Okay, well, I made this story kinda on a whim. Also, if you're wondering where I got the names for Angel's friends, I got the first names from "Maximum Ride": Ariana is a female form of the name "Ari", Monica is kinda like Nudge's real name Monique, and Maxine is the long form of the short form of Max's real name Maximum. As for the last names, Rider is from one of my computer games (as well as kinda like Max's last name), Prinze sounds kinda like the word "prince", like when Hiro Sohma from "Fruits Basket" said, "May I be your prince?" to Kisa, and McCoy is from Jordan McCoy, who was on "American Juniors" in 2002.

Note: I don't own anything used in this story, except for the original characters. However, I don't own the things that I got the girls' names from, of course. Also, I do not own Vampire Academy. That belongs to Richelle Mead.

POV: George Weasley, Age Four

"Ginny, look – you're not the youngest anymore!" I laughed and patted Ginny's short, red hair.

"Really?" she asked (though, because she's still so little, only a year old, that it came out more like "Weally?"). I nodded and took her hand and brought her into the room where Mama had been in all day, screaming. Daddy had said earlier that soon I'd have another baby sister, but I didn't know for sure.

Mama was holding a small blanket, and she showed me and Ginny what was inside the blanket – a little baby with small, fuzzy red-brown hair and big, hazel eyes. I looked at Mama happily, and she said that it was another little girl. She was happy because, even though Ginny was still really little, it was obvious to everyone that she'd grow up to be a tomboy…

I asked Mama what the baby's name was going to be, and she said, "Well, I thought it should be Angel, because she's so little and sweet. What do you think, George, Ginny?"

Ginny nodded and I said it was fine with me. Before leaving, we both kissed Angel and went back out of the room to keep from being in the way.

Eleven Years Later

POV: Angel Weasley, Age Eleven

I was excited to finally be able to go to Hogwarts. All the others had already been there for at least a year – and Bill and Charlie had already graduated, and Percy was going to graduate this year! I was happy that Fred and George would be around for about two more years, and Ron and Ginny would be around until I was fifteen or sixteen.

Mama gave me one last hug before sending me onto the Hogwarts Express with Ginny, Ron, Harry, Hermione, Fred, George, and Percy. Harry and Hermione were Harry's friends, and they had been coming around to visit a lot these past few years. I didn't mind, though, because Harry seemed to like it when I was around, and Hermione was nice to me, even if she was kinda mean to Ron. Ginny had promised to introduce me to some really cute boys, and to her best friend, Luna. I was really hoping that I would make it into Gryffindor with everyone else (except Luna, who's in Ravenclaw, I'm sure you remember).

A few hours later, after meeting Neville and Luna and Lavender and everyone, we had arrived at Hogwarts. I was a little nervous now, but everyone had told me not to worry. I had already gotten into my robes and fixed my long, wavy auburn hair into a ponytail. I stroked my owl's (whose name was Icie, just to tell you, because she's a snowy owl) feathers one more time before leaving her on the train to be taken to the school separately with the rest of my stuff and walked off the train with the others.

Ginny gave me one last hug and then pointed to a very tall man, who I guessed was probably half-giant or something, and told me to go with him to get to the school. I asked her why she didn't have to go with him, too, and she said that that was just for first-years. I gulped, slightly nervous now.

I followed the man, whose name I learned was Professor Hagrid, teacher of Care of Magical Creatures for older students, to the rowboats that were waiting for us along with the other new first-years. I sat in a boat with three other girls: Ariana Rider (who had blond hair and light blue eyes), Monica Prinze (who had black hair and green eyes), and Maxine McCoy (who had brown hair and light gray eyes).

When we had gotten to the school, we were sorted into our houses. Somehow, by some strange twist of fate, I wound up in Ravenclaw because I was so smart and had such good test scores at my previous school. Ariana had been put in Gryffindor, Monica in Slytherin, and Maxine was put into Hufflepuff.

The prefect from our house, Cho Chang, and the Head Girl of our house, Penelope, who I remembered was Percy's girlfriend, brought us up to our dorms. Penelope smiled at me and said it was nice for one of the Weasleys to finally make it into Ravenclaw. She said that, since hardly any first-year girls had gotten into Ravenclaw, I would room with Luna Lovegood, Cho Chang, and herself. I thought it a little weird that I was going to be rooming with older girls, but I figured it would be okay. I knew that Luna was the same year as Ginny, and that Cho, who Harry liked, was a fifth-year, just like Fred and George.

I was actually kind of jealous of Cho, because she was obviously the object of Harry's affections. I had had a bit of a crush on him ever since we had first met, almost two years ago now…

Flashback to Two Years Ago

Mama, Ginny, and I were waiting with the boys, who were going to Hogwarts now. I gave a big hug to Ron, as it was going to be his first time. I looked sadly up at him, because I wanted to go to Hogwarts, too. I began to tear up, so Ron asked, "What's wrong, Angel? Don't be sad – I won't be gone forever."

George walked up behind Ron and patted my hair. Then he said, "Yeah. He'll probably be expelled within a week."

"Mum!" whined Ron.

Mama rolled her eyes and said, "Now, George, don't tease Ron. It's his first day! Okay, girls, say good-bye to your brothers!"

Each of my brothers came up and gave me a big hug. As I said, it was Ron's first year. Fred and George were third-years. Percy was a fifth-year, and Charlie was a seventh-year. Bill had graduated two years ago, when I was only seven years old.

All of a sudden, a cute boy with dark hair and glasses came up and asked Mama a question on how to get onto the platform. I gazed up into those adorable green eyes and was instantly in love. Unfortunately, Ginny was, too.

End of Flashback

I sighed, causing my roommates to look up. Luna asked me if I was okay, and I said I was. No one pressed the subject any further. I took out one of the books that I had brought, called Vampire Academy. A few hours later, all three of my roommates had fallen asleep.

I closed the book, turned out the light, and fell asleep.