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It must have been the magical hot spot. It was the only thing he could think of in that short period of time from when the sensation of fire roaring through his veins and the time when he blacked out. The magic... Her eye... Changing me... He felt a pair of small warm hands, not as small as he remembered though, pressed against his cheeks, and heard that same sweet voice calling his name. The pain, instead of fading, continued to grow, doubling by the second. It became so that he knew he was screaming, though he could not hear it. He gave into the darkness.

But Artemis Fowl did not die. How could he die, for he is Artemis Fowl II. Fowls do not die. What foolish thoughts, he chastised himself. Of course he could die. He waited for the fear to settle into his bones, but it did not come. He was warm, and the air around him was sweet, if stale. His mind, always the first part of him to wake in the morning, fought to remember.

Holly's face appeared in his mind, and he latched onto that. Holly, and the tree... the magical hot spot. It was the one they had first met at. She had performed the ritual, and though she had been replenished as well, she was not the only one. The blue sparks flowed over the ground like a river, encircling him and drowning him. It felt to him like a wave of magma burning him from the outside in. The horrible pain, the numbing buzz of the sparks, than nothing... As his was gently prodded into consciousness by these niggling thoughts, he realized that though the fire was gone, he ached everywhere.

He groaned and forced himself into the sitting position. He found himself unable to open his eyes, for most of his face seemed to still be numb. Two hands forced him back down. It was not Holly, for the hands were to large, but it was also not Butler, for the hands were to small. Not his father either, for they were to gentle. Juliet? Mother? He tried to speak, but all that came out was a disjointed mumble. His rescuer saved him the trouble. It turned out that, as usual, his first guess was correct.

Holly's voice reached him from somewhere nearby. "Artemis! You're awake, kind of. Anyway, are you OK?"

Artemis focused all of his brain power on forming words. "Wh-What... happened?" His voice was scratchy and dry from disuse, and different somehow. His, yet not his.

"I was performing the Ritual and the magic overflowed to you as well." She seemed to be holding something back. Artemis tried again to open his eyes but failed. This frustrated him. He consoled himself by making a revelation.

"The eye."

"What?" Holly said.

"You're eye. It probably called the magic to it, by force of habit." He said, feeling better immediately.

"Ah, that does make sense." A new voice came from the opposite side of the room. Artemis heard a door latch click, and he could only assume that Foaly had joined them. "That once the magic entered your system, it realized that you were not a creature of magic, and manifested."

"Like a computer software, if you will. A computer will upgrade itself to run a software it is not familiar with. Am I an elf, then?" He stiffened, though kept his voice calm.

"You managed to figure all that out without even opening your eyes. Well aren't you a little genius." Holly said sarcastically, though there was sadness in her voice.

With those few words, Holly sent Artemis's world crumbling down around him. Family, school, all his work, his study... Butler. Everything he had come to love was on the surface... out of his reach. It was gone. His whole world... gone. Slowly, function by function, his mind began to shut down, the only thing remaining was that one world. Gone. Nothing more.

"Is that it then?" His voice was strong, but hollow.

"I'm afraid... there is nothing we can do. The magic flushed all the human from your system. You are 100% elf."

Artemis brought his hands up to his face, and sat there, in complete stillness. He was trying desperately to keep from crying. He couldn't do this. No chance? How many times had he been told that before. If he knew anything from his experiences with the people, there was always something he could do. But until then... Artemis sighed. He should have expected as much. They had managed eight months without some sort of crisis, and in his book, that meant they were long overdue. "Am I in Haven? Where is Butler?"

Holly answered. "Yes, you're in Haven. Big Man came with us to bring you down here, but said he had to go back to the house. He said he would come down as soon as you woke up, one way or another." He could hear the toothy grin in her voice.

"How long have I been out?" Artemis, while running through all the technicalities, was one by one flexing his every muscle, going through the physical checklist Butler had thought him. His legs were functional, his torso and arms were fine. He could speak. All that was left was...

With one monumental burst of effort, he forced his eyes back into life and immediately shut them again. The light, though dim and with a slight greenish tint, burned his retnas. He worked on getting used to the light while Holly answered him. "You've been out for almost two weeks. In that time, we've notified your parents, well your mother at least, because she already knows of us, we've converted £200,000 from your personal bank account into Fairy Gold, since you'll have to live here in Haven until we find a way to switch you back."

"Find a way? Well, isn't that encouraging?" He said dryly, using his biting tone to cover his worry and fear.

"No need to be a smart ass, Artemis." Holly said just as coldly.

"Easy guys. Though, Artemis, she's right. We did some blood work while you were out and like I said earlier, you're 100% elf. There really isn't any human left in you, so it's a good thing you're fluent in Gnomish, cause you're gonna need it." Foaly said.

Artemis's hand immediately went to his ears, and he found them pointed. He sighed and opened his eyes. The room he was in did indeed have a green theme, though that was the only observation he had been able to make earlier. Now, with more detail he recognized himself to be in one of the Human Holding cells in the LEP head quarters. Holly stood in front him, arms crossed, in her Section Eight uniform. Foaly stood in the corner, his portable laptop in his hands, clicking away.

"So, what now?" He asked.

"Well, you'll need to find somewhere to live, and get a job. The Council is providing you with this room for a month and during your stay here, three meals a day, not prison food of course, but still... They say helping you, uh, get back on your feet will help repay their debt to you."

"Very well. Foaly, are there any open positions in you're field?"

Foaly grinned. "As a matter of fact, we might have just the position for you. I've been looking for someone to assist me for months now, and the Council refuses to grant my request. Another genius on board is exactly what we need." He turned back to his laptop, grinning.

"You're in a good mood. Caballine must be getting to you." Holly said.

"Maybe so, but regardless, I have to go run this by Trouble. See you later."

"Bye." Holly and Artemis called out together.

Holly looked back at Artemis. "Stand up."

Artemis did as she asked, pleased to find that he stood almost three centimeters taller than her, which he remembered, was a rather large increment for the People, his people. "I win."

"Damn. Fine, but next up is the arm wrestling contest."

Artemis laughed. "I forfeit. So, I'm going to need the full spectrum of fairy culture. Of everything. Tell me how to live." He sat down on the bed, and fell backwards, arms behind his head. Holly copied him, laying next to him.

"Well you already know how our law works. You know the races, elf, pixie, goblin, dwarf, demon, and troll. Um, we don't really eat meat. Only stuff we can't talk to, like small fish and insects. It's really a lot like human society. Though I suppose you want to know more of what your life will be like. Well, you're gonna be below ground more than not, and even then we're mostly nocturnal. You're going to live a lot longer, obviously. Though you're only nineteen, you look like you're around seventy or eighty in our terms because you should still be a toddler right now.

"You have magic, we'll have to teach you how to use that, and every five months or so, you'll need to complete the ritual to replenish it. Odds are, you'll end up working with, or along side Foaly, which means you'll spend most of your life in front of a computer screen, nothing's changed about that." Holly paused to wink at him. "You're £200,000 translates into roughly 134,000 ounces of Gold, but I'm sure you'll find a way to make a comfortable living."

"Tell me something. Have you ever, or has any other Fairy you know of, ever desired a pet?"

Holly seemed confused by his strange question. "Uh, yeah. There are cats, but most animals are to large to be kept below ground, and Foaly hasn't been able to figure out how to manipulate genes yet, so yeah."

"Alright then, continue please."

"Well, the only foods available down here are Nettles and fungus, so our recipes get pretty creative. Than there's customs and traditions and Holidays. Our history is pretty interesting too..." Holly continued like this for almost two hours, until they had covered the basics of... well, everything. Artemis yawned.

"What does the public think of me?" He felt vain asking this, but he had to know how he would be received.

"I'm not sure. We haven't released that you've been changed, but I'm not even sure if people will recognize you..."

"How so?" He asked quizzically, tilting his head slightly.

"Well, here." Holly grabbed her helmet from a side table and trained the camera on him, snapping a quick picture of him, than projecting it, life size, so it looked as if Artemis were staring at his twin. The color clarity was perfect, and it was even in 3D. Though this cutting edge technology was not what had caught Artemis's interest.

Everything about Artemis had changed except his basic features and his mismatched eyes. His hair was auburn, dark red with black streaks running through it like natural highlights. His body had toned itself all over with sinewy muscle. His nose was more of a nub now, and his pointed ears poked out from under his shaggy hair, which had grown out halfway down to his shoulders. His skin was clear of any blemish.

Artemis let out his breath in one long breath. Holly walked over and, after turning off the hologram, returned her helmet to the table. "Hey. Are you OK?"

Artemis pulled the Fowl Persona around him, and his back straightened, and his chest puffed out. "I'm quite fine, thank you for the inquiry. Merely a lot to take in, but I will persevere, as usual."

"Cut the crap Arty. Come on. Let's go for a walk, I'll show you around the city."

Artemis sighed and his stature seemed to dissipate as well. "OK."

Holly led him out of the building, where he was was given his first real look at Haven City. He gasped. Magma bikes and other vehicles sped along the ground, and others soared above them. The tall buildings glowed with florescent lights. Holly tugged on his wrist and he followed her, stumbling.

Holly led Artemis past many different places. Stores and restaurants and parks. They passed a market bustling with all sorts of creatures, dwarfs selling precious stones and goblins, pixies, and sprites with all sorts of different things. Then there was a restaurant called The Mossy Shoal, which Holly said was one of the best places to eat in the entire city. There was a paring lot full of vehicles for sale, and a clothing store called Markab's and a Grocery Store with all sorts of exotic looking mushrooms and plants in the front window.

"How much does one of those magma bikes cost?" He asked.

"About 2200 ounces of gold. Why?"

"Because walking tires out my fragile legs quickly." He said with a smirk on his face.

"Well tough noodles 'cause I'm not letting you near one of those things until you can make it through the LEP obstacle course. Traffic down here is like a battlefield most days and if you kill yourself, I'll be angry with you."

"Why, Major Short. I didn't realized you cared so much." He said sarcastically.

"It may be buried deep, but it's there. Um, hey Artemis... Can I talk to you for a second?"

"Sure." Holly pulled him off the main sidewalk and into a small alley.

Holly sigh than began. "Are you feeling OK? Really, I would hate it if I were turned into a human, my whole life revolves around the people, and I know this has got to be hard for you, and you're acting like you're fine. More than fine, actually. It's so out of character." She laughed dryly. She looked up to see Artemis watching her.

He was silent for a while before he answered. "No, Holly. I'm not OK. I miss my family, and my old life. I miss my humanity. But I know that if I show any weakness down here, Haven'll kick my ass. So I'm trying to hit the ground running. This is my life now, and I'm not Artemis Fowl anymore, so I'm not going to be the person I was before. I'm starting over."

Holly gaped at him slightly, than clamped her mouth shut, but her eyes still twinkled with awe at his determination. "Good. I'm glad you've taken hold of this so quickly. And if you need anything let me know." She wrapped her arms around him for a second, briefly, but long enough so that Artemis had enough time to return the gesture. "No come on. I know your girlish legs are probably aching from this long, long trek."

"Fine, but tomorrow, will you help me look for an apartment?" he asked.

"Sure. I get off work at six thirty."

They walked back to the police plaza in silence, except for a few comments from Artemis on architecture or scenery or something. Once inside, Holly said good bye and left Artemis in his room. He lay on his bed for almost forty-five minutes mulling over everything that had happened and was about to go search for Foaly when a knock rang out from his door.

"Uh, come in?" 'Uh' is not a word, dimwit. What a way to begin a conversation. He chastised himself as Trouble walked through the doors, with Foaly in tow. Trouble seemed surprised by the change in Artemis's appearance.

"Good afternoon, Fowl." He said gruffly. Foaly winked his greeting from behind him.

"Good afternoon." Artemis answered back much more amiably.

"That's 'Good afternoon, Sir' to you. I hear that you would like to take a job as Foaly's second in command in the category of Technology Improvements and Surveillance?"

Artemis's expression stayed neutral, except for a flicker in his eyes. "If that is the job available to me, sir, than yes. I believe I could easily fulfill the duties set before me in both of those fields."

Trouble nodded his approval. "Good. Than in that case, Foaly will debrief you and if you still agree to our terms, than you'll be signed on."

Foaly stepped forward. "Due to your previous efforts in the LEP, we feel that it is not necessary to start you at the bottom of the pack, like we normally would. Also, due to your intelligence, we believe that you would be more than capable to make significant improvements in both Public and government technology. There by, we are offering you the position of LEP Technical Consultant, specializing in the advancement of Fairy Technology. Techie for short." Foaly ended his clearly scripted speech with a wink.

"What will my budget be. Who will I work under and who will work under me. What will my salary be and what are my hours?" Artemis asked.

"It depends of what you're focusing on, though generally between 10,000 oz and 30,000 oz per case you're given. You work under me and Trouble, and over everyone else in the technical field, and pretty much over all the Privates in the normal LEP. Salary is at 13 oz of gold an hour, though you're limited to 100 hours a week."

"I see. I accept your offer, though I will require a day to be caught up with the People's advancements and I expect that you have some sort of class or something that I am required to take? I license perhaps that I have to earn?" Artemis asked.

"Yes, normally you have to take a three day long course, but seeing as you are already familiar with the mechanics of our technology, the C Cube being a prime example, I'm not sure if that is entirely necessary. A day with Foaly should be enough. He will evaluate you and if he think you're good to go, than you are."

"Very well. Though it is clear, Sirs, that you have the final call, I accept my terms."

"Than be at the police plaza tomorrow morning at nine. I'd tell you to come in at seven like all the other employees, but it's hard to learn from some one who's not there." With that, a glare at Foaly, and a quick look around the room, Commander Trouble Kelp swept out of the room without a backwards glance.

Artemis turned to Foaly. "Thanks for the job Foaly."

"I suppose you're welcome. It'll make life easier on everyone to have another genius on board, though you're expected to make some pretty significant advancements in the next few months. The council is weighing a lot on your success, and if you fail it's coming back to might me in the butt."

"Well, I'm sure that won't happen. What are you working on right now?"

"I've been working on a type of anti-gravity pod so the g-force won't affect our officers riding on flares as much. I've tried to incorporate the moon belt into it, but than it doesn't drop down into the flare. I can't pressurize it because than the heat and cold inside the pod create moisture which destroys the seals on the pods."

"Hmm, well what if..." Artemis and Foaly spent the rest of the night debating aerodynamics and complicated formulas, until Foaly finally relented.

"Fine. You may be on to something there, but it's to late now to figure it out, so we'll talk more tomorrow." He stood and from his lab coat pulled out a strange wrist watch, armband combination. "Put this on the arm you write with. It is a watch, a calculator, its a communicator, it can monitor your health, though I think the best thing is, is that it can soundlessly and painlessly wake you up via waves to your brain. It's already calibrated to eight thirty, which'll give you half an hour to get ready.

"Thank you. It's marvelous."

"The tip of the ice berg, boy, only the tip. See you in the morning."

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