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"Wait, what?" Miku whispered, her voice panicked. She jiggled the doorknob, placing her other hand atop it and turning it frantically. Why wouldn't it open? Had Gakupo somehow locked it, from the outside? Miku hadn't heard anything like a small 'click' sound that would indicate he had. But then again, she wasn't in the most alert condition at the moment. But why hadn't he locked it before, when she was unconscious? Now there really was no way for her to get out. Anyway, if she had gotten out of this room, what would she have done? What what she have done if he spotted her? No, what would he have done?

But this room, Miku knew, could drive someone insane.

It was absolutely empty. There were no windows. How could one stand being in here for so long? She had a feeling she couldn't.

Suddenly discouraged, all her hope basically vanishing just like that after a few seconds, Miku sat down and leaned against the wall across from the door. She spent the next few hours like that, just sitting and moping. What else could she do? Miku barely even felt alive, all of her energy drained out of her.

And eventually, her mind heavy with thoughts of horror, she dozed off.

"Here, meet my brother, Len. Say 'Hi,' Kaito!" The blond-haired girl grinned, gesturing towards the boy who stood beside her.

Kaito raised an eyebrow. "No offense or anything to your bro, Rin, but he's kinda an idiot."

"Huh?" Rin turned turned around, following Kaito's gaze, only to see her brother staring at his elbows like they were the most amazing things in the world.

"Maybe he's high? Y'know how people get when they're like that. Remember when Tonio just walked into our history class in the middle of the period totally stoned? That was hilarious." He chuckled at the memory.

"Uh, yeah," Rin agreed, though she couldn't actually remember that incident well. Plus, she was a bit too occupied with getting Len to stop looking like he was high. "No, Len, get up..."

"I never knew you had a brother. How come I've never seen him around?"

Rin scowled. "He's my Vocaloid. But I must've done something wrong when I set him up, because he's not supposed to act like this. Ahh, I'll have to reboot him later." She pulled the now lying on the ground Len up, holding him close so he wouldn't run off or something.

Kaito didn't really know much about Vocaloids, but he had a basic idea. They were kind of cool, he thought. But after seeing Len, he decided that he would never get one. It'd be too much trouble if they acted like this right after buying them. "Anyway, I didn't wake up early on a Saturday morning and run over to your house for no reason—let's go to Miku's house."

"Huh? Oh, yeah. She could be back now." Rin smiled hopefully. That call she got last night suddenly popped into her head again. She had been so distracted setting up Len, she almost forgot. "Just lemme get my mom to look after Len while we're gone. I don't think he can handle being alone in his... 'condition' right now. You can wait outside."

He nodded, heading out after he saw Rin run off with Len into the depths of her house. Rin held onto Len's hand firmly, dragging him through the halls of her home. The silly Vocaloid was so heavy, it was quite difficult for her. Especially since he resisted. It seemed like he wanted to go outside and climb a tree or something, and chase angry squirrels around. Maybe she gave him a dog-like personality by accident. Well, that couldn't be good. Maybe she'll have to treat him like a dog, then? Rin wasn't quite sure where her mom was, peeking into the dining room and kitchen for her. As she walked, she called out, "Mom! Mom? Mum? Mummy?" And since that didn't work, she decided to shout out her name, "Koto?" That was a bit awkward—she wasn't used to calling her mother Koto. She only felt comfortable calling her dad by his first name.


"Oh!" Rin followed her voice, backpedaling and finding her mother in the living room she had just passed by. Koto was seated on the couch, the newspaper in hand. Her orange hair formed little waves around her face. "Mom, I'm going out with a friend for a bit. Can you look after Len while I'm gone? Hey—no, Len, no! Bad! Bad! Don't do that!" she scolded the robot.

Len was tugging on the large ribbon on her head curiously, unfurling it and making it look messy. She let out a frustrated sigh, smacking his hand away from her head. He was beginning to annoy her now. Immediately, a huge pout crossed Len's features. Why did he look like such a puppy doing that?

"R-Rin... Sorry," he sounded almost like he was going to cry. His lower lip wibbled, and his eyes shone with guilt—the kind that a small child would have after nibbling on a cookie just before dinner, against their parents wishes.

And seriously, Rin couldn't be pissed off at that. She had a heart, as hard as that may be to believe to some of her peers. "Len... D-Don't be like that. It's okay." She couldn't help it. She just had to hug him. So she did. He was like adorable, cute, and pure lovable all packed into one.

It must be the dog traits. Should she really reboot him? It would be for the better...

"Aw," Koto murmured, smiling a great deal, "Len is so cute. You two are so cute."

Rin almost forgot her mother was watching them. Almost. She pulled away from her Vocaloid, slightly embarrassed. "Cute" was never a word that people used to describe anything that related to her. "A-Anyway, mom, just look after him. He's a little unstable. I'm thinking he acts like a dog. So maybe you could try yelling out 'Sit!' and things like that if you want him to stay still." She pushed Len to her mother, who had put the newspaper down on the coffee table in front of her. "Be good while I'm gone, alright Len? Mom will be around."

Len nodded, smiling at Koto. She smiled back, patting him on the head.

Rin waved goodbye to the two, and ran out into the hall and to the front door. She slipped into a pair of running shoes, headed out and closed the door behind her. She saw Kaito just standing on her lawn, kicking his feet around. He looked up when he heard the door slam. "That took a while," he commented. "Let's get going." Kaito turned around, gesturing with his hand for her to follow him. The walk to Miku's house didn't take that long—she only lived a couple of streets away from Rin. Back at the front door of the Megurine household, but this time with Rin, Kaito rang the doorbell.

The door was soon opened, and they were greeted with an exhausted, baggy-eyed Luka. She was able to keep up a calm appearance, however.

"Hello Kaito, Rin," said Luka.

She looked horrible. There was absolutely no way Kaito could compliment her on her looks today, Rin concluded.

He wasn't planning on doing so, anyway. "Hi, Ms. Megurine. Is Miku...?" he trailed off. But, judging by the way Luka looked, there was just no way the twin tailed girl had returned home.

Her eyebrows immediately furrowed, eyes filling with tears, mouth opening in a desperate gasp. She covered her face with her hands, hiccuping. Kaito stiffened; he didn't want to just watch her cry, like he had the previous night when they were looking for Miku and came across that book. Apparently, the book was Miku's. She was so eager reading it, and would never leave it behind according to her mother.

He was just about to pat her comfortably, or wrap his arms around her as she sobbed. But Rin had gotten to that first, stepping in, in front of Kaito. He shriveled back a bit. Rin was more familiar with Luka, anyway. She and Miku were best friends after all. He just hung out with them every so often. Rin pulled the older woman into an embrace. She whispered the most encouraging words and sayings she could think of. "She will come home soon, Ms. Megurine. She has to."

"O-Of course," Luka cried. She clung onto the arms of the petite girl. These two teenagers—they were the only ones she could lean on.

Rin herself felt tears welling up in her eyes. A few rolled down her cheek before she began to sob as well.

The two woman held onto each other tightly, broken over the disappearance of Megurine Miku.

And all Kaito could do was watch. He wasn't sure how to comfort Luka in the first place, and now Rin as well? He felt horrible. He really did want to help them, support them during this hard stage for their emotions.

It wasn't that his heart wasn't in it. Kaito cared a lot about Miku. A lot. More than anyone knew. After all, he swore something inside him tore when he heard Rin utter the words, "Miku is gone."

"We need to report this to the police," he suggested weakly. "We should be able now, right Ms. Megurine?"

"Yes," Luka choked out. The two girls pulled away from each other, glancing at each other with small smiles tugging on the ends of their lips.

After they had calmed themselves enough, they all got into Luka's car—a plain, silver Honda—and drove to the police station. Inside, they stood in front of what appeared to be some secretary's desk of some sort. There sat a woman with long, dark pink hair. A huge curl, almost hook-like, formed at the top of her head with her hair. She had her head down, scrawling a few things onto a piece of paper. She had a huge stack next to her. A few moments later, the woman looked up and greeted the group, "Welcome to Bokaro Police Station. How can I help you three?" However, the question seemed more directed to Luka.

Luka's lips formed a tight line. She felt that if she opened her mouth to reply, she would begin crying again.

"We're here to file a missing persons' report," Kaito answered for her.

"Our friend... her daughter," Rin added, looking over at Luka, "has been gone for a day now."

Luka nodded slowly to confirm her statement.

"Oh, well, please follow me then," she replied, standing up from her seat. They followed the woman into a fairly large office. There were four desks, a computer on each. The woman gestured to the first one that was in their path of sight. A man with striking red eyes and silver hair, a small ponytail pulling strands up, was seated behind said desk. "Mr. Honne can help you out. He does several jobs, including detective work." As he looked up from his work at the mention of his name, the woman turned around and left.

"Hello Dell," said Luka quietly.

"Luka. Long time no see." He nodded to acknowledge their presence. "What do you need?"

"A... I—we're here to file a missing persons' report," she answered slowly.

"I see. I'll need to ask you some questions, then," Dell replied. His tone sounded almost uncaring, insensitive. Kaito and Rin glanced at each other, finding the man's coldness to be quite strange. They thought that one would show a bit of sympathy, knowing that someone dear is missing. And they even knew each other, somehow.

For the next hour or so, the trio answered all the questions they could that Dell asked them: things like basic information about Miku, her appearance, if they had a photo on hand (which Luka did) and when she was last seen. All the while, he typed what they could only assume was everything they were saying, into a report. Rin wanted to mention the call she got, but every time she opened her mouth to speak, her lips felt as dry as a desert, and the words just wouldn't come out.

They heard a few clicks of the mouse, and a small "Hmm" that escaped the man's lips.

He got out of his chair and headed over to a filing cabinet, gesturing for Luka to follow. Rin and Kaito looked over at them with interest, wondering if they should follow as well. Dell, noticing their curiousity, shook his head as a no. "I believe we have a file on your daughter," he muttered to Luka. Sifting through the files for a couple of minutes, he eventually pulled out a small folder. He opened it and skimmed through the contents. It confirmed some of the details for sure.

But something was a little peculiar.

Dell pointed to a name on one of the pages. "Luka, do you know who Miku's—"

"Of course," she cut in.

"Alright, then. We will do a search as soon as possible, and publicize her disappearance."

"Thank you, Dell," she murmured. "Kaito, Rin, let's go now."

They nodded, and trailed after Luka, out of the police station and into her car.

Luka let out a sigh, "Thank you two for coming. It... calmed me down a bit. I'll drive you home." She turned on the engine, backed out of the parking lot and began to drive on the road.

Kaito had noticed. She didn't seem as anxious when she was speaking about it to Dell. Or maybe that was because she already seemed to know him.

Almost like she read his mind, Rin piped up, "How did you and Mr. Honne know each other?"

"We see each other every now and then, around the city," she explained, "and we used to go to the same university for a bit."

Rin's eyes narrowed. "I see. And what was that thing Dell said to you? About Miku's file?"

"Don't ask things like that!" Kaito exclaimed. "It was obviously private for a reason."

Luka shook her head, though they couldn't really see her do so from the backseats. "No, it's fine. I'm sure you two were going to find out soon, anyway." She continued on, explaining briefly the conversation she had with Dell. If she could even call it a conversation.

"Does Miku know?" Rin asked, her voice a mere whisper. She looked over at Kaito with wide eyes.

Luka grimaced. "No..."

Koto wasn't quite sure how to care for a Vocaloid. Or a dog, for that matter. She never owned a dog before. But eventually, she got the hang of looking after Len. Only after he had fallen asleep, that is. Except it wasn't actually sleeping—Len was just resting his systems. Koto, deciding that it would be fine if she left for a short while as he napped, had walked over to the grocery store. It was only around a seven minutes walk away, give or take. It was was really convenient if you needed to go buy some groceries. Koto thought it would be a good idea to cook a nice dinner that night, seeing as Sora was back for the week. At the moment, he was out hanging around with a couple of his friends, Ted and Kiyoteru.

But she definitely wasn't expecting to see a certain something in the dairy section. Rather, a certain someone. A certain someone with silvery-blue hair and misty aquamarine eyes.

She couldn't believe she could still recognize him, after all those years. She felt tempted to ask if it really was him.

However, he spoke first, "Koto?" Obviously, he knew who she was as well. He looked quite surprised too.

"Sai? Sai Yurika?"

He chuckled. "Who else could I be? Are you still Koto Fuuga?"

Her grip on the plastic basket carrying her food that she was holding tightened. "Oh no, no. I'm Koto Kagamine now." She smiled. "I didn't think I'd see you here." Or ever again, she added mentally.

"I definitely didn't want—I mean, think—I'd see you either. I just moved here recently."

Koto pouted childishly in response to the smug grin he wore. Just like the old days... However, the pout looked strange on her now-matured face.

"Oh, I see. It's been so long, maybe we should catch up?" she suggested.

"Why not? I've got everything I need here. I can head straight to the front and pay for this food," Sai replied, looking down at his own basket.

"I can, too." Her eyes lit up. "Oh, my place isn't actually that far. We can talk there. It will only take a few minutes." Koto was sincerely curious about what he had done since the last time she saw him. And was he married now as well? What was his occupation? How was his sister? There was so much to talk about.

"That'd be great."

They could start now. "What do you do for a living?" Koto asked as the pair walked through the store to the cash registers.

"Hm? Oh, I've been doing some programming for a company making Vocaloids. Have you heard of those before?" he replied.

"Ah! My daughter just got one of those recently," she exclaimed. "But it seems to have some problems."

"I could check," Sai offered.

"More the reason for you to visit." Koto laughed.

And surely, Sora wouldn't mind if she had on old friend over. Even if said friend was her first love.

Gumi Megpoid and Mikuo Hatsune.

Those names would not leave either Rin or Kaito's minds.

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