hidden Leaf Headband, and a Jashinism necklace. He had a black and white scythe, which he claimed was awesomer than Hidan's. (This is a friend of mine, who actually gave me a lot of ideas for this fanfic.)

"Wait, I have an idea." Bri walked up to the Akatsuki base's door and knocked. A hyper man with an orange mask opened it.

"Oh! Bri-chan! Come in!" Tobi let Bri, Suka, and Shairo in.

"TOBI-KUN!!!" Suka had hearts in her eyes as she gave him a fan-glomp. And Bri had to dragged her off of him.

"...That scared Tobi..."

"Suka! Why did you do that?" Shairo asked. "Tobi's a good boy!"

Then Tobi led them to the room where the entire Akatsuki was having a meeting. Everyone died on their feet when Bri and Suka grinned at them.

"Hi you guys..."

Kisame grabbed Tobi by the collar of his cloak, started running, and screamed "OH MY GOD!!!"


Suddenly Hidan was chasing Shairo, who was laughing maniacally. "GIVE ME BACK MY SCYTHE, DAMMIT!"

"NEVER! You'll have to pry it from my disembodied immortal hands!"

Konan started running away yelling, "Don't hit me with the pie again! Don't hit me with the pie again!"

Pein just glared at them. "What do you want?"

"We want to join Akatsuki again." Bri said.

Hidan snatched his scythe back and shouted, "Why the f___ would we have you back, Bri___?"

Bri held up a picture she got off the Internet, a picture of almost the entire Akatsuki doing Naruto's "Sexy Jutsu". Hidan grinned, everyone else turned red.

"Let us in, or this goes across the Five Great Nations."

Kakuzu's eyes widened as he thought about his reputation going down the drain.

"And you all get hugged by Suka."

Deidara screamed like a little girl as he remembered the last time Suka hugged him.

"Fine, you're in."

"YAAAY!" Suka grabbed Itachi, and dragged him all the way to his room. Then there was silence.

Ok, let the madness commence!

Suka: This is the first time you used me in a fanfic for AGES. No wonder you keep running out of good ideas. ^^

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