Summery: Hermione's walking through the forest at the end of third year and comes across something she never expected.

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Someone reading something


Something New


Hermione took deep breaths and smiled to herself as she walked around the Black Lake. It was that time of year again and everyone was celebrating the end of yet another term at their beloved school, Hogwarts. Hermione had once again made it to the top of her class and she prided herself on the fact that she had once again bested Draco Malfoy out of the position. Everything was good…for now at least.

Harry's godfather was free for the time being and Buckbeak was saved from and untimely death. If Hermione could make one wish she would wish Harry had to opportunity to stay with Sirius. She knew that Harry hated the Dursleys and Sirius had given him the opportunity to have a family that loved him. But because of Pettigrew escaping it was impossible for the time being.

Hermione stopped when she heard a wolf howling to the moon sending shivers down her spine. She looked up at the full moon. It had not been a wise idea to come out tonight. She knew Lupin was in the forest somewhere and there were other werewolves over there.

"You're an idiot." Hermione said to herself.

"You know talking to yourself is the first sign of loosing it." Hermione whorled around and pointed her wand in the general direction of the voice. "You need practice wizard for you are far off." The silky voice made pleasurable shivers run down Hermione's back. Her brown eyes scanned the area and she was caught off guard when two eyes flashed in the shadows.

Slowly she approached the eyes. Her mind screamed at her to return to the softy of the school but the dark sapphire eyes had a tight rope around her. As she got closer Hermione could make out the figure of a boy around her own age with a build much like Harry's. His eyes flashed dangerously.

"Don't come any closer." He snarled out. Hermione froze in fear. Had she done something wrong? She looked at him. His face was difficult to make out as it was hidden beneath the hood of his cloak but as she moved down she saw something that brought tears to her eyes. The boy's hand was covering a stab wound. Blood covered his long pale fingers and were running from his hands to his white pants, staining them crimson.

"Sweet Merlin!" Hermione cried. She rushed forward not hearing the boy's protests for her to stay away. "What happened to you?" She asked as she gently took hold of his bloody hand and pulled it away from his wound. The boy hissed in pain. "Lumos," Hermione's wand lit up and she held the light to the gash in the boy's stomach. The gash was deep (Hermione guessed it ran about three or four inches in) and it was nearly two inches in length.

"Please," Hermione looked up at the boy as he begged "get away from me." Hermione looked into those beautiful sapphire eyes as they flickered from blue to red. There was no way that she could move now and even if she could she would not leave this dying boy. Her mind was made up.

When the boy saw that she was not going to move he inched closer to her, mindful of his wound. "Please, do not fear me." Hermione had no time to register his words before the boy grabbed her whist and pulled her on top of him so that she was straddling his lap. "Do not move." His voice was silky and his breath blew over Hermione's neck making her shiver. "I don't want to hurt you." He leaned forward and kissed her neck where her jugular vain was located.

Hermione let out a pained gasp as the boy bit down into her neck and began to drink from her.

All thought left her mind as an intense wave of pleasure washed over her body. She moaned in pleasure and the boy, very carefully, lowered her to the ground. He laid on top of her and continued to drink her blood.

Hermione continued to squirm in pleasure bellow him. She felt his lips form into a smile as she withered beneath him. It had been a long time since he was able to make a girl wither under him like this. Her blood was so delicious. The best that he had ever had in his long lifetime and he could not let her go after just one taste, he knew that for sure.

When he pulled away from his pray he licked the wound he had created and encouraged it to heal quickly. He licked the blood that he had spilt off her neck and savored the taste of her skin. When he was finished cleaning up his mess he looked down at the girl bellow him.

Hermione had passed out moments before the boy had pulled away. The boy smirked to himself when he saw the contented smile plastered on her flawless face. The boy arranged their position so that he was once again leaning against the tree with his beautiful pray wrapped up in his cloak in his lap.


Harry Potter drowned the rest of his butterbear as he laughed at a stupid joke that Ron had made. Ginny was curled up next to him shooting him suggestive glances once in awhile. Harry had noticed Hermione's disappearances but paid no mind to it. She was a big girl and he knew (from experience) that she knew how to take care of herself. She wasn't like Ginny who would throw herself into situations just so that Harry would come to the rescue. It was odd how she had yet to notice Harry's attraction to the lovely Ravenclaw Luna Lovegood.

As Harry stood to get another drink from the table he felt something a tingling flash through his body. He stopped and looked out the nearest window. The third star to the right sparkled exceptionally bright. That could only mean one thing; the prince had chosen his mate.


Draco Malfoy was in the process of kissing Pansy when he felt it. He pulled away from his girlfriend and looked to Theo who was looking into space. Draco ran from the common room ignoring the slurred calls behind him. He ran from the dungeons to the first window he found. He looked up into the sky and a Malfoy smirk spread across his face.

The third star on the right shined brighter then usual.

"So Leon's finally decided." Theodore walked silently to the window and stood behind his friend.

"It seems so."


Hermione stirred slightly and as she moved she became aware of the pain in her neck. She reached her hand up to feel the sore spot but a hand caught hers mid-air. "I wouldn't recommend that." The silky smooth voice from Hermione's dream whispered in her ear. His breath blew down he neck causing her to shiver in pleasure. She knew she should be afraid but she just couldn't bring herself to fear the silky soft voice that whispered gently to her. "It's always tender after the bite." The boy slowly let go of Hermione hand.

Hermione looked up at the face of her captor. She held in a gasp as she allowed her eyes to devour his face. His hair was blonde. Not exactly like Malfoy's but similar. It went in every which direction reminding her strongly of Harry. His face was flawless with the perfect cream colored skin with not a blemish in sight. His nose was the perfect shape and his eyes. Oh his eyes are what Hermione loved the most. The dark sapphire depths seemed to look deep into her very soul.

"Hi." She managed. She watched as the boy's lips rose into a handsome smile.


"I'm Hermione."

"I'm Leon."

"I'm a witch."

"That's okay, I'm a Dhamohiri."

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