Author's Note:

This is an AU story, based on a 'what if' suggestion handed to me by one of my readers, Kzintikiller.

After the kiss at the tent, Edward's heart is already cracked, though his love for Bella leaves him no other choice than to forgive her for it. What if the 'Night of Tears' was too much for Edward to handle? What if that night had convinced Edward to be noble and put his heart's deepest desire aside to let Bella be happy with Jacob?

In this story, Edward leaves once more. He becomes a nomad, roaming the wilderness, lonely and broken, having given up his one and only love. This is a story of growth, of adversity, of forgiveness and of the resurrection of a once-in-a-lifetime love.

Disclaimer: All Twilight characters are the sole property of Stephenie Meyer, who has so graciously allowed us to play in the universe she created. No copyright infringement is intended. However - the plot for Resurrection and all the writing in this story are mine.


Dearest Bella,

I deeply apologize for breaking my promise to never leave again, but it is unbearable to know that I am the cause of so much pain. Your tears last night broke my long-dead heart, knowing I was the reason you cried so desperately.

But through them and in them, I have found the strength to do what should have done so long ago.

I cannot let you give up your happiness for me. I cannot justify claiming you for myself when giving up Jacob brings you so much anguish.

There are more words I would have liked to write, but I will refrain because they would only cause you further pain, and would accomplish nothing in the end. Your continued happiness is my only goal, my only hope, my only wish.

I've always been amazed that you could ever love me to begin with, undeserved as it was. These past months have been the very best of my long life, and I give my thanks to the Creator that I was allowed to spend them with you, basking in your warmth, in your smiles, in your love.

You've taught me so many wonderful things – that love is a gift to be treasured and cherished, that even the most horrific mistakes can be forgiven, that bravery and strength is found when least expected, that the monster inside me does not define who I am, and that there is much beauty in the world around us.

And though we've now come to the end of our road together, and our new paths will take us in different directions, I'm taking with me the memories of your beauty and your love, which shall sustain me in the years to come.

I consider myself a lucky man to have been loved by you.

I am leaving Forks, but my family will remain for now. I am hopeful that you will still consider them your friends. They, like me, love you very much.

I release you from your promise to marry me and wish you all the very best for a long and happy life with him.

I'll never forget you, and I'll always love you.



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