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Giving the Mickey to Hermione

Her Angel of Death

"Come in." Hermione opened the door to Snape's office. "Ms. Granger, class isn't until eight Monday morning. Is your visit necessary?"

She gave Snape a look of hopelessness and disappointment. "No, I suppose not. I'll go see Madam Pomfrey. Sorry to bother you Sir." Without saying anything else she turned to leave.

"You've already disrupted my work, say what you came to say." Snape snapped.

"I know it's not your problem or anything but...uhm." Hermione fumbled with the words.

"I'm sure it's not my problem, so please get on with it." Snape's eye twitched a bit.

Hermione curled into herself wanting to disappear. "I was raped sir...I don't want to have a child, if there's a potion..."

Snape's face hardened. "Are you sure?"

Hermione's sense of self was too damaged to take a combative position. "I'm sorry Sir really, I'll go now." Snape's hackles rose. Never before had she ever cowered or failed to reveal everything she knew.

Her hand was on the door, as Snape crossed the room. Knowing it wasn't a good idea, he clamped a hand on her shoulder directing her into a seat. She cringed and trembled. "Ms. Granger," she looked as if she couldn't remember ever being Ms. Granger. "Tell me what happened, now."

"Someone must have put something in my drink. When I woke up, I couldn't remember anything." Hermione shook but didn't cry. "I don't know who...I don't want to know. I just want to forget. I don't know what happened and I don't want to know." She couldn't look Snape in the eye.

"What makes you think you were raped?" Snape couldn't keep the scepticism out of his voice.

Her skin glowed red with shame. "My knickers were on backward and I was very sore." Hermione spoke in a very small voice. "I've never had intercourse before Sir." She hugged her arms tight around her. "I don't want to have a baby," she cried as she rocked forward and backward.

"Ms. Granger, if you were violated then the appropriate steps must be taken, and that includes getting your head of house involved." Snape hoping that this mess would soon be out of his lap.

"No please, I don't want...no please. I don't want to know, I just want to forget. Have mercy on me, I can't go through it." Hermione looked terrified. "I don't want to be any trouble, can I go?" Hermione begged.

"Are you sure you didn't have too much to drink?" Thinking he had the problem solved. Snape plunged forward. "You may have given consent under the influence."

"I was drinking coffee while studying sir. I was just studying." Hermione pulled her robes around her protectively. "Please just let me go. Please let me go. I can't do this." Her fear was a physical thing that coiled in and around her.

The one person in the castle who would be studying on a Friday night. "Ms. Granger, this has to be reported. Whoever did it needs to be dealt with." Snape was in shock, where was Granger inside this terrified, unstable girl? There was no sign of the girl who had her texts committed to memory, who always had the answer and always willing to instruct others. She shook and sobbed silently. Snape walked over to a cabinet and pulled out one phial. "Ms. Granger, drink this." He handed the phial with a clear lavender concoction. "It's a calming draught." Hermione drank it obediently.

Still hugging herself tight, at least she was no longer sobbing. Snape needed to inform her, "Ms. Granger, the potion you ask for is strictly prohibited. I am not permitted to disseminate such a potion." The effects of the calming draught were completely negated by this revelation. Snape stood walked back to the cabinet and removed another two phials one lavender the other orange. He handed her another calming draught to drink. She slugged it quickly. "Ms. Granger, you need to look at me when I'm talking to you." Snape growled. Holding up the phial with the orange potion, "this potion used for terminating a potential pregnancy is one I can't give you." He set the phial in the middle of his blotter in plain view. "I'm going to the kitchen to get some tea, stay here I'll return in a bit." He stood and left the room. Checking the time on his wrist watch. He'd need to return in approximately fifteen minutes.

He'd seen this before, too many times. Most of the women offered for Deatheater amusements rarely survived the evening's activities, those that did were reduced to quivering cum-pits. It was often the only mercy he could give them. That kind of hate shouldn't be able to perpetuate. For this to happen at the hands of one of her classmates who was almost certainly from her house...the idea was positively horrifying.

In the case of Ms. Granger he might be in a better position to help her, but she'd have to trust him. Perhaps he'd have to dial it back, keeping with his usual attitude will be best. He sincerely hoped so, whoever did it needs to suffer the full penalty of their crimes.

In his kitchenette he prepared tea. Looking at the time, ten minutes to go. She's going to be in pain when he returned. But what if she didn't take it? What if her Gryffindor sensibilities were in charge today? Snape threw himself into a chair. How did this kind of thing happen? How could any male take pleasure in a woman who did not reciprocate. He'd never understand it. Sipping his tea, Ms. Granger had always been headstrong, independent and in possession of an overweening quantity of pride. For her to be reduced to asking for his help well, it's not like she couldn't have made it for herself. Under normal conditions she could have executed it easily. "Under normal conditions," this was anything but normal. Three minutes. If this destroyed the most promising student he's ever had he'd personally see to it that whoever perpetrated the crime forfeited a pound of flesh. Which he might do it in any case if he ever found out who did it. Severus splashed water on his face and towelled off. Pouring another cup of tea, he carried tea cup and saucer back to his office.

He could never get a break. The opened door revealed the girl curled up on the floor shivering and cramping. Sweat poured off her forehead and her eyes were clamped shut. Setting his tea on his desk. Snape transfigured the chair into a large Ottoman. Dragging her up by her underarms helping her onto the padded surface. He conjured a cool cloth for her head and a blanket to keep her modestly covered. The last thing he needed was for her to feel even more vulnerable in his care.

For the remaining thirty minutes he kept an eye on her, replacing the cool cloth occasionally. He never had done this for a student, on the other hand Ms. Granger wasn't a usual student. As a consequence he had the room warded for privacy. She didn't deserve to be left to pay the price of someone else's crime. His mind mentally picked through each male of the Gryffindor house to come up with a suspect. Most young men had more hormones than brains, but something like this was always more than hormones. Power, who would want power over her. Being intellectually superior any two of her house-mates put together, envy burgeoned easily. That's why he took extra pains to put her on the spot, and point out any flaw he could find either in her work-habits or end result. Snape's brain was threatening to explode. Envy is a corrosive emotion.

Ms. Granger began to stir. The worst of it was over, and she was able to sit. Snape retrieved another phial from his cabinet. He uncorked it handing it to her. She drank it without question. He took a physical inventory of her: she had sweat a good deal, her hair was plastered to her face, pupils were evenly dilated and appropriately for the amount of light. She didn't appear dizzy or nauseous, and there were no signs of bleeding. Snape pulled his cuff back, laying his wrist to her forehead. No fever. She looked physically okay, but that didn't mean she wasn't torn. He absolutely was not checking that. He used a drying charm on her impersonally. "Ms. Granger you have taken a potion of mine that was prohibited, you will have detention with me Fridays and Saturdays as not to interfere with your Head's duties. Is that understood?"

Hermione thought with an odd quirk that Snape's manner was very gentle, and quite at odds with his usual demeanour. She nodded once.

"As it is Saturday, you will begin today. I will permit you an hour to refresh yourself, then you are to meet me in the classroom. You'll want to eat as well." Hermione sat still looking rather helpless. "Get a move on Ms. Granger we don't have all day." She jumped up from her seat and hurried out almost falling in her haste. In the quiet of his empty office he kneaded his forehead and temples. "Ms. Winky." The little house elf curtsied unsteadily. He couldn't understand her drunken jabbering. "Ms. Winky, stop your drinking. You need to pull yourself together. Please bring me some lunch." She brought his lunch lickety splits. "Thank you, that will be all." Winky blinked out.