"Hey Edward did you hear that Jacob's little sister's moving to Forks?" Emmett asked me on our way to school. Emmett's my brother he's dating Rosalie Hale and her twin brother, Jasper Hale, is dating my sister Alice. Me and Alice are juniors in high school and Emmett, Jasper, and Rosalie are Seniors.

"Yeah I heard," I said, "She's probably an ugly bitch."

"I heard she's really pretty," Alice said.

"Anyone related to Jacob Swan has to be really ugly," I said. Jacob Swan has been my worst enemy ever since we met. We just never really got along.

We pulled up to the school this is going to be one hell of a day, I thought.


I had gone through half the day with out seeing Jacob's sister. I didn't even see her at lunch I was starting to think it was just a roomer but then I heard people talking about her.

I walked into biology and sat at my lab table and Mr. Morgan came in and started rambling on about stupid biology stuff. Then about five minutes into class a girl walked in and handed a paper to Mr. Morgan. Great just my luck, I thought, I get Swan's sister in my class. I shook my head and looked down at my desk.

"Hello, looks like we have a new student," he said, "Why don't you introduce your self to the class?"

"I'm Bella Swan, and I just moved here from Phoenix to live with my dad and brother," Once I heard her voice I had to look up to see her, she had a beautiful voice almost like music. I looked up my breath hitched in my throat looking up was probably the biggest mistake of my life. Remember when I said she must be an ugly bitch? Well I was wrong…boy was I wrong.


"Bell's! Over here!" I heard my dad, Charlie, and my brother, Jacob, yelling from across the airport.

I smiled and ran to them, surprisingly not falling once, and gave them a hug.

"We're so happy you're here," Charlie said. I was moving from Phoenix to Forks to life with them while my mom traveled with her new husband.

"Me too," I said smiling. We retrieved my luggage and went back to the house and after eating pizza I decided to unpack some stuff.

While I was unpacking Jacob sat on my bed and talked to me. I was nice to catch up on some long lost bonding time with my brother we laughed and talked about just about everything.

"So," Jacob said, "You excited you get to go to school with your awesomely cool brother now."

I laughed, "Of course."

"And don't forget, just because we're not in the same grade if you anything you get me." He said being protect older brother self. Jacob is a year older then me I'm a junior and he's senior.

I smiled at him, "I no."

He smiled and got up to leave then he stopped and his smile faded, "Oh and Bella?"


"There's this guy named Edward Cullen, he's in the same grade as you, if you run in to him please don't talk to him."

I gave him a confused look, "Why not?"

"Me and him…don't really get along…and I just don't want you talking to him."

"Okay," I said nodding.

He smiled, "Night Bella."


The next morning I woke up to Jacob banging on my door. "BELLA!" he yelled," GET UP!!!"

I groaned and rolled over and looked the clock it was 6:30 in the morning, "School doesn't start till 8:30 Jake I'm staying here."

He chuckled, "I need to show you something, now get up!"

I sighed, "Fine, give me like five minutes."

"Okay!" He said. I got up and got dressed really fast and brushed my teeth and dragged myself down the stairs. He was waiting at the bottom.

"Okay Jake," I said, "What's so important?"

"Come," He said dragging me outside and stopped once he got to the driveway.

I froze in the driveway next to his silver and blue Mustang GT was a white truck with blue flames going down the sides.

"OH…MY…GOD!" I said.

"It gets better," he said. He got in the truck flipped some switch's and underneath the truck came on blue and green neon lights.

"Whose car is this?" I asked.

He laughed, "It's yours Bells."

I screamed and gave him a hug, he just laughed. "Glad you like it," he said.

"I love it!!" I said.

Jake and me drove our speared cars to school and when we got there he came with me to get my schedule. "Okay," Jacob said, "If you need anything text me and remember what I said about Cullen."

"Okay dad," I said sarcastically. He rolled his eyes gave me a hug and headed of to class.

The day was very boring. I went to my classes then had lunch with Jake then went to 6'Th period. Looking at my schedule I had biology next. I walked in after the bell and went up to the teacher and gave him my schedule.

"Hello, looks like we have a new student," he said, "Why don't you introduce your self to the class?"

"I'm Bella Swan, and I just moved here from Phoenix to live with my dad and brother," I said.

"Thank You Miss. Swan," Mr. Morgan said, "Why don't you sit next to…" His eyes scanned the room, "Edward. You can sit next to Edward." The room gasped, I guess everyone knew about him and Jake not getting along.

"Oh shut up," Mr. Morgan said, "I don't care who likes who, when your ass's walk in that door you can through your problems out the door. Edward raise your hand so Bella knows where to sit." Man I like this teacher.

I saw a hand in the back slowly go up. I looked at the person before I could see him he looked down. I sat down next to him and looked out of the corner of my eye. Oh my god…this guy was gorgeous…. Oh yeah leave it to my brother to hate the hottest guy in school!

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