After Nick hung up with Kevin we quickly ran down the hall to find the room to get ready and see Kevin along with Joe, Mr. and Mrs. Jonas running around between dressing rooms franticly. I hear Joe yell at someone, "Ouch! What the hell man? Are you trying to burn my ear off?" Nick and I walk into the room with the commotion and it is no-one other than Joe yelling at Kevin straitening his hair for him. "Denise runs up to us, "Where were you guys? I was worried sick!" "Nick and I got stuck in the elevator, it broke down and we couldn't call anyone because there was no reception." I explain. "Well as long you two are fine…" Denise said relieved. One of the make-up/stylists took me by the arm into the dressing room; "You look like a summer so light colors for you…" she trailed on. I sat down in a style chair as some people rummaged through the clothes racks and the lady did my make up and hair. Apparently she liked my jeans but no my shirt, so I was given a light pink dress top. I got to look at the finial outcome of the work she did and not to be conceded or anything but I looked really pretty. Joe walked in, "Wow Erica you look beautiful!" "Thanks" I blushed slightly, "Come on we got to get backstage, we're on in five" Joe informed me dragging me down the hallway which was a challenge for my being that I was wearing heals. We arrived backstage to see Kevin and Nick getting their body microphones hooked up. "Oh hey Erica, wow you look absolutely stunning" Nick wrapped his arms around me, "Thanks" I said giving him a quick peck on the lips. "You nervous?" Nick asked me, "Kind of" I answered. "Don't worry about it; if you get stuck I'll help you." Nick informed me. I nodded. "You guys are on in twenty seconds" a stage crew manager informed us.

"Hello and welcome to Celebrity Scoop, I'm Justine Evens." She paused, "There has been a lot of gossip lately with Nick Jonas, the youngest member of the hottest band in the world, the Jonas Brothers, having a secret girlfriend. But not just only a secret girlfriend but the two have been spotted showing their love in his dressing room at the last concert they performed at. Well today we have with us the Jonas Brothers, themselves to clear up these rumors and to talk about their new song, 'Fly with Me'." That was their cue to go on stage while I hung back and waited to be called but Nick pecked my lips before leaving.

Justine greeted them in smiles as the audience cheered and shouted 'Jonas Brothers, we love you Nick, Joe and Kevin!' They sat down on the paten leather couches. "Well it is great to have you boys here" she started, "I hear you boys wrote a new song called, 'Fly with Me' and performed it at the last concert." "Yes it will be coming out on our next CD in September." Joe answered. "Great we are very excited to hear it."

"Now, Nick is it true you are dating?" "Yes we all do date here and there." Nick answered confidently. "Do you have any serious relationships?" "And by that do you mean girlfriends?" he asked. "Yes do any of you currently have girlfriends?" Justine asked. "As a matter of fact we all do…" Joe cut in causing Kevin to elbow him but not noticeably, the audience 'Ooooo'. "Are they as famous as Taylor Swift or Miley Cyrus perhaps?" "No, we actually met them at a concert of ours a few months ago…" Kevin adds. "So are they fans?" she asked. "Yes, yes they are." Nick answered the audience of 'fans' cheered louder. "Which concert was it?" "What I can tell you is that it was a concert in New Jersey and they are best friends that bought tickets together." "Are any of them here now?" Justine asked, "Well my girlfriend is." Nick chimed in. "Well let's bring her out here then, what's her name?" "Erica Sanders" Nick answered. That was my cue to walk in. I smiled shyly and waved to the crowd, "Hi it's very nice to meet you Erica, and I'm Justine and thanks for coming." "Thank you for having me." I responded shaking her hand and I took my seat next to Nick on the right... "So how did you two meet?" "My friends and went to their concert in New Jersey and started talking at the sound check party and clicked from then on." I answered. "How long have you's been together?" "About four months" Nick responded. "I don't know whether you two are aware of the rumors going around about the picture of you making out with Nick in his dressing room but the topper was that he was shirtless." "Yes we are aware of the rumors and the picture, but none of it is true" Nick started, "And in our defense the picture was very blurry and you can't make-out the faces." I added. She just nodded, "And there you have it the picture isn't them and look out for their new album coming out in September. I'm Justine Evens and thank you for watching Celebrity Scoop!"

I was so relived when we got off that stage, Nick walked over to me, "You did a great job" he said kissing me. After everyone was changed we headed back into the limo, "You kids hungry?" Paul asked, "Yeah!" we all said in unison. We drove to the Crackle Barrel. We sat down and I ordered the beef stew and I love the biscuits they give us! After we finished eating we drove to my house to drop me off and Nick walked me to the porch, "I love you" Nick said and kissed my lips longer than a peck but not a makeout because hi parents were right there. "Love you too" I said and smiled closing the door behind me. "Mom, Dad I'm home!" I announced. They came into the living room, I told them goodnight and kissed them and walked upstairs and got into my pajamas, falling onto my bed and drifting off to dreamland.