Disclaimer/AN: Yes another Tony/Peter (eventually) I'm working on. This is about how they meet and how Peter began to work with Tony in the first place. AU Movieverse. Tony Stark, and Peter Parker are copywritten by Marvel. I just own the plot bunny. Enjoy.

Peter headed to his next class; which was one of his favorite partially because he actually understood what would happen if an airplane accelerates down a runway at 3.20 m/s2 for 32.8 s until it is finally lifted off the ground. Then to determine its distance travel before the takeoff; the answer of course would be that the distance is equal to 1720 m. everybody knew that! Right? With a happy go lucky smile on his face he entered the class room and took his seat, he also took out his physics book as well as his pencil and notebook.

As soon as Dr. Connors entered the room the class just about started. "Now, as you all know," Dr. Connors announced before starting the day's lesson, "the student with the highest grade in this course, including by my other two classes, will participate in a once in a lifetime opportunity." The students buzzed with excitement as to what the prize was, Peter among them feeling a shiver of anticipation, "I can't tell you what that opportunity is, you all have to prove to me which among you is worthy of such a treat."

This caused the students to become more excited until Dr. Connors rose his good hand up to silence down his class, "Alright, alright settle down guys, let's get to business shall we?" he smiled at his class, "Turn your texts books to page 78, we will be discussing about light waves and color. Lesson one: how do we know that light is a wave? Yes, yes I know, pretty silly huh? Well take a look at the example at the bottom of the page if you notice light also has wavelike behaviors when…"

The lecture continued on and Peter took his notes, by the end of the class the students followed out talking about what said opportunity it could be that their professor seemed eager to tell them about. Peter in the mean time gathered up his supplies in his hands and arms, his backpack slung to one shoulder. Walking out of the door his backpack was snagged on what appeared to be an old nail, he tried tugging himself loose when a student bumped into him causing all the stuff he was holding up to fall from his hands onto the floor. Peter stared at the mess for a second then practically rips himself from the offending nail making a tear into the top most part of his back pack.

Peter groaned in self disgust and got down on one knee picking up his load of books, pens and pencils when someone was nice enough to hand him his calculus text book, "Thanks," he smiled then noticed the cuff of a white long sleeved shirt, a gold colored cufflink as well as the start of a black business suit.

Peter's blue eyes traveled up the sleeve meeting an arm, that arm connected to a shoulder and the shoulder to the neck, the neck to the head and the face. Peter could not believe his eyes. Tony Stark, THE Tony Stark was handing him back his math book! Tony gave Peter a small smile then looked at him oddly when Peter hesitated to take his book back.

"What's the matter kid?" Tony asked with a scrutinizing eyebrow lift, "Don't you want your book? I'm not gonna steal it in case you were wondering."

Peter couldn't help but blush, his face felt red hot as he nervously licked his now dry lips and took the book from Tony's hand; resting it on top of the others he carried. Getting to his feet Peter was at least a foot shorter than him, "Uh thanks Mr. Stark," Peter found himself saying after all this was quite an awkward introduction not to mention encounter. He was just about to ask him what an important and well know man such as himself was doing at his school. Well not really his school but at the school he attended when, "Ah Tony so good to see you!"

It had seemed that Mr. Stark and Dr. Connors were associates.

"Hey there Curt," Tony offered his hand to the other man who took it with his good one. Peter suddenly felt out of place and was about to excuse himself when Tony looked to him again and grinned, "So is he the lucky student that's going to work for me over the summer break?"

Peter blinked owlishly and gaped at him, "Wh-what?"

Curt took a deep breath and gave an exasperated sigh, "Uh no… as a matter of fact I had wanted to keep it a surprise, I had only mentioned to my classes that by the end of term the student with the top grades will get to know what the prize was." Dr. Connors did not look happy by this little outburst, especially because Peter was there.

Tony made a face as to say, "Crap I blew it," then shook his head looking serious at Peter, "You didn't hear me say a word alright kid," he pointed a finger to him and winked charmingly.

"Parker I'll see you tomorrow, please be discreet about this information," Curt rolled his eyes at Tony's words as he spoke to Peter then turned to walk into his class room once again.

"Not to worry Dr. Connors," Peter practically beamed, "not a word, see you tomorrow." Peter turned to Tony and gave him a small nod, "Mr. Stark real honor to meet you and thanks for helping me with my books, good bye," With that he left down the hall and around the corner.

Tony had watched the young man go; his eyes looked directly to the seat of Peter's pants as he walked on. Hmm. That was one fine piece of ass Tony wouldn't mind seeing again, maybe he'll have a talk with Curt and convince the man to give Peter the opportunity and if he didn't, he'll ask Peter himself.

"What was that kid's name Curt? That one with the," 'hot ass,' Tony thought to himself, "blue eyes?" he asked once he walked into the class room with his friend and closed the door behind him.

"Oh, that's Peter Parker," Curt answered placing some of his papers into his briefcase, "He's one of my best students in my late afternoon class,"

"Really?" he asked sounding intrigued and sat in one of the desks, "So anyway to business, tell me about this serum you're researching and developing."