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Old Friend

The End


Winter blew itself mad well into the beginning of April. Spring sopped and splattered. Summer hadn't brought solace, to those who were perpetually preoccupied. The spider wart bloomed, shed the purple remnants then blooming again until it finally exhausted itself in late September. October greeted the West Country with gorgeous fall hues. Lily and James had been suffering through long bouts of passive aggressive silence. Lily seemed to be missing something of herself in these long stretches of loneliness. James had made her chuck the diary but not before she salvaged a swatch of the soft leather. If she shifted her foot just right, she could feel it rubbing tenderly at her arch. The loneliness was becoming an increasing problem, there were no more safe places as October drug on.

All Hallows came, Lily carved a miniature pumpkin for Harry and placed a candle inside. They couldn't go out, how Lily desperately wanted to take a walked or something. Lily needed to be around people, Peter, Remus and Sirius dropped by occasionally. It wasn't really what she needed though. They were always caught up in wizards chess, or arguing over the wisdom of hunting You-Know-Who down and "sticking it to him," as Sirius so elegantly put it, The later would usually lead to an over loud discussion which invariably woke Harry.

Lily tried to put bothersome things out of her mind while James played with Harry. The sneak-o-scope whirred and lit up. "Lily, take Harry." Nearly tossing the toddler into Lily's deft hands who ran.

The little cottage never experienced so many feelings as it had in those three fatal minutes. Sorrow from the loss of James, the fear that saturated everything, remorse that Severus will never know his son, hatred of the force of destruction looking blandly over his wand at the protecting mother, and then nothing.

The End!

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