My first attempt at a story with more than one chapter! Yay! I hope everything goes well. Anyway, I decided to write a fic about Hiei and Yukina, because I've always loved the two. I hope my fic is a little different from the others!
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This was it.

Yukina was nervous. She rarely came to Kurama for anything. She knew he was a kind person, but would he get angry if she asked him about Hiei?

Yusuke, Keiko, Kazuma and Shizuru were inside visiting with Genkai as they did every once in a while. Kurama had excused himself to get some fresh air. Yukina saw this as her golden opportunity.

Taking a deep breath, she pulled open the sliding door and stepped outside, slightly squinting from the morning sunlight. Kurama stood outside in the back of Genkai's temple, observing the beautiful land around him.

"…Kurama?" Her voice came out small.

He turned his head just enough to see her out of his peripheral vision. "Yukina."

She slowly walked forward and appeared by his side, also surveying the nature around them. A spring breeze rustled the tree branches and slightly pushed back her turquoise hair. She inhaled slowly, smelling the flowery fragrance, and crisp, rainy scent the breeze carried with it.

"It's a beautiful morning," Yukina commented.

Kurama lips curved into a slight smile. "Yes. It is very peaceful outside."

Somewhere in the distance, a pair of birds began to sing to each other - an act that also caused a smile to Yukina's face.

"Is there something you wish to talk about?" wondered Kurama, facing her.

For a moment she contemplated telling a lie and escaping back inside Master Genkai's temple. But she quickly decided lying was a bad thing to do, and it would not help her uncover the truth she sought.

"There is," she told him, then added, "if you don't mind."

"Not at all," Kurama assured.

Yukina opened her mouth to ask him about Hiei, but stopped. What if her assumptions were incorrect? Would Kurama think she was a fool? Would he laugh at her unintelligence?

Yukina always had a hunch Hiei was her twin. The brother she could never find. The moment she saw him, she knew there was something familiar about him. And it took her a long while before she realized she saw herself in his face. Though their hair colors were different and their abilities were opposites, Yukina and Hiei both shared the same crimson colored eyes, the same facial structure, and were even about the same height.

Making the young ice maiden more suspicious was that whenever she brought up her brother while Hiei was in the room, all eyes would focus on the fire demon, who would turn away, muttering curses.

She was not naïve. She noticed those things. And it was for those reasons that Yukina specifically asked Hiei to be the one to search for her long lost brother. She had hoped that by doing so, Hiei would reveal to her the news she desperately wanted to hear.

But he hadn't.

"I… wanted to ask you about… Hiei."

Something flashed in Kurama's emerald eyes. "And… what may that be?"

Yukina took a moment to choose her words. "Do you know if Hiei… has a sister?" She looked at Kurama expectantly.

There was a small pause before he replied. "Unfortunately, I know little of Hiei's background," he said. "So I cannot say."

Yukina's eyes fell, and she released the breath she had been holding.

"Though, may I ask: Why the sudden curiosity?"

She was taken slightly aback by the question, unsure of how to answer. "Because I think Hiei is my twin" seemed too blunt of a response.

"It's just… well, do you think Hiei and I share a certain… resemblance?"

"You're implying that Hiei is your brother, am I correct?"

She nodded, her eyes glued to the grass. "Forgive me if it sounds silly," Yukina said. "I just… have this feeling. A strong one."

Kurama's voice was calm and reassuring. "If your feeling is strong, then it is doubtful it's a foolish one."

Yukina looked up, her red eyes finally meeting Kurama's green ones.

"Are you saying that Hiei is - ?"

"I'm saying that anything is possible," Kurama interrupted, earning a small, hopeful smile from Yukina.

"Oh, Kurama! Could I please ask a favor of you?" Yukina wondered excitedly.

He nodded, chuckling.

"Please," she said, "if you see Mister Hiei, could you tell him I wish to speak to him?"

Kurama agreed. "Although," he said, "be aware Hiei is currently in the demon world, and it is his decision when to return to Human World. The next time we speak could be months from now."

Yukina nodded. "I understand. Thank you very much, Kurama."

For the next several minutes the two carried out a normal conversation. All the while, Yukina had an unusual giddy feeling inside of her. The feeling in her heart had grown stronger.

"Oh, Yu-ki-na!" Kazuma called in his sing-song voice, practically skipping over to her and Kurama. "Hey, baby! I was wondering where you were!"

Yusuke, Keiko, Shizuru and Genkai also stepped outside.

Kazuma was so kind and protective of her, Yukina could not help but smile. "Hello, Kazuma. Kurama and I are enjoying the weather."

"Oh, yeah," said Kazuma. "I guess it is a pretty nice day." He suddenly grabbed both Yukina's hands and took them in his. "Yukina, my love, how about me and you take a quiet walk in the woods?"

"Hey, lover boy, don't get too excited," Yusuke said, joining them. "We got a train to catch in half an hour."

"Let's go, bro," Shizuru chimed in, her cigarette dangling from her lips. Keiko and Kurama chuckled.

Yukina noticed Kazuma's disappointed expression. "A walk sounds lovely, Kazuma. But I wouldn't want you to miss your train ride. Perhaps another time?"

Kazuma grinned so large, Yukina wondered if it was painful. "Sure thing!" he exclaimed.

Keiko tugged on Yusuke's sleeve, getting his attention. "Yusuke, we really do need to be going if we're going to grab something to eat before we get on the train," she said, holding up her wristwatch.

"Well, you heard her Kuwabara," Yusuke declared. "Let's put a move on." He turned to face his teacher. "Hey, thanks again for letting us visit, Grandma."

Genkai smirked. "You kids are welcome anytime."

Yukina followed her friends to the front of the compound, seeing them off. She loved standing at the top of the large, concrete stairs that led to the entrance of the home. She could look down and see the dirt path that if followed led to the train station. It fascinated her.

It did not surprise her when Kazuma once more took her hands in his. "Yukina, my angel, once again we must go our separate ways. But I promise -"

Yukina gasped and Kazuma cried out when his sister's fist connected with his head.

"Save the monologue. You'll see her again soon." Shizuru grabbed his ear and began to drag him down the stairs, despite Kazuma's cries of protest.

Kurama, Yusuke and Keiko said their thank-yous and goodbyes before proceeding after Shizuru and Kazuma.

Yukina waved to them until they could no longer be seen. She then clasped her hands together, hoping Kurama would speak with Hiei soon.