He smiled and pressed her back against the office door, kissing her again. She kissed back, moaning and pressing her body into his.

"Pepper," he groaned.

"Want me?" she whispered, kissing his jawline before nipping his earlobe.



"Uh-huh" he asked, slipping her hands beneath her jacket and blouse and up her sides, still kissing her in between words and gasps. "Really?"


"I figured I'd be the only one who wanted office sex."

"You're not the only one who has fantasies Tony," she said with a devilish grin that made his dick jerk. She rotated her hips against his, and started to unbutton his shirt.

"You'll have to tell me about them sometime."

"Really?" she asked.

"Want to hear about mine?" he asked. She nodded but he could tell she was uncertain, still getting used to him masturbating over her, being attracted to her. He knew Pepper Potts too well.

"Mostly, I just want to be with you."

She smiled, going shy, and he tipped her head up so they we looking at each other. She was beautiful, shy but a little evil behind it. One of her hands sliding over his exposed chest and around the arc reactor, the other locking the office door behind her.

They kissed again, frantic this time, as he unbuttons her jacket and shirt, opening them up so he could run his hands over her breasts, his mouth muffling her moans as he pushed up the white lace of her bra and cupped them.

"Prefect," he mumbled, pulling away for a second to take a look at her breasts in his hands. She blushed and kissed him again, arching her back and pushing her chest further into his hands. Tony took it as a request for more and he replied by caressing the skin of one breast, his finger teasing her nipple while they kissed, his other hand squeezing her softly. Her moans were delightful, better than fantasy.

Pepper bit his lip when he pinched hard, and he laughed, their lips barely unconnected long enough for the sound to be heard. Her hands went to his belt and she slid it open, pulling down the fly of his trousers, and reaching in to find he wasn't wearing any underwear.

"You have over one hundred different pairs of designer underwear and you still go commando?" she asked, voice breathless against his cheek as she ran her fingers along his hardening erection, pushing down his trousers.

"I-uh," he groaned, unable to answer her while she teased him, gentle touches firing him up. He kissed her again, harder than before, fierce and desperate, hands leaving her beautiful breasts to fight with her skirt. He pushed it up, hands skimming over her legs, feeling the tops of her stay-ups, and then bare skin. She shivered at the gentle touch and she continued to play with his erection.

With her skirt around her waist his hands drifted over her backside before dipping his fingers into her thong. She moaned as he pressed into the wetness at her centre, brushing through the hairs to find her clit. She yelped when he discovered it and pressed down hard.

He grinned at her, fingers delving into her body, and making her moan, the action causing a chain reaction as she squeezed his erection in return and he groaned.

"Want. Want. Want," he moaned, kissing her and pulling his fingers away. She whimpered but his hands went to her ass again, this time to lift her up. She wrapped her legs around his waist and smiled. He hesitated, erection brushing against her.

"Tony?" she asked, touch of panic in her voice.

"Maybe we should get a condom," he said.

"You're doubting me?"

The angry flush returned, but barely visible under the flush of arousal and exertion, and he kissed her, keen to placate her with his more sensitive areas exposed to her knees or nails.

"I'm doubting myself."

"I see all your medical information Tony, I know you're clean," she said smiling, reaching between them. "You're not pregnant either."


She grasped his erection once more, and despite the awkward position, she began to move her hand back and forth. He had to grit his teeth and take a deep breath.

"In Germany, after Afghanistan, they were doing so many tests, there was a clerical error and they did a pregnancy test."

"I'm a guy," he said, a moan following after.

"I know," she said, guiding his erection towards her body.

"That's just weird," he said. She smiled at him.

"I know," she repeated with a moan.

She tightened her legs around him to give him a reminder of what they were doing, as if he could forget, and he thrust hard into her body. They both yelped, the noises high pitched from them both, strangled pleasure as he settled her and she relaxed around him.

"Per-per," he groaned. "Good. Good. Good."

"Uh-huh," she replied, breathing hard.

He started to move, holding onto her ass and thrusting hard into her tight body, the intense feeling he'd felt when he'd first entered her starting to build, and burn, hot pleasure surrounding him. Pepper arched towards him, shoulders and head against the door of her office. Her eyes were closed again, her face scrunched up and she looked adorable. Adorable and hot. It took him longer than he would've liked to find a rhythm, the situation and sensation clouding up his mind. Pepper didn't seem to mind or notice, he noted, she gasped every time he pulled out of her body, and gave an almost inaudible yelp when he thrust back in.

When he found his rhythm he moved faster, her insides squeezing him hard, her hands gripping his shoulders. She managed to keep her nails from digging into his skin. Until he kissed her. Lips moving and mostly missing in a messy kiss, one of her hands went to the back of his head and she pressed her nails into his shoulder and skull.

He groaned at the pain, little spikes of pleasure shooting down his spine, straight to his dick.

"Fuck, Pepper."


He wanted to laugh but he was going to come soon, and he needed to finish this before Pepper killed him. Needed to finish her off before she killed him for that. He didn't know what Pepper was like when denied an orgasm, but he'd seen the flames of her temper when denied paperwork and he didn't want to risk it.

He kept his rhythm up, barely, teeth gritting again as he pulled his lips from hers, listening in delight as the gasp and yelp returned. He pushed her entire body against the door and moved one hand from her ass, giving it a pinch as he did so, her body jerking in response. He delved between their bodies and through the wet hairs at her centre to find her clit. He pressed down and she jerked again, harder this time, the almost inaudible yelp becoming much louder. He liked it, a lot. It was fucking beautiful, she was beautiful.

He played with her clit as best he could while keeping up his quick rhythm, and he felt the moment she came. Her body clenched around his, a shudder running up her body and a loud cry coming from her mouth. He kept moving, eyes glazing over with pleasure, listening to her little whimpers and gasps as he moved, pressing and pushing against sensitive muscles, one hands still between their bodies, finger still on her clit.

When he came he cried out her name, his hips jerking hard and forcing her ass to slam back against the door with some force, the lock shaking loose. He dropped his head to her shoulder as he shook, pleasure ripping through him, followed by something else that he couldn't identify. Something new. Something good.

They held onto each other as they came back from their pleasure induced white outs, silent except for his harsh breathing and her little whimpers, bodies shaking until his dick slipped out of her body and her leg slid to the floor. She continued to slip to the floor and sat back, skirt around her waist, shirt and jacket open, bra above her breasts. It was the only thing she sorted out. He dropped to the floor next to her with a thump.

"Do you forgive me?" he asked.

"You haven't done anything wrong in about five years Tony. To me at least."

"I'm still sorry."

"I forgive you, is that what you want to hear?"

He nodded, satisfied and lay back down on the plush carpet of Pepper's office, trying to get his body to calm down and stop shaking, long enough to figure out what the odd new feeling was.

"You know, we should have sex in every room in the building," he said.

"That would take years Tony," she replied, pulling her skirt down.

"That's okay," he said with a smile.

"Just say it Tony," she said, word sharp. "No more lies, games or hiding feelings."


He paused, and got it, one last shake rocking his body and he sat up, smiling.

"I think I love you."

"You think?"

"I love you," he said. "Is that what you want to hear?"

"Yes. Good. Now, I doubt we could even try to have sex in every room in the building," she said, her voice businesslike, "considering how rare it is for one of your security cameras to be broken," she said, looking up at the corner of her office.

"It's broken? That's why you were willing to have sex in your office." She nodded. "Oh."

"I don't want to be on film Tony."

"Oh." He pouted and she laughed.

"We could still have sex in every room of your mansion though, if Jarvis promises not to watch."

"Excellent idea Ms. Potts, lets get started right away," he said, jumping to his feet.

"I have work Mr. Stark."

"Oh, well, let's do that instead. Then I need food."

"I'll call for some brunch to be delivered to your office."


He couldn't get the grin off his face as they both straightened their clothes but had another realisation as he re-knotted his tie.

"You love me too, right Pepper?"

He hated that he sounded a little desperate, but he felt it. She smiled at him, leaving her blouse for a moment to kiss him.

"I wouldn't be by your side for any other reason."