Prologue; I would never forget you.

- RxN -

When I was seven years old, my mother told me something interesting.

"You have a gift." She had spoke to me, kneeling down on knee to reach my eye level.

"A gift?" I inquired innocently, my childish mind not able to quite comprehend what she was truly saying to me. I was much too young to know what it meant. I imagined myself being showered with presents; Something that had never happened to me, not even on my birthday. But of course, this was far from the truth behind her words.

Even though I didn't understand the full meaning of her words, I held them close to me. I was determined to decipher the message behind them, as if it were some kind of mystery that would send me on an adventure, full of thrills and excitement. To me, it meant that much.

Not long after, she passed away. My step-father, an englishman whom I somewhat remember, had said that it was cancer, though like most things I did not know what it meant. I realized then that I had held her words so closely because they were the only thing she'd left me with. They were the only encouraging words she'd ever uttered to me, and once her voice was gone, I missed her for the first time.

My mother was a cold and bitter woman from what I could remember. She paid me little attention and focused entirely on my sister. It had been said that Kairi was the most promising child since mother herself; she was smart, beautiful, and she possessed incredible musical talent. Even at such a young age, Kairi was a perfectionist in the art of music. Her voice could hit every note on the scale, and was taught first hand by our mother how to play the flute flawlessly. I envied this, for my mother had never taught me anything. Naturally, Kairi was her number one, our older brother Cloud being number two, and our other sister Xion came in number three.

I was always at the bottom of the list, no matter what.

Though Cloud was a bit of a troublemaker, he, like Kairi, showed much promise. It took much longer for Cloud's gift to come out. Apparently, he'd been nothing but a talentless little brat up until he was ten, when it was discovered that he was very good at athletics. Any sport; Football, soccer... You name it, he could play it. And Xion, one of the triplets just like myself, was an annoying, bratty and troublesome child, but like everyone else in the family, she had talent. She was gifted in the art of the theater, or in other words, she could act.

From a very young age I learned that I possessed no talent whatsoever. I was undoubtably the runt of the litter. Though Kairi, Xion and I were all sisters the three of us were nothing alike.

For the most part, my two sisters did not get along. Then again, Kairi was very picky about who she hung out with, even as a child. She had her group of friends, as did Xion. I, however, always remained as nothing but the runt of the litter. Even at school I was unpopular. So growing up, I didn't have any group of friends, or any friends at all. I barely had any acquaintances and none of the teachers ever liked me, not to mention how terrible I was in almost every subject.

In the fourth grade, our step-father had enough of dealing with us. He wasn't a very nice man, but he was the only father I ever knew. I was hurt when I found out that he'd left us forever. We were then moved from the tropical Destiny Islands to the hustle and bustle of city life in Twilight Town, a large city with such a high population. There, we lived in a huge mansion with our uncle Ansem. He was a brilliant, wealthy man of many talents. And again, there was another star to shine in my family, who only made me seem even duller.

What did my mother mean when she said that I had a gift? Perhaps the gift of being tragically easy to pick on every year I attended school, because that was the only thing that anyone ever saw in me.

I would never forget my first day of grade six. It was a sunny, cheerful day at Twilight Elementary; This day being one of the most vivid in my memory. It started the dawn of a new era for my life, but not in a good way. As I doodled away on a sheet of paper, minding my own business, I could hear some giggling from nearby. I was almost eleven years old now, no longer the same child I used to be. I had grown up considerably after what my family and I had gone through. I wasn't so naive; I knew what type of person my sister had become. And I recognized that awful, obnoxious giggle I'd grown to despise.

I slowly turned my head from my paper to Kairi, who was sitting and laughing with her best friend, Sora. She was always popular among the boys, another asset I couldn't help but cringe over, because I wished for it so much. They looked at me and laughed, then looked away and whispered some more. I felt my heart sink, for it was clear that they were making fun of me. I hated being picked on, but it was all Kairi ever seemed to do.

I tried to ignore their laughter but it haunted me, even as I tried to focus on something else. Before long, I saw Kairi approaching my desk from my peripheral vision. She had a devious smirk on her lips, which just screamed trouble.

"Hey sis," She said, casually leaning on my desk.

"Hello." I said blandly, keeping my eyes glued to my desk. She laughed maniacally.

"You've got a little something on your dress." She told me with a devilish grin. My eyebrows furrowed with confusion as I looked to my thigh.

"There's nothing." I said.

"Look at your butt, stupid."

My eyes widened with fear. Oh god Kairi, what have you done now... Slowly and cautiously I got up and looked behind my dress, but much to my surprise there was nothing. It was still the crisp white it was when I'd put it on, until, as if out of no where, something red flicked right across my bum. Horrified, I looked in the direction it'd came from. just to see Sora loading more strawberry jam onto a spoon. He flicked it at me again and I yelped in shock, just as Selphie Tilmitt stood up and shouted:


And the rest is all history. I guess that was the day I finally snapped. From that point on, I was literally considered 'nobody'. I shut myself off from people, never talking to them unless they talked to me. I minded my own business 24/7, and eventually, people stop talking about my 'period'. They stopped talking about me. All in all, I was forgotten. And that was just the way I liked it.

Come high school, I was no different. No different, until I met him.

Until I met the first boy to ever notice me. The first boy I'd ever found a friend in, and the first boy I'd ever fallen in love with. He affected my life in so many ways; changing me for the better, helping me find that inner confidence that I needed to discover...

Roxas... I would never forget you.

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