Desperation, frustration and the sheer fact that I was helpless is what pushed me to shatter the mirror on my vanity. It's what also swayed me to pick up a fragment of glass and run it lightly across my main veins in my wrists. I laughed bitterly and threw the large piece of temptation at the locked door where it shattered once again into a million little pieces. I slid down the exquisitely carved bedpost, right into the pile of glass. Blood was pouring out through the cuts that had been from my fist and my feet and bare legs but I didn't stop them. I just closed my eyes and let it all fade into darkness.

I wasn't expecting to wake the next morning but I did. I opened my eyes to the colored room from the stained glass that I had first thought beautiful. No matter how luxurious, artistic or pretty this room was it still didn't take away from the fact I had been in here for six months under the Akatsuki. I turned my eyes on to see the room beside me held familiar signatures but the difference was their doors weren't locked since they accepted their fate. After the Akatsuki had succeeded in opening up the demon seal no one stood a chance against them. Before Madara took out the cities he took females with useful traits and convinced them to join him but not me.

"Why can't you just give up on me?" No one answered but the silence of the walls. About a week ago Madara had stopped coming to talk to me since he was handing me over to the last Akatsuki member who hadn't tried to sway my mind. I expected some one to come in and make some speech or threaten me like the others but no one came. Instead with every breakfast there was a perfect replica doll standing there. The first day I had gotten one of me, it looked like she was hiding from the world as she had her arms wrapped around herself stubbornly. The next it was of Neji, then Hanabi then father and other family members but today it was Shino. I picked it up gingerly and examined the detail with awe and resentment. Awe that some one had the skill to make this and resentment for them reminding me I was alone.

I noticed that my mess from last might had been cleaned, my bloody clothes were off my body and changed with new ones, my wounds were bandaged and worst of all was I didn't know who had done this. I put the doll on the shelf and climbed into bed thinking of my dead teammate while drifting off to a restless sleep.

A month and half later

My eyes stayed firmly to the roof of my huge canopy bed making sure I did not look at the doll that stood near my breakfast. One glance at the perfect doll of the man I had loved and who had betrayed me would make me crumble. I slid out of bed on the opposite side to stand and look at the fifty some dolls lined up all looking at me with those eyes.
"I must be going crazy."

They made me feel small again like the days I spent in my home town. I thought I out grew it when I became jounin but looking at them lined up, it…

I let out a yell of frustration as I picked up the doll of Sakura and threw it against a wall, hard. The satisfying way her head fell off as it hit and the crumble of her body on my floor made it all worth while.

Fucking Sakura who choose to go with the Akatsuki because she thought she was in love made my blood boil.

I picked my father next, my father who always thought of me useless and never good enough to be considered his daughter: I threw that one too.

Ino was next, selfish, loud obnoxious Ino who destroyed Shikamaru's relationship with Temari san because she could: that one was for Shikamaru-san as I threw her into the wall.

Neji, high handed bastard went against the closer wall, joined by Tenten who hated me for no reason and Lee because he just never shut up!

Shino and Kiba who never came for me when they took me.

Kurenai who never really cared for me, Kakashi who was in love with her, Anko who was in love with him, then Genma then Shizune.

It wasn't long till all the dolls were in pieces scattered on the floor and I was heaving for breath. I glared at the last two remaining dolls. The first doll I had gotten and the last one I had received. I walked slowly toward the doll like I was the hunter and it was my prey. A malicious grin spread its way across my face as I stood above the smiling blonde boy.

I remember the day he and Sakura sacrificed my life and freedom for Sasuke, a trade. I grabbed the doll in cold fury before I tossed it up in the air, as the ceiling fan ripped him in shreds and parts of the wooden doll rained down on my head, I let out a breath. I grabbed the last doll which was of me, it was the old me, the one everyone else saw. I took it over to the dresser and set it down deciding not to destroy it. This time when I went to sleep my night was relaxed and was by far the best one I'd ever had in my entire life.

Next morning

I opened my eyes and stretched slowly looking around the clean room and finally the empty shelf. For a moment I held a moment of regret for destroying all those magnificent dolls but the feelings I got out of it made it worth it. I smelt the always delicious breakfast before I saw because it was not in its usual spot. It was coming from the open patio doors but what got me was that those doors had always been sealed shut before.

"This is new." I walked slowly in my white night gown enjoying the breeze that tickled my skin like feathers. When I approached the table there was two dolls. The one I didn't destroy last night and a new one. The new one was of me in all black with long hair, my back was straight and my hands held a kunai and bundle of unrolled bandages. What got me was the difference in facial expression from the first doll. The new one was no longer hiding; she looked straight forward with a determination that made me think she was ready for anything. I picked it up and put it by my breakfast and turned my attention to the old one.

I smiled as I looked the old one because the head had been taken off and was sitting beside it. Who ever had made these dolls was the same person sending me this message. I took the old doll and walked toward the balcony railing and threw it with all my might.

"In with the new out with the old as they say."

"Couldn't agree more my dear." I spun around in surprise to see a lounging Sand Akatsuki member sipping tea and smiling at me.

"Sasori of the Red Sands." His smile seemed to grow as he relaxed into his chair.

"Hinata, the last of the Hyuuga." He raised a glass like a toast but when I didn't move he only sighed.

"And here I thought you had made a break through my dear with your doll therapy."

"Why would you make those beautiful dolls only for me to break them?"

"Firstly those dolls were not beautiful as you put it. They were some of the ugliest ones I have made and I did not enjoy making them. In fact if it wasn't for you I would have never agreed to the plan. Bastard Madara made it seem like it was the only way for you to take the next step in accepting your future. I just wanted to get you out of the room and have a good conversation with you."

I looked at the young looking Sasori in confusion and just a tad bit happy at his wanting to talk to me.

"What did you want to talk about exactly?" He looked at me chidingly like I should know the answer to that already.

"Everything." Everything? He knows something and I'm missing what ever he knows.

"Everything? Why would we ever talk about everything?'

"Hmm, it seems I have to explain since Madara decided not to tell you your purpose here."

"Wasn't I just part of Madara's collection to start a new paradise Nin world?"

He snorted in amusement and I felt like I was such kid compared to this man.

"No, as you know there are all females here correct? You see as the reigning power we can not go around taking in weak females to become our wives so we hand picked ours, well with some guidelines set by Madara but you get the picture. Some of the others decided to keep a harem of girls instead of getting a wife, or some even have three wives but rest assured I have no patience to have more then one woman in my life. So really you are lucky that I choose you because a couple of the others had their eyes on you."

He was smiling at me like he had just told me the weather instead of informing me that I belong to him.

I collapsed on the chair across from him since my legs could no longer hold out on me. I stared at him in shock but it didn't faze him at all.

"So I don't have a choice?" His smile suddenly changed into a dark challenging smirk and his eyes turned from cool as ice into molten lava.

"You've always had the choice Hinata. When you held that piece of glass in your hands a month and a half ago you made the choice to live. You with your byakugan saw the other girls and what happened at night so there is no doubt you didn't guess what would happen to you. Last night you sealed your fate by destroying your past, you made the choice to move on, to live with what ever came your way right?"

He was standing up now but somewhere near the end his hands were white as they squeezed the arms of my chair. He had leaned down, centimeters away from my face, hot breath crawling across my blushing face.

"Why me? How can you trust me when we've been enemies for so long?" His smirk widens and he leans closer till I know he can feel my heart skipping beats.

"Gasping at straws are we? No problem my dear but if you must know it was the moments where you were almost killed protecting your friends during the last fights. Of course I had watched you long before when watching the Kyuubi and had been slightly interested but it was the look in your eyes that made me want you. The look in your eyes weren't like the others that held hatred or fear but instead they were clear with the need to protect. Then when he betrayed you for that Uchiha whore your eyes still held that need to protect him, you were still loyal. I want you to look at me with those eyes Hinata, I want those eyes to only look at me for as long as have that passion. As for your last question Hinata, I know you would never betray those you love, after all you lasted five and half months were the other lasted a month at the most."

"So what happens next?" This is my fate, he was right but that didn't mean I was going to like it.

"We'll since the steps in the plan are having established a mental bond and whether you acknowledge the trust you have in me or not the bond is there is complete. So if you must know this is the part where I start to seduce you."
"Oh Kami, help me now."

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