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The General Principles of the Standardized Prom

by: Startscribbling12

Growing up with boys, Prom was never something I cared for. I didn't prepare myself growing up, and I personally didn't think it was all that important. Movies and books glamorized it all up, making teenage girls have heart attacks just thinking about the very thought that the quarterback could ask them.


Prom is just an excuse for eighteen year old kids to stay out all night, get dressed up and smashed, and not get in trouble for it. What was the point? It was expensive and a waste of time. It was like any other dance that could be attended, except it was Seniors only.

Big fucking deal.

Plus, it makes teenagers forget the important things. Like, the standardized tests coming up, college, or any other engagements that they have made. I can't picture myself spending hundreds on a dress and shoes, spending hours getting dressed up, and wasting my time on one day. One day that will never happen again. Ever.

So, what is the point? I ask myself that, even now, in my Senior year. The downside is that I have branched out to have girlfriends, so I hear them constantly talking about it. It wasn't even spring yet. There was still snow on the ground and Prom four months away. I have to sit in class and listen to them talking about it, and they are so into it that they don't even ask for my input.

From the outside, anyone would probably think that I would be the girl who must attend Prom. A girl who made it my lifetime duty to attend it. A girl who would dip into their college funds just to pay for the ticket. But, no. I was not that girl. I was an eighteen year old girl who kept to myself. People categorized me as the typical blond; but I'm actually very smart. I wear American Eagle and clothes from Charlotte Russe; but I honestly don't care about labels. I listen to bubblegum pop bands; but I favor alternative rock and indie bands.

I break all stereotypes.

Why am I ranting on and on about why I hate Prom? Let's back up a bit and maybe you can understand why I am particularly annoyed with this little Spring event.

"Namine!" I perky voice said into my ear. I snapped out of my trance and turned to face her. The voice came from my best friend (that was outside my circle of guy friends.) and all time favorite person, Kairi. She and I have been friends since Junior High, and have been through everything together. But, we are polar opposites. Even her hair is opposite from mine. Blond and auburn?

Yeah, way different, man.

"Oh, sorry. Yeah?" I replied, closing my textbook. We had a free period today, and since I had nothing to do, I was going to study.

Obviously that wasn't going to happen anytime soon.

"I was asking if you wanted to hit the mall with Olette and the girls. We have some major shopping to do." She pulled out her compact mirror and bang to reapply her mascara, which only meant one thing.

Attractive boys were coming into the room.

I shook my head at her girly behavior. "No, I have some studying to do. Plus, I'm broke."

She groaned but knew I wouldn't give in, so she better not push it. Primping a bit more, Kairi was satisfied with her appearance and put away her mirror. I don't know why she cared so much. She was already pretty enough. Turning my head in her direction, I noticed who she was staring at.

Roxas and Sora Aoki.

AKA: My childhood friends.

Kairi always bothered me about them. Said she was jealous about how I grew up with them and such. They weren't that interesting. Sora was an idiot, to put it nicely. He could be a sweetheart, but listening to him just made my brain hurt.

His brother, Roxas, wasn't AS dumb, but was also lacking in the compassion department. I don't know how I got stuck being friends with them. I guess my parents thought I was a boy—sticking me with the most boyish boys I have ever met. Not that I mind.

They don't bother me about Prom every five minutes.

"Hi Sora." Kairi said once the guys sat down in the desks in front of us. As you can tell, Kairi has a bit of a crush on Sora. It's actually pretty adorable, considering how oblivious Sora is.

"Oh, hey Kairi." He beams at her, and I can totally see her face light up. Once that little conversation was over, Kairi returned to our previous conversation.

Oh shoot me.

"So—as I was saying! You have to come, Namine. All the girls are putting in orders for our Prom dresses!" She explained, pulling out her iPhone to show me a picture of the dress she already pre-ordered.

Let me remind you—


Four months.

"Kairi—how many times to I have to say--"

"Namine going to Prom?" I heard Roxas snicker. I turned to face the stupid, moronic, jerk and glared.

"What's that supposed to mean!" Sure, we all knew I hated the very idea of Prom, but that just sort of seemed like an insult to me. Like I was too good for Prom--

Which I was.

"Nothing, Nam. All I'm saying is that I can't picture it." Putting on my most innocent smile, I tried to calm down. I hated Prom, but I hated Roxas teasing me about it more. When we were little, he always called me a boy, or asked me if my parents raised me as the wrong gender.

He always paid for it later.

"Why not, Roxas? I can picture it—somewhat." Sora said, attempting to back me up. Kairi was gone from the conversation. I don't even know what she was doing at the time—solitaire?

"Because—Namine here always complains on how stupid it is."

"Because it is!" I was clutching the end of the desk in anger. Sure, Roxas was one of my closest friends--

--and he knew how to push my buttons.

"I'd love to see you attend Prom. You'd probably make a fool of yourself."

"And I'd love to see you in a dress, but we both know that will never happen." I shot back. Roxas smirked, and flipped out his cellphone. I groaned and pulled out a loose leaf piece of paper. I was so annoyed. More annoyed than I usually am.

Now I have Kairi AND Roxas talking to me about Prom.

Doesn't anyone understand that I do not care?

To: Kairi
From: Namine

do we have to go dress shopping the whole time, cause you know i'm not going to prom.

To: Namine
From: Kairi

well, guess we don't have to. But, we have to go for a reasonable amount of time. Some of us really want to look nice.

To: Kairi
From: Namine

yeah yeah.

To: Namine
From: Kairi

but you have to go to prom, Namine! It's a once in a lifetime chance, bitch!

To: Kairi
From: Namine

i'm not having this conversation.

Snapping my phone shut, I pulled out my winter coat and pushed my arms through the sleeves. Everyone pretty much left me alone about Prom after sixth period, so I was back in a happy mood. I was craving three tacos from Taco Bell right now, and I wanted to run down there and buy some, but without money, I can never make that dream come true now can I?

"Namine!" Roxas shouted to me before I started to leave the school building. Turning, I watched him run up to me before he continued to say whatever he was going to say. "Your a girl, right?"

Blank stare.

Death stare.

"What the hell, Roxas?!" That was very insulting, you know. I was very feminine, mostly. He smiled and rubbed the back of his head.

"That's not what I meant. Forget it. Can I come over today?" He asked me, zipping up his coat as we walked outside to my car.

My baby.

Speaking of hanging out, Roxas and I haven't hung out since October. That's like a whole three months. He's been too wrapped up in his current girlfriend.


Not that I cared, I was just stating the obvious.

"I guess. You aren't doing anything with Olette?" I watched my feet crunch in the snow as we walked down the parking lot. I wasn't too fond of Winter, but I loved snow. (Does that make sense?)

"Nah, she made the Tennis team, so she is pretty busy." He mused as he sat down in the front of my car. I turned the key and started the car, changing the settings for the heat. Roxas leaned back, propping his feet up. I slapped them back down. This is my baby, bitch.

"Rules have changed." I said. Looking offended, Roxas crossed his arms. "Do you have some money?"

"You do that, and then ask for money?"

Of course.

"Well, duh. I want Taco Bell." I replied, making a left down the street, driving for the local Taco Bell. I have had like a craving all day, and if I didn't eat it soon, I'd probably cry.

"I guess. You're lucky I want some too."

"OH EM GEE!" My mother squeals as I open the front door, Taco Bell bags in hand. She literally pummels Roxas with about as much force and, I don't know, a bowling ball hits a bowling pin. She just raped my best friend with her clothes on.

Not cool.

"Hi to you, too, Mrs. Sato." He said, practically dying from lack of oxygen.

"Where have you been! I've missed you!" And there went a quick explanation on how Roxas has a girlfriend, blah blah blah. Not that interesting. I see him all the time. Tugging on his arm, we make our way up to my bedroom, and I shut the door, throwing the Tacos into Roxas's lap.

Yeah, he's on my floor.

"Don't eat mine." I warned him as I sat onto my computer. I needed to check my email before I did anything.


Hey! I'm at Tennis right now with Olette. It's break time, so I'm emailing you. I don't really know how to put this—but I need to say it.


I don't care what it takes. I—as being your best girlfriend—am not letting you miss this experience. I will drug you if I must. Sure, you hate Prom—but why!? YOU HAVEN'T BEEN TO ONE!

Your brain must be backfiring or something.

Olette says we will hang out with you! I will even help you get prepared! We have four months! WE CAN DO IT!

Gotta run—practice!


"You know I'm about--" I stopped in mid sentence. Why you ask? I only saw two tacos left in the bag. TWO! I ordered three. Roxas ordered five. Does that match up at all.


Hell no.

So where was my taco?

"Roxas...did you eat my taco?" He shook his head furiously, but I knew that was a lie.

I'm smart.

Walking over, I slapped him over the head. He so deserved that. I told him not to eat my taco. First Prom, now this.

"Like I needed that. Kairi is bugging me about Prom--" I started to munch into my remaining tacos.

"Why is it such a big deal? I'm going." Roxas told me as he stood, walking over to my closet. It is a big deal. It's like that annoying bug flying in your ear, but you can't kill it! That's how I feel right now. I'm annoyed to no end. It's not like I'm going to die if I don't attend Prom.

"You are!? EVERYONE IS TURNING AGAINST ME!" I threw my taco to the ground and walked to the side of my bed, arms crossed. It's a conspiracy I tell you!

"Namine, jeez. Do you know how weird you sound when you say you hate Prom? You haven't even been to it." Roxas said, picking up my discarded taco and eating it.


"What is the point? So I can hang around by myself while everyone else dances and makes a fool of themselves? I have no interest in dances or Prom, or anything like that! I don't care if I miss it. I'd much rather be here doing nothing." I said, closing my eyes. Roxas was silent for a moment, and I heard him walk over to me. I peeked out of my eye, peering at him through my hair.

"You know what I think? I think it's just a defense mechanism. You are just scared."

"Oh whatever. I'm not scared! What is there to be scared of?"

"My point! I bet you wouldn't last one minute preparing for prom, or even attending it!" He told me. Poking him in the chest, I replied to him.

"I so could, if I wanted to."

Cause I could.

I just don't want to.

"Then what is the issue?"

"I DON'T CARE ABOUT IT!" Roxas put a smirk on his face and put on his thinking cap.

If it was possible.

"I bet that if you go through all four months of hellish Prom preparations and attend Prom for at least and hour—then, um, then—I'll.."

"You will stop being such an asshole to me and treat me like a person?" I offered.

"I'm not an asshole to you."

"Okay, sure."

"Alright—if you go through Prom preparations and the actual Prom for an hour, then I'll do whatever you ask me to do for four months. No catch." It was a reasonable deal. But, this conflicts with my hatred. I can't attend Prom. I hate Prom. I'll kill myself before the four months are up.

"And if I don't go all four months, or to Prom for an hour?"

"Then the guys and I will publicly humiliate you at graduation."


"Ouch, Roxas." I said, listening to what he said.

"Take it as motivation." Roxas flopped onto my bed and held out a hand. "Do we have a deal?"

Aw, hell.


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