Blue eyed stranger

Good moring hercules said hes mother, as hercules walked over to the table.

Did you get a good sleep she asked. she smiled, and he smiled back at her.

I made breakfast. she layed the plate on the he started to eat,

we are going to have vistors today she said. to are new to the village

she turned to hercules, they have a son hes name is iolaus. hercules said i know about him hercules said. i heard only bad things about that kid he said.
i heard he is trouble.i dont want to meet him mother.
She shook her head then sat near hercules and begain and began to speak.

Just then they heard a knocked on the door. she got up from the table. please just try to be nice to him,try to get along the best you can she said.
Hercules was still sitting at the table eating. welcome come inside she told the new vistors.
as hercules look up he seen a kid coming around the corner.
hes hair was golden blonde ,and hes eyes were blue. the bluest eyes he ever seen.

Hercules thought to heself this kid does not look like a punk.
the kid walked up to hercules. iolaus reached out hes hand for them to shake.
hi I am ilouas . hercules did not reach out to him to shake hes.
Ioluas was a little sad then put hes hand back down.

Want to go play outside he smiled .hercules mothers looked at hercules. as hercules looked at her.
you two have fun. I have a ball ,iolaus threw the ball to hercules, and ran outside to looked at hes mother and hercules went outside he threw the ball back to iolaus.
Ioluas throws the ball at hercules with a hard hit .tag your it ioluas says.

Oh really ,he said ok its on, he said to ioluas your going down.

Ioluas started jumping side to side making werid sounds.

Herclues was starting to like this kid. hercules threw the ball and missed ioluas. but only a couple of inchs.

You can not tag me ioluas laughted. Just then hercules threw the ball

and hit ioluas right on the head. He fell down hard. Hercules could not help but to laugh.

Let me help you ioluas. as he walked over to ioluas. reached down to help him up.
They played for few of hours then hercules mother called them inside.
time to eat dinner she shouted from inside the house.
Already shouted hercules. wow time go,s by so fast. He loved spending time with this kid.

Come on boys hercules mothers said.

They ran to the table. looks good the two boys sat down to eat.

As dinner was over the two boys took off outside again.

Be careful hercules. hes mother said. they played for hours. soon it was getting late.

Hercules mother called them to come inside. Almost time for bed she said .the two boys walked inside pouting.
iolaus has to go home now she say good night to ioluas. And pouted I dont want him to leave hercules said. she told hercules you can see him tomorrow . Hes eyes got wide.
really he can hercules was walked up to hercules and reached hes hand out.
nice meeting you. see you tomorrow iolaus asked? hercules took he hand in hes sure i cant wait hercules and hes mother walked out the door.
just as hercules mother shut the door,hercules ran to why are you running to bed for she faster i sleep the faster iolaus will be here.