My Days are very routine. Everyday I wake up, go to school, put up with Haruhi during class, put up with Haruhi in the club room, usual get dragged away by one of the other members so they can tell me something, go home, go to sleep and repeat. Today was no different. I woke up, trudged up that huge hill to school, put up with Haruhi and went to the club room after school. Sometime while me and Itsuki were playing a board game, he asked me to meet up with him on Saturday. I agreed, if only to avoid the mess that would most likely happen if I declined.

Like I said, very routine.

On Saturday, I met Itsuki at the park and we went for a walk. When we came to the river, he stopped and I paused to listen to whatever he had to say. "You've really go to listen to Suzumiya-san more often, you starting to cause Problems." I bit the inside of my cheek and tried really hard not to punch him. "The more you anger her, the more danger you put the world in." I really, really, REALLY, tried. "You really should be more careful, after all, she did chose you." Then he grinned, that stupid, plastic grin that looked so forced it was scary.

I honestly can't be blamed for my actions.

Itsuki held his eye and moaned on the ground. Several people stared at us, most looking at me in horror. I Looked at Itsuki for a bit, then turned and walked away. I'm pretty dure the smile I wore on the walk home looked pretty smug, but then why shouldn't it be.

After all, I did punch Koizumi Itsuki in the face.