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Chapter One


How many people actually love their jobs?

That was the question I always asked myself, my reminder, my grounding force, the cue that kept me from spinning off into space, from walking away, from pulling out the want ads and finding something else. From following my dreams…whatever they were. I didn't have any dreams, not right now. I was sure eventually I would have that moment when I realized exactly what it was I wanted, when I found the motivation to kick everything I knew to the curb, to go for it. But right now what I knew paid the bills, and that was enough for me.

James tapped briskly on my door and pushed it open. "Isabella? You ready to go?"

James wasn't a bad guy to work for, I'd have to give him credit for that. He had his occasional asshole-boss moments for sure, but nothing like some of the horror stories I'd heard from coworkers who'd come in from other companies. He was thoughtful and respectful, never treated me like an expendable flunky that could be fired and replaced in ten minutes flat. He didn't hit on his female employees, our paychecks never bounced, he listened to our concerns, and he was doing his best to make sure I became one of the best-known, most-recognized forces in the industry. But he was my boss, and bottom-line that meant that sometimes I just wanted to kick him in the nuts.

I pushed myself up out of my chair, quickly checked my makeup one last time in the mirror, and joined James in the hall.

"You're working with Garrett first today, sound good?" James' question was rhetorical, making sure I was ready for the day ahead, his eyes already busy flicking over the schedule in his Blackberry.

"Yep, I'm ready. It's been a while since I worked with him, but we always do well together."

"Great, great. I never have to worry about you, Isabella. You're always the professional, unlike some other people I could mention." We settled into a comfortable pace together down the hall, my heels clicking in time to his expensive leather clogs.

"Aw, give Bree a break, we were all new once!" I gave James a playful nudge in the ribs. "Don't you remember how awful I was when you first hired me?"

He snorted. "YOU were never awful. She just comes across as too young…and not in a good way. If you could take her under your wing, give her a few pointers, I'd really appreciate it."

I nodded silently, remembering what it had been like when I had first started working at OPB, Inc. To say that I'd been intimidated would be an understatement; scared almost into paralysis would have been a better description. If it hadn't been for Rosalie befriending me and guiding me through the first few weeks, I'm not sure I would have made it.

James kept thumbing through the schedule on his Blackberry as we came into the studio. "I can't believe the convention is only two months away," he mumbled, more to himself than to me. "Too much to do…gotta have Alice send over the mock-ups of the booths…ugh…I need a drink. Is it five o'clock yet?" He finally looked up and gave me a friendly sneer, one I shot right back at him.

"Somewhere in the world, it is."

"Yep, but for now…it's time to get down to business, babe!"

The studio was kept at a comfortable seventy degrees, for which I was thankful. I slipped out of my full-length terrycloth robe, handed it to the production assistant and ran my hands over my costume. I hated wearing vinyl, it made me sweat and stuck to my skin like shrink-wrap, but even I had to admit the shiny black hot pants and corset clung to my curves like a second skin, giving me an aura of sex and naughty that a traditional business suit could never do. Plus, it wasn't as though I'd be in it for too long…I was known for my efficiency and making sure the scene came out right the first time.

Garrett was already waiting for me on the set, dressed in a suit with the tie loosened, looking every bit like a weary businessman who'd come home early from a business trip to find his wife engaged in kinky pastimes with the neighbor and her husband.

"Isabella! Good to see you again!" he grinned affably, always the happy-go-lucky dude even when he was sporting a nine-inch boner thicker than my wrist. You couldn't help but like Garrett, and even as my stomach gave a heavy flip at the sight of the other actors naked in bed and ready to shoot, I grinned back.

"All right everybody, let's get this show on the road!" James yelled from behind me. I could hear the crew scurrying out of the shot, the lights clicking on, and everyone settling into position. Susie, Susie Susie I chanted silently. Not Bella, Susie. The calm, that heavy, quiet, numbing calm settled over all my senses as my brain recounted the script like text running mechanically across a computer screen.





The cheap polyester sheets whispered under my knees as I climbed between "Mary's" legs. I shut my eyes and let the last of Bella slip away as I felt "John's" hand move over my ass, I trailed my fingers down "Mary's" thigh as somewhere, far away, I heard James holler "Action!"


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