Okay, well, you know how I haven't updated in, like, forever? Well, that's not totally not my fault! My stupid laptop got a weird virus, and whenever I'd turn it on, it'd go to an all-black screen, and then would sometimes switch to something called the Blue Screen of Death. So we took it to the Geek Squad over Thanksgiving, and it would have cost a ton of money to get it fixed. However, since I'd already lost everything on it, we decided it would be easier to just buy a new laptop. But because of this, updates will probably not come for a while, because I was almost done my next chapter of "Harry's Angel" when this happened. I will do my best to update soon, but I hope you will be understanding. Also, I am typing this on my new laptop, so you can tell that it works pretty well – it's a 14" Toshiba laptop, and it's purple, my favorite color. However, it's also about 1.6" inches smaller than my old one…

Oh, and an important piece of advice: Always back up your stuff. That's what I did for my most important files (a.k.a., my English essays and some of my stories – just not the one chapter I needed to update…) onto my flash-drive, so I managed to keep some stuff. It also helped that I went through a phase where I wanted everything to be exactly the same on all my computers, so I was able to transfer most of my stuff onto my new laptop.

Oh, and here's part of another author's note - I'm just gonna combine 'em to save space. This one's about my new poll, and some other information about my stories:

Hey people! I'm really sorry for not updating any of my stories in such a long time, but I have my reasons for not doing so – it's really hard being a high-school junior – I had to plan my Sweet 16 party, write several papers, go through driver's ed, and volunteer at the library while still maintaining my grades.

Also, the reason why I'm writing this author's note is to announce my new poll. Don't worry – I will do my absolute best to finish up my stories – I've already decided how I want to end "Harry's Angel", even though I don't actually know how I'm gonna get to that point. I've also decided to split the "A Fruits Basket Crossover" story into two: "Family Reunited" (the first part that's up right now, which will be renamed asap) and, well, I'm really not sure what I'm going to name the second part yet… But I will update soon!

So, in summary, I will continue working on my other stories, but I'd be really, super happy if you would check out my new poll. Thanks!