She couldn't explain it, the feeling burning inside her body. Her skin was sweating and it was barely above freezing. What was happening to her? She felt as though she were a cat in heat, her eyes glanced around for its prey. She'd never been this way before, not with any man she'd dated. Though right now, she wasn't dating anyone, which wasn't helping her situation.

She left the lab without a word, Peter wasn't around the afternoon and Walter was not the person she had her mind on. She'd go to a bar, having a drink, and let her body have what it craved.

It'd certainly been long enough.

Her mind was on one thing tonight, and one thing alone. Sex. She wasn't sure why and honestly she didn't care. Already her heart was pounding and her cheeks were flushed as she left her jacket behind on this cold winter day as she headed for the bar.

There weren't too many great places around, the one or two Peter and her had frequented after work. It would have to do. It was close and she didn't feel like she'd make it that long waiting. Something was wrong with her and yet she didn't care. Had she been exposed to something in the lab? She hadn't thought so. Was this because of some crazy experiment Walter had performed on her? Or maybe it was some new love potion he'd made and it'd been airborne. Perhaps as she breathed it in, she felt herself compelled to find love. It wasn't love she was after tonight. A mixture of lust and passion.

Her heart pounded and though her mind knew this wasn't like her, it was what she needed. She wasn't herself and she didn't care. She didn't have control, not really. She felt infected and as sweat beaded her forehead all she could do was hope there'd be someone there tonight to take her home.

She pushed open the doors, walked inside, headed for the bar not looking around, not letting her craving take her over just yet. It was all the patience she had. She'd drink first and then let her body win the agonizing fight. She needed a drink. It wasn't as though she hadn't done this before but lately her heart, her mind, it belonged to Peter.

Ordering a drink she downed it, gesturing for another. She couldn't think of Peter. It would only make it worse. He was one of the reasons she'd found herself unable to sleep at night. He'd plagued her dreams and she knew if she gave into temptation she could never undo it. They were friends, colleagues, partners. Sex would change all of it. Besides she didn't just want sex---though sleeping with a stranger hardly seemed the best solution. It didn't matter, she needed to stop the pounding in her heart and aching between her thighs.

"Dunham," she turned around, surprised to find him here, staring at her. She reached for her second drink, needing it now more than ever.

"What are you doing here?" She asked staring at him. Her cheeks were red, her eyes dark. Her breathing was deep and already she felt her body leaning in towards him. God she was so hot, so turned on and he hadn't done anything but said her last name. How had that turned her on?

"You didn't seem to hear me earlier," Peter shook his head. "I saw you walking across campus." As she'd left the lab, she'd nearly walked right by him, not even noticing he was there. He tried to reach out to grab her but she'd quickly slipped from his grasp. She hadn't heard him call out her name and he wondered what had been going on. He had to follow her. She didn't seem herself.

"Yeah, I uh, why are you following me?" It was easier to answer a question with a question. She was avoiding answering him.

"Just looking out for you," Peter offered. "If I knew you were going out for drinks, I'd have hoped you'd have invited me along. Unless you've got some hot date I don't know about?" He glanced around seeing many younger patrons.

"I was hoping to get one," she breathed half-under her breath.

He stared at her, not quite sure he heard her correctly. She looked sweaty and her cheeks were flushed. "You okay?" Peter asked, he reached out, the back of his hand against her cheek. "You're warm."

"It's hot in here." She shrugged before turning, gesturing the bartender for another drink.

"Livia," Peter breathed staring at her, watching her intently. She shifted restlessly on her feet becoming slightly more impatient as she waited. Her back was to him now, staring at her as she waited for her drink. "What's with you? Did Walter give you something in the lab?" She seemed drugged in some way. He couldn't explain it but she wasn't usually so restless, anxious in fact.

"I'm fine," she rolled her eyes breathing a sigh of relief as the drink came and she swallowed it quickly. "I came here for the same reason every guy goes to a bar," she turned around, her eyes locking on Peter's.

"What reason is that?" He asked, staring at her, his eyes moving down to her lips. It was tempting but he couldn't. He shouldn't.

She leaned in taking a taste. It was anything but soft and sensuous. She nearly bit him as her mouth covered his. Her fingers in his hair, pulling and clenching onto him, deepening the kiss he hadn't expected. A moment later she pulled back. "I'm here for sex. Since you're not going to do that, move aside so I can find me a man that will."

Peter stared at her, his mouth agape. Was she serious? His Olivia, well maybe not his but he'd seen her in that way for awhile now. He dreamt of her, wanted only her for months but he couldn't allow himself such a luxury. Her heart was to another man, a dead man. "You're just, tired, not thinking clearly." Had he heard her correctly?

"Step aside, Peter. I have my weapon." She'd never shoot him, not intentionally but she wasn't going to let him stand in the way of her getting what she wanted tonight either. She needed it, felt as though her body would explode or catch on fire if the desire wasn't satisfied.

"No." He answered quite matter of fact. "I'm not letting you do something stupid." He wasn't sure what was going on but he wasn't letting her make a huge mistake and worse blame him for it tomorrow. They were friends, she would expect him to look out for her. This wasn't in her best interest.

"I'm plenty sober and besides some men, really don't care." It wasn't that she wanted any man in here, it's that she felt she needed it. Like an addiction she couldn't get away from, except this was the first time she'd experienced the craving.

"Well I care," he stared at her. "If you need sex that bad, take me home." He offered himself to her. He'd do anything and if sex was what she came here for, he'd gladly oblige. It wasn't as though he hadn't desired her. She was beautiful, hauntingly so. She was everything and more he'd ever wanted and felt unable to obtain. She was off-limits, much like the girl in his teenage years he'd only dream about on a pin-up-poster. She was better than that, she was the woman he'd fantasize about and believe he had no chance with. She was Olivia Dunham. There was no other way to explain it.

"Peter." Her voice came out raspy, slightly desperate as she felt herself growing weaker, needing fulfillment soon. She hungered for sex, felt his lips on hers and Olivia's eyes fell shut. Her heart pounded faster than it ever had before. Her mouth opened feeling his tongue pushing its way in. His own desire growing along with hers.

"Not here." He breathed against her lips. "We'll do this, but not here." He wasn't going satisfy her urges in a seedy bar. She deserved better than that.

"Home is too far, Peter." She felt herself growing desperate, her hands were shaking and he enclosed them in his hands, resting them against his chest. His kisses against her lips came slow and soft, trying to calm her down. He could swear he had felt her heart pounding against his chest as they kissed.

"The lab?" he smiled half-considering it but Walter or Astrid could be there. They weren't putting on a show. "No, you'll wait."

She moaned in protest feeling his lips slow as they moved to her neck. "You're killing me. I don't think I can wait, Peter." She felt just as desperate as she sounded.

"Then I guess it's here," he smiled pushing her down gently onto the barstool. He stepped closer hearing the music getting louder and notice more people had crowded the bar.

"Here?" She repeated, staring up at him. In that moment she didn't think she could stand, even if she wanted to. She felt his hand move up her thigh and instantly her eyes closed moaning as she felt his lips covering hers.

He touched her through her slacks as they kissed, his hands against her body feeling the steam radiating off her body.

"Peter." Her voice was desperate. Her heart pounded, her body craved more but right now---this would do.

He kissed the side of her neck until he heard her whimper and captured her lips again. He didn't want anyone hearing her moan but him. He felt her body coming undone. He hadn't done what he'd truly wanted but this far over-stepped the boundaries they were accustom to.

Her hands had wrapped around his neck, her fingers through his hair as they kissed. She pulled him tighter and closer needing this contact more than anything. She shuddered in his arms, her insides pulsed as everything spun around them. "Peter." Her voice was soft, the spell quickly broken with a faint smile and laugh, burying her face in his neck.

"Don't tell me you're getting shy on me now." Peter had watched her face, heard her voice and the soft gasp and moan as her body had given into temptation. He imagined many scenarios with Olivia but this had not been one of them.

"No," she smiled feeling her heart pounding as she kissed his neck and up his jaw. "How about we head to my place? Finish what was started?" Though whatever had taken over her body had left, she still wanted Peter. That fact hadn't changed and wouldn't.

Together they stepped outside and he watched her shiver, "you're freezing." He knew she'd brought a coat into work, he didn't understand how she could have forgotten it earlier. There was a lot he wasn't understanding right now.

Just as quickly he slipped his off, sliding it over her shoulders letting her slide her arms into the sleeves.

"We can stop back in the lab, I'll pick it up?" Olivia offered glancing in the direction of the building where the lab was housed.

"It can wait until tomorrow," Peter shook his head. "I've got you to keep me warm," he smiled wrapping an arm around her waist as they headed towards her car. "At least until we get in the car. I'm driving." He told her watching as she handed over the keys to him.

"Just don't wreck it. The Bureau won't be too appreciative." Peter unlocked the door, opening it for her, watching as she sat down. He didn't close the door yet, staring in at her. "You okay?" She looked better, seemed like herself again. Though her cheeks were still red, it was clearly from what transpired between them. She looked different, better.

"Yeah, perfect. Thanks." She smiled. "Now get in before you freeze to death. Then what would I do with myself tonight?"

"Oh I have plenty of ideas," Peter laughed shutting the door and walking around to the driver's side, getting in. He glanced at her, not really believing tonight happened. He was glad it had though.

The End.