So, I know I'm probably going to get so many flames for this but... I'm willing to risk it! I'm desperate. Here's the scoop:

I am a giant nerd. My friends are not giant nerds like I am. Recently (Um, about yesterday-ish to be exact) I made a Wolf RP on and because my friends are somewhat more sane and 'hip' than I am, they have no interest in it. But no one is joining! I'm so lonely! (and a bit peeved that I spent my entire Saturday making it . I refuse to admit defeat! Would any of you be interested? If you PM me on the site, saying you joined because of this note I'll give you a special RP-site bonus (ssh it's a secret! But it'll be a good 'un!) and, if enough join, I may just cook up another chapter for this story! Actually, if just like... four join even... seriously. I'm kinda desperate.

So yeah! Flame away you hateful little things, but I'm throwing away my shame. I spent all freaking Saturday making it, and all of today advertising, and how many members? None! I even have a fancy layout! Think of it this way: 1. You'll be able to talk to me one-on-one, like talking to a celebrity! ^-^ *cricket* *cricket* Kind of... and 2. It's amazing writing practice! That's how became the writer I am. It really does help!

So yeah, with my dignity thoroughly at your mercy, PLEASE! the site blocks the link, so please PM if you're interested (:

:3 Love Sunshine.