(Imagine the "Mickey Mouse March". That's the background music right now. -.-) Bri walked out in a general uniform, except it was red. Zetsu, Kakuzu, Kisame, Deidara, and Shairo were sitting in front of her with confused looks on their faces.

"Men," Bri said in her "general" voice. "We're screwed." Everyone sweatdropped.

"The war hasn't even started yet," Kisame pointed out bluntly.

"Since Bri is doing an army thing, do we get ranks?" Shairo asked.

"You want ranks? Fine. I'm the general. Deidara's the colonel-"

"How come I don't get to be colonel?!"

"Cause you're the 1st lieutenant, Shairo!" (I really don't know ranks, I'm just guessing from FMA. ^^")

"But whhhy?" the immortal whined.

"Take your rank like a man. You're better than Zetsu, Fishy, and Kaku-san are. Zetsu, 2nd lieutenant. Kisame, Major. Kakuzu, Captain."

"Captain of what?! I'm the lowest rank here!!!"

"Captain of money. There, happy?"


"Ok, this is the Second Civil Prank War. Stay on your guard. And don't open any doors without your prank buddy. Happy? No? Good."

...About an hour later in Shairo's room...

"If there's gonna be a prank war, I need weapons." He put his hand on the scanner and the walls flipped over. "SON OF A B____!"

Remember how Shairo's room was nothing but weapons? Well, someone replaced those weapons with freakin' teddy bears. Teddy bears that had Tobi's mask attached to each of them.


"What is it? The whole base can hear you ye-" Zetsu shut up as soon as he saw the teddy bears. "And so it begun."

"The f___ing good boy must die."

"Wow. Now that makes two people who want to kill Tobi."



It's not every day you hear the leader of Akatsuki scream like a girl, but he did. Because a certain two people, people who have a record for pranking victims in their sleep (remember the last war and guess), had glued a super magnet over Pein's bed. Pein was stuck to the ceiling, by mostly his face.

"HELP! KONAN! GET ME DOWN!!!" Then he noticed a piece a paper on the magnet. It said in something similar to Tobi's handwriting, 'Tobi was here.' "TOBIIII!!!!"

Tobi walked into the room. "Yes, Leader?" A foot suddenly collided with Tobi's lollipop mask, causing it to crack. "OW! What did Tobi do?! Tobi's a good boy!"


Tobi tilted his head to the side. "Tobi did?"

"Wait... if you didn't do it... then... BRI!!!" (Oh crap, O_O")

When Bri heard "her death sentence", she ran, into the only hiding spot nobody else could fit in, under the bathroom sink. "Zetsu... if Pein doesn't find me first, please eat me."


Kisame looked around before coming out of his room. He didn't want to be pranked. He wasn't pranked last time (I don't think he was ^^") and he didn't want to this time.

"Hi Kisame. Want a sandwich?"

Suka was behind him, holding up a plate of sandwich with a friendly smile on her face.

"They aren't made of shark, are they?"

"Nope." Kisame took a bite. "They're made of yellowtail." (O_O Say what?!)

Kisame's eyes widened and he dropped the sandwich. "OH MY GOD!!! I ATE BRI-CHAN!!! O_O" (Buri means yellowtail. You know, the fish that Zatch Bell goes nuts about. The reason I hate using Buri jokes T.T. So, I just made Kisame a cannibal. XP)

Kisame was having a seizure on the spot, when Suka was laughing her head off. Bri walked into the hall to see a dead-looking Kisame.

"OMG! What the hell did you do to Kisa-chan?!"

"I tricked him into eating you."

"Ha ha. Very funny," Bri said coldly. "Make fun of the fish-people. Ha ha."


"Hey, Zetsu! Come here." Zetsu was stopped by Hidan. "I found the Nine-Tails kid, and I need you to keep him busy while I get the others."


Zetsu walked into Hidan's room, which got locked the second he walked in. "Hidan?! What the hell are you doing?!"

Then Zetsu noticed 5 people staring at him. All with shirts that say the same thing. Super Terrifying And Ravenous Vegetarians Including Numerous Gore-fest. (S.T.A.R.V.I.N.G XD)


Hidan laughed as he heard Zetsu get attacked by killer vegetarians. "AAH!!!/AAH!!!" (Both sides are screaming)

It was all fun and games until Hidan woke up the next morning covered in maple syrup and feathers.


Itachi walked into his room, and heard music. It was only of the most annoying songs on the planet.

"This is the song that ne-ver ends.

Yes it goes on and on my friends.

Some people star-ted singing it not knowing what it was.

And they'll continue singing it for-ever just because

(Repeat lyrics times infinity T.T You see why it's annoying?)"

Itachi looked under his bed, nothing there. He looked in the closet, nothing there. He searched the whole room, nobody there. Little did he suspect that Deidara was in the air vent playing an MP3 player. Silently laughing his head off.


Tobi walked into the kitchen, to see Itachi eating his cookies. Tobi crossed his arms and said "Tobi's not falling for that again."

Then the Itachi was suddenly Hidan. "Ha. You got me." He crammed another cookie into his mouth and ran.

The cookie-stealer disappeared in the hallway just as the real Hidan walked out of his room. And Hidan got tackled, a mean a freakin' American football tackle.

"Tobi wants his cookie back!!!"

"I didn't take your damn cookie!"

"Give it back!!!"


Shairo got a high-5 from Bri as they saw Hidan and Tobi throw random things at each other.

... (So many dots... O_O)

"Ok, that is IT. Bri must DIE."

What's the worst thing you can do to Akatsuki when you have the ultimate fanatic weapon? Show them fanart. There were yaoi pairings everywhere. ItaKisa, TobiDei, SasoDei, ItaDei, ZetDei (don't ask -_-"), KakuHida, etc. It ticked off everyone, especially Deidara.

"I know this is part of getting them mad, but why am I with Zetsu?!"

"I didn't draw these..."

Tobi came out of the shadows, chuckling. His voice was different than the usual annoying Tobi.

"Do you like the art?" he asked. "I figured it's the perfect thing to blame Bri for."

"I don't even like yaoi. Especially not with my favorite peoples in it!" (I once saw a ShikaCho and the rest is history. -.-)

"There she is! GET HER!!!"

Hidan, Kakuzu, Itachi, and Pein were holding pitchforks and torches. They were already chasing Suka and Shairo, so all three ran out the door.

"And don't show up here unless you want to die, b____!" Hidan yelled.

"Ok, but remember, Zombie, I know where you live."

After they were about 500 miles away from the base, Suka said "Well, mission accomplished. But how are we ever going to get back in again?"

Bri grinned as if she were in on some joke. "Remember when Shairo and everyone was forced to go in there?"

Shairo flinched. "Yeah."

"I got it all on tape." She held up her camera.

"How long was that in there?!"

"Since truth or dare."

"Crap, the ultimate blackmail. You are demonic, you know that?"

The end. XD

Akatsuki: (Death-glare)

I've been planning to have that video since before the truth or dare. -.- So you have no reason to be mad.

Deidara: We're mad because you told us half of our yaoi pairings, un. -.V

I didn't do it! O.O Tobi did it!

Tobi: But Tobi's a good boy.

Oh forget it.

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