Disclaimer/Spoilers: IM1, IM2, SM1, SM2, SM3. Iron Man/Spider-Man/Tony Stark/Peter Parker and all other characters mentioned are copy-written by Marvel. Story plot is mine for amusement purposes only. WARNING: This is by far the smuttiest chapter ever written for this series. No likee? No readee.

Peter woke up the next morning feeling pretty refreshed. Getting ready he brushed his teeth, took a shower and ate some breakfast before heading out for work, 'What a beautiful morning!' Peter thought to himself as he drove over to Stark Tower and stopped at his assigned parking spot.

With a smile on his face and his book bag over his shoulder, Peter walked up the front steps, entered the building and stated his good morning's to anyone he made eye contact with. Taking the elevator up to the main R&D department, Peter passed by Nathalie's (or was it Natasha now?) reception desk, "Morning Nat!" he gave her a friendly wave while proceeding to Tony's office.

"…morning Peter…" she answered looking strangely at him as he passed by her desk.

"Morning Pepper!" Peter greeted the other woman while passing her office.

"Good morning Peter," the other red head replied, "you're in a good mood."

"It's a brand new day, and it's going to be a great one." He grinned; Pepper had to admit his grin was pretty contagious, "is Tony in his office?"

"He is," Pepper gave a nod, "he's having a meeting with Steve."

Steve. A ravenous rage flared inside Peter and then he shook it off to smile at her again, "Oh I see. Think I'll pop in and say hello, maybe save the day a little," he chuckled and continued to make his way to Tony's office.

He knocked once then lets himself in finding both men sitting opposite one other across Tony's desk. Tony however stared wide eyed at Peter who before wore a sweet smile and now shifted into a mischievous one while he continues to walk over to Tony's side of the desk.

"Peter," Tony said, eyebrows raised questioningly and watches as Peter entered then crosses the room.

"Hey gorgeous," Peter grinned, leaned over and gives Tony the sexiest of kisses in front of Steve, "Sorry I missed your text last night,"

"I—huh—wha?" Tony asked looking genuinely dumbfounded at Peter, who at that moment, decided to make himself comfortable in Tony's lap. Steve coughed.

"Hope I'm not interrupting anything important." Peter glanced over at Steve then back to Tony and gave Tony's tie a playful little tug.

"Actually," interjected Steve, "we were in the middle of discussing which goods company we will be purchasing the materials from. So if you don't mind, the adults need time to talk."

"Steve that was rude," Tony glares at the blond who smiled sardonically and shrugs.

"Sorry Tony, it had to be said," he didn't sound sorry, "by the way since when did Spider-Man decide to become a slut?"

Tony was about make a retort when he heard Peter crisp voice ask, "Probably around the same time Captain America decided to become an asshole and tried to steal my boyfriend."

The look on Steve's face was one of fury and bewilderment. With wide eyes he looks from Peter to Tony then back, all the while his mouth had parted, his shock having swallowed the obvious question. Of course it was never addressed for Tony had stepped in.

"Ooookay," Tony cuts in and looks at Steve, "We'll finish this meeting later; right now I've got something I need to deal with."

"Yeah, totally," Steve glared at Peter as he got up and left the office.

"'Something you need to deal with'? Is that what I am now? Rude." Peter frowned at Tony who gave him a small agitated glare.

"Had fun with Johnny last night?" Peter could hear the bitterness in Tony's question while he pushes the younger man off his lap and got out of his chair, walking around his desk toward where he kept his booze.

Peter followed his boyfriend and sat on the desk, his feet resting on the arm rests of the chair Steve has previously vacated, hands braced behind him, "Best time of my life," he teased, "he always gives me what I need,"

Tony finished a glass of scotch and then poured himself another, next he turned his attention at the younger man, the pain clear in his eyes, "D'you fuck him?"

Now it was Peter's turn to glare at him, "I'm not a fucking whore that kisses everyone and their mother, Tony. Nor do I kiss ex-boyfriends and say it was just a 'reflex'."

Tony's eyebrows rose incredulously due to Peter's choice of words and couldn't help but be a little turned on by them as well.

"What a dirty mouth you have on you, Parker," Tony whispered as he closed the gap between Peter and himself, Peter only grins up at him, "I may have to put it to good use."

Peter grinned, he had him now.

"Positively filthy, Boss," Peter's hand lowered to cup at the rising bulge in Tony's slacks, "come and see." Peter leans up and kisses Tony softly and slowly, biting playfully at that perfect shaped lower lip until it swelled slightly from usage. Peter pulled away to admire the new shade of pink they became; his eyes met Tony's again and he found how dark with desire and need they grew into.

He continued to palm and rub at the material until he felt Tony become rock hard under the fabric. Peter stared deep into Tony's eyes while he unbuttoned, unbuckled and unzipped the slacks away from his lover. Peter releases a soft gasp when his hand met with the hot muscle and then lowered himself against the older man's legs. With one hand bracing Tony's thigh, the other held the impressive manhood and parting his lips, Peter took Tony slow and deep into his mouth. Tony threw his head back with closed eyes and moans at the warm softness of Peter's mouth. It wasn't until Peter swallowed him completely did he look down at the gorgeous sight.

"Fuck, and me without my camera."

Peter looks up and smiles around Tony's cock then he closes his eyes while his tongue dances and swirls around the hot flesh, moaning and he began bobbing his head knowing how good it felt. Tony moans and his hands reached up to bury his fingers into Peter's soft brown hair.

Tony's hips began to move in time with Peter's bobs and his breathing started to come in fast pants, his moans more guttural until he stiffened and Peter tasted the bitter sweetness of Tony's seed coating his tongue. Swallowing every last drop, Peter licked the tip of Tony's manhood clean then smiles up at him impishly.

Later that afternoon, Peter was working on making the gauntlets for the Mark VII suit in the workshop three floors below Tony's penthouse. Making the actual product was also half the perks about this job. Peter had been by himself in this particular workshop until his Spider sense activated, someone was approaching him. Three guesses who.

"Hello Steve." He greeted the man before he saw him.

"Hey sport, have you seen Tony?"

"Tony decided to take the rest of the day off after our activities from earlier. I wore him out, the poor man."

"I bet you did… but where is he? I need him."

"I told you he's not here. If it's important I can relay a message for you," however, Peter had no intention of passing that message along.

Steve snorts at this dismissively and looks him over, "I'll find him myself," he was about to turn away when he decided to add another fact to Peter, "And by the way, you've developed a bit of an attitude lately."

Peter now turns to glare at him; Steve noticed that there was something in Peter's eyes that wasn't there before. Something dangerous and powerful, "You haven't seen attitude yet. And I would appreciate it if you stopped bothering Tony. He wants nothing to do with you."

At this Steve smirks arrogantly, "Well while being his business partner as well as defeating evil or whatever, the chances of us being together is unavoidable."

Peter sets the screwdriver he was using down on the table and he walks over to Steve staring up at his face. Given that Steve was a good three or four inches taller than he was and probably 60 pounds of hard muscle heavier too, Peter had taken down much bigger in the past, "Business partner or not he's mine. Get it through that fat head of yours Steve: Tony is mine."

The younger hero saw that determine flash cross the older man, "Challenge accepted."

"Then prepare to lose."

Steve glares at the young man and leaves the work shop; his dislike for Peter grew more and more with each passing minute.

"Spider-Man one, Captain A-Hole zip." Peter grinned and goes back to work.

That evening, Tony was in the penthouse taking a shower, Peter had been walking up the stairs toward the bathroom removing his clothes piece by piece until he steps into the shower with him. "Hey Gorgeous," Peter purred, reaching around Toy's waist and kisses the back of his shoulder.

Tony turns, pressing Peter up against the cold ties while wearing a pleased grin before kissing him, "Hey sexy."

"I missed you downstairs. You left me alone with that mean old star spangled American hero." Peter pouted at Tony, his hands roaming over the warm wet muscles of Tony's biceps.

Tony groans looking annoyed, "He came by?"

"Yep, he was looking for you, he probably wanted seconds." Peter snaked his tongue a little at him, Tony looked disgusted.

"Why was he looking for me? Did you tell you?" the older man sounded tired and he nuzzles his face into his lover's neck.

"He said something about him being your business partner or some BS like that I don't fucking remember," one hand reaches down to stroke Tony to hardness the other rested on the back of Tony's neck, "I told him to stuff it and that you were mine."

Tony groaned, reveling in Peter's nimble caresses, "Peter..." he pulls him close and kisses him, "I am yours…" he mumbles between their lips.

Peter grins then playfully bites on Tony's shoulder hard enough to mark him but gentle enough not to draw blood, "Say it again Tony," Peter moans breathlessly, "tell me that you're mine."

"I'm yours, Peter…" Tony growled and turns his head kissing Peter's lips with such ferocity that it was ever only the younger man who could ever bring out that kind of passion from him.

Peter sticks himself up against the tiles and wraps his legs tightly around Tony's waist, his arms snaked around the firm shoulders and moans at the closeness of their warm wet bodies, "Love you..." he whispered against Tony's neck, eyes closed and giving into the sensations of their love making.

Tony kisses his neck and shoulders again, "Love you too..." he then rakes his nails down Peter's sides.

Peter's moans echoed along with the sound of the running water in the shower and he writhes against Tony's body at the scratches, "Ohh Fuck me. Now." He demanded and opened his eyes staring at Tony dead on.

As if under a spell, Tony obliges Peter's command to take him. Without pause and without preparation, the older man braced one hand against the wall while guiding himself with the other at Peter's entrance, pushing past that tight ring of muscle and let out a low hiss at the tight softness that surrounded him.

Peter shuts his eyes again and bites his lips so hard that they bled lazily. The younger man releases a satisfied grunt once Tony was fully inside him, "Oh!" he then proceeded to kiss his lover hard and runs his nails down and across Tony's back.

Tony's hips had begun to thrust but had slowed once he saw the blood, "What'd you do, baby?" he ran his thumb over the bloody lip, Peter gently bites over the thumb.

"You drive me up the wall," Peter sighed with a grin then licks his lips tasting the copper of his own blood, "Kiss it and make it better?"

Tony slows his hips and kisses him gently, hands rubbing at his hips, "Gotta be more careful, I happen to like these lips, they're so very useful."

"I'm fine, just don't stop." Peter fussed not liking at how careful Tony was being and he rocks his hips hard against Tony's.

Tony obliges, his kisses building back up as he starts to fuck the nimble spider-hero against the tiled shower wall.

Peter's eyes rolled shut, his mouth fell open and he moans escalated until he was calling out Tony's name when at last he felt the building euphoria of orgasm explode out of him with a cry of ecstasy. Peter's forehead knocked against Tony's shoulder, his breathing started to slow back to normal. Tony came almost about as soon as Peter did, his fingers running through the now wet matted dark hair on Peter's head, "Fuck…"

Peter trembled and shivered from the aftershock or pleasure then opens his eyes, giving Tony a lazy but happy smile, "You feel so hot inside me..." he slowly wiped the semen off his stomach with his middle and ring fingers then brought them up to Tony's lips, watching as the older man took the fingers into his mouth licking them clean, "wanna to go again?"