Summery: Hermione's walking through the forest at the end of third year and comes across something she never expected.

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Someone reading something


Something New

Chapter Five: Fourth Year Begins


Leon lay beside his love in the Weasley household. The red haired Weasley girl who often tried to woo him slept in her bed snoring loudly. He knew that he was taking a risk in being here but Elizabeth was keeping watch while Harry snuck away to meet his own mate. Hermione rolled over in her sleep and involuntarily cuddled closer to Leon's warm body. He chuckled lightly and pulled her tighter against him.

How he loved the feel of her. His hands ran over her sighed and a moan escaped her lips.

"Leon…" He looked up just as Elizabeth's head peaked through the window. "Time to go." Her head disappeared once again and he could hear the Harry and her talking softly about Luna's condition and how she was fairing. Leon smiled listening to their talk.

"She'd be about three months now. The healer says she'll likely give birth some time in April. My only concern really is that someone is going to try and take advantage of them. I don't think I can live with myself if something like that happened." He let out a desperate sigh and Leon knew that he was running a hand through his hair. "I don't know how long it will be before the old fart come back to 'claim his vengeance'." There was a long silence and Leon knew that it was time to go.

Leaning in he gently kissed Hermione's lips and rubbed his thumb over the ring he had given her. "Leon…" She mumbled and slowly her eyes cracked open.

"It's okay, my love. Go back to sleep. We'll see each other soon. Just a few days." She sighed and cuddled into his chest.

"I don't want you to go." She mumbled. Leon chuckled and rubbed her back and kissed her forehead.

"Just a few days, love. That's all I'm asking." He said. "Harry will be here with you. I'll see you at Hogwarts." He started to rise, getting his cloak and boots back on. Hermione in hearing this sat up, holding the blanket around her shivering body.

"At Hogwarts?"

"Yes," Leon smiled and knelt down in front of Hermione. His hand reached up and gently caressed her cheek. "I find that when I am without you I feel as though I am braking in half. If I was to join you at Hogwarts I know that the ache in my chest will be at least dulled as my monster will know you are safe and untouched." Leaning in he captured her lips with his. Hermione gripped the front of his shirt, pulling him closer.

Leon smirked into the kiss and his hands found their way to Hermione's waist where the gripped tightly and pulled her into his body. They molded together perfectly and they snogged. Hermione's hands went to Leon's soft blonde hair. It ran through her fingers like silky fabric.

"Excuse me." They broke apart at the whispered interruption. Both turned to face a frowning Elizabeth and Harry who wore a goofy smile. "Are you two enjoying yourselves?"

"Quite." Hermione blushed at Leon's one word response. He leaned and kissed Hermione one more time before standing. Elizabeth moved with him out the door, Harry getting out of their way. "I'll see you around, my angel." Hermione gave a small wave as she watched the two royals leave. She fell back onto her pillow with a long, pleased sigh.

"I'm surprised she's still asleep." Harry said, nodding toward Ginny who as fast asleep with her butt up in the air. Hermione's eyes flickered to her red haired roommate as well.

"Hmm…" She said before turning back to the ceiling. The goofy smile never leaving her face.

"Come on, smiley. How about I make us some food?" This caught her attention. Hermione looked at the watch beside her on the floor and then back to Harry.

"But Harry it's one in the morning!"

"I know that!" He defended. "But it would seem that neither of us will be going back to bed anytime soon and I'm in the mood for some grub!" Lightly chuckling Hermione pushed the covered off her body and Harry held out his hand to help her up.

Together they walked silently down the stairs, careful to avoid all the squeaky floorboards. They entered the kitchen and Hermione, knowing she was useless when it came to cooking, went to sit down at the table while Harry moved about mixing eggs and making hot chocolate.

As he moved he whistled a cheerful song. Hermione hummed along while she sipped her hot chocolate, watching Harry scurry around happily. "Fried chicken and French fries for my bestest friend!" Harry set a plate down in front of her and she found a delicious looking meal. The kitchen cleaned itself as the two dug into their late night meals.

"Oh sweet Merlin, Harry!" Hermione cried softly as her eyes slid shut in wonder.

"Is it really that bad?"

"What are you talking about? Bad? My god Harry this is delicious. I never knew you could cook like this. It's better then anything I've ever had at Hogwarts." A blush crawled up his cheeks and he smiled.

"Really? The Dursley's never complemented me before."

"It's wonderful, Harry. Really." She reached across the table and placed her hands on top of his. They shared another smile before continuing their meal. By the time that they had finished they were both stuffed and exhausted. It was nearing two thirty and tiredly they wondered up the stairs, mumbled goodnights and feel into their respective beds and a wonderful night's sleep.


The ride back to Hogwarts was uneventful. Though half-way through the ride Hermione had excused herself to go throw up with the way that Ron was constantly touching her. It started with him 'accidentally' bumping her knee with his. Then he laid his hand where he had bumped and throughout the course of the trip slowly moving upwards until he was touching her upper thigh. She freaked when she awoke to his large, unskilled hands massaging them. He gave her a wicked grin right before she shoved him off, kicked him in a place where it really hurt, and stomped out of the cabin. Leaving Harry alone with the two.

As she had stalked around the train, enraged she wasn't watching where she was going she and another collided. But before she could fall two arms had reached out and caught her, pulling her back to her feet. Looking over to the other person Hermione found herself facing Luna Lovegood. Harry's mate.

"Good afternoon, Hermione." She smiled dreamily. Hermione smiled back. She like Luna. Although their minds were not anything alike she had this air around her that could make anyone feel at peace.

Behind her was Theo Nott. The one who obviously pulled her back to her feet.

"Granger, you should really be more careful. The prince would not take kindly to you being hurt on your first day back to Hogwarts." Hermione spun around so quick she lost her footing and nearly toppled over again, had it not been for Draco Malfoy's seeker like reflects reaching out and steadying her. "Like I said, Granger, Leon would have my head on a platter if you got hurt."

"How do you know Leon?" The blonde Slytherin who had been a pain in her ass for the last three years grinned and lifted his lip just a little higher to show of a set of deadly sharp fangs. Hermione gasped and a hand flew to her mouth. "You're one of them?"

"Yeah, not nearly as powerful as the prince but he doesn't need to hear that. The royal has a big enough ego as it is." He smiled and tapped her head. "See ya around, Granger. And try to stay out of trouble." The two boys disappeared, leaving Hermione and Luna alone in their wake.

"They certainly do serve as wonderful body guards. Though not very good at hiding in the shadows."

"Body guards?"

"Do not worry about it, the prince will explain it to you sure enough. I positive." The next thing Luna did surprised Hermione. Grabbing her hand she started to pull in the direction she was originally going. "Come on. I hear my mate is being groped by a red haired demon." Chuckling lightly the two girls walked and flanked in the shadows two men followed.


"I really don't understand why she just doesn't accept my advances. I mean by the way the prince was all over her at the World Cup you would think she enjoyed that stuff." Ron angrily paced the compartment. "You said you were friends with that idiot Leon, what in the name of Merlin does he have that I don't!" As he rampaged Ron's voice cracked and Harry couldn't stop himself from snorting with laughter.

"The looks." Ginny said as her eyes envisioned Leon. "I mean did you look at him? With those blue eyes and perfectly set blonde hair. Oh and his voice. As sweet as honey." Harry side glanced at her and smirked. It seemed that Ginny wouldn't be on his back much longer, not after she sees Leon at the sorting ceremony. That would give him some more time with Luna. Ahh…Luna.

"Knock, knock." The compartment door slide open and Ron stopped his pacing to look at the interruption. A blonde head popped in and Harry's face instantly lit up at the sight of Luna.

"Who are you?" Ron sneered. The young Ravenclaw looked taken aback.

"Luna? What are you doing here?" She smiled and pulled Hermione to stand beside her.

"I was just keeping Hermione company."

"Hermione, I wasn't aware you knew Luna." Ginny said as they met eyes. Blue and brown clashed.

"We've met once or twice. In the library." Luna and Hermione moved into the compartment. Harry made way for Hermione and his mate, making sure that Hermione sat by the window so there was no room for Ron to be touching her. Luna sat beside him and as Ginny and Ron got into a game of exploding snaps a hand lay on top of her thigh and gently began to massage it. Luna's head rolled back as Harry leaned into her and started whispering words in a foreign tongue. A stuttered moan escaped her lips as he continued his actions.

But his hand pulled away all too quickly leaving Luna withering in pleasure when Ginny looked up and smiled sweetly at Harry.

When she returned to the game Luna's head fell onto Harry's shoulder. Hermione watched, rather amused at the two before pulling a book out of her bag and began reading.


"Welcome, everyone back to Hogwarts for a new year. I would first would like to welcome all of the new first years. You will proceed to the sorting in just a moment but before any of you are place I would like to welcome two new students. Please everyone give a warm Hogwarts welcome to Leon and Elizabeth Colt." Hermione's head shot up and locked on the figure that was moving out from the shadows. Her lips stretched into a smile.

All the girls in the hall nearly fell from their seats as they tried to reach out and touch his perfectly tailored robes. The guys watching on with envy at his perfect grace and elegance as well as her calm, 'I know I'm better then you' expression. As he passed Hermione she was hit by his scent of burning word and fresh rain. His hand reached out and gently brushed her cheek before continuing past.

The number of glares she received was un-imaginable. The professors stared on with curiosity. It would seem the two knew each other and judging by the deep affection hidden in their eyes they knew each other quite well. Dumbledore, however, feared this would ruin his plan. Over the summer when the young prince had asked to join the school he had thought nothing of it but seeing them and the way he interacted with the young Granger girl could possibly interfere with his plans. For now he would just have to watch them. It was risky to go up against the prince. That much he knew.

Leon and Elizabeth stopped in front of McGonagall. She smiled at each of them and beckoned Elizabeth to sit on the stool. The hat was placed onto her head and moments later it rang out.

"SLYTHERIN!" The table cheered as Elizabeth stood, gracefully and made her way over to the house of snakes. Theodore, Draco, and Blaise stood when she approached. Everyone watched the exchange as she smiled and then took the hand that Theo offered and then sat. Girls glared in envy wishing they were treated like that. By three of the hottest boys in the school no less.

"Leon Colt." He walked up, there was a confident swagger in his step and when the hat was placed on his head everyone held there breaths, wondering where they were and hoping that this boy with angel like movement would be placed in their house. The minutes ticked by. Hermione's hands gripped her skirt in frustration wondering and waiting.

"GRYFINDOR!" The house of the lions erupted in cheers. All but one person. Ronald Weasley couldn't be angrier. He had seen the way that the prince had looked at her. They way they shared that small intimate touch when he walked by. Hermione was supposed to marry him! This Leon Colt was screwing with everything!

It shocked everyone as this time Harry stood as Leon passed him with a nod and claimed the seat beside Hermione. Dumbledore went on to explain about the Tri-wizard tournament. While everyone listened and argued over the age restriction Leon and Hermione basked in each other's company. They were together again. And even though the future was unsure and there were people plotting against them, the fact that they were together was enough for them.