More Vulcan Possessiveness

Spock bursts into the room where he knows his captain is being held...

And then he stops dead, dark eyes widening in shock.

"C-captain?" he asks uncertainly.

Jim scowls at him, rising from the bed of silk blankets and pillows.

"Not. One. Word. Mr. Spock," he orders. "Get me off this damned planet so I can put some clothes on, get rip-roaring drunk, and forget this ever fucking happened."

Spock nods once, eyes wide as he takes in the expanse of golden skin revealed by the teeny, tiny gold loincloth not-covering Jim's body.

"Mr. Spock," the captain says sharply, reminding his first officer that it was not the time to ogle him.

Spock grabs his arm, pulling him from the room.

"There is interference in these buildings - we must evade your captors until we reach the beaming site," Spock informs him as he guides his captain through the winding maze of hallways.

Jim knows right away when they've been spotted. The guards are shouting that "the golden one" has escaped - and Jim and Spock break out into a run.

But the loincloth is meant for looking pretty while lounging upon silk and jewels - it is certainly not meant for running for your life.

Jim knows right away when the loincloth rips, and he feels warm air on his penis as the gold garment drops to the ground. He does not even break his stride, continuing to sprint after Spock as his first officer leads him to safety.

They reach the beam site just ahead of his captors, and as Spock orders Scotty to beam them up and Jim feels himself tingling with the sensation of transport, the guards enter the clearing - one of them waving Jim's gold loincloth frantically in his hand.

Jim rematerializes in the transporter room, in front of Scotty, Bones, Uhura, and some ensigns who help work the controls.


The ensigns blush and stutter, though Jim doesn't miss the way the female gazes at his cock appreciatively. The one man has the "bathroom comparison" look on his face, while the other is almost drooling in lust.

Bones doesn't look to be in much better shape - and Scotty and Uhura appear to be in shock.

"Are you people just going to stare admiringly at my naked body all day, or is someone going to bring me - I don't know - clothes?" Jim asks scathingly, standing proudly with his hands on his hips.

"Stare," Bones replies, licking his lips. The two lusty ensigns nod their head in agreement, while Scotty blushes and averts his eyes and Uhura breaks out of her stupor to laugh.

Spock pulls his blue science officer shirt over his head in a fluid movement, leaving him in his black undershirt. The next second Jim finds himself maneuvered into said science shirt. Spock is not much bigger than him, though, and the shirt barely reaches past his ass.

"Do you want to tell us why you were naked, Captain?" Uhura asks, eyes twinkling.

Jim scowls at her.

"They were going to train me to be a fucking pleasure slave," Jim mutters. "As if I need fucking training."

The petulant tone and the sight of the captain in nothing but his first officer's shirt breaks the tension. Everyone bursts into chuckles - except for Spock, of course, who is glaring at the lusty ensigns and Bones, in turn.

Bones steps up to scan Jim with the tricorder, nodding when he finds everything is as normal as can be.

"Well, if everyone's had their bit of fun, I'm going to my quarters to change into my uniform before reporting to the bridge. You have the conn, Mr. Spock. Please get us out of orbit. I'm sick of this goddamn planet," Jim orders, stalking testily out of the transporter room.

Spock stares after him, gaze locked on where his shirt barely covers that round ass, sometimes riding up to reveal tantalizing teases of bare golden skin.

"Mr. Sulu," Spock greets through the ships intercom. "You have the conn. Myself and the captain will be unavailable for duty during the next shift. Please pilot us out of the atmosphere and head towards our new coordinates."

With one last glare at the ensigns and Bones, Spock walks stiffly out of the room.

There was a moment of silence amongst the remainder of the crewmembers in the transporter room.

"They are so going to fuck," the female ensign says matter-of-factly.

The others all nod in agreement, eyes wide.

They know that the captain and his first officer have an...intimate relationship, but neither has ever been so obvious about it.

It seems like Spock saw the - logical - need to assert his claim over the captain after they had all seen him naked.

They cannot help but break out into chuckles once again.