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Chapter 4: exiled

Kuon is trembling from what he did. He killed the prince of cats; worse, his love's cousin. People from the streets saw the whole thing and one of them might call the police. Yukihito cant let his cousin go to jail "Kuon! Get out of here! NOW!"

Kuon snapped out of it and ran off. But little did he or Yukihito know that kanae saw the whole thing. She then, headed straight back to the mansion

Minutes later police came, along with the two households and mayor Otaga. Lady Mogami cried when she saw Mankato's lifeless body. "MANUKATO! My brother's son! Dead!" lord Mogami tried to comfort his wife while Otaga talked to Yukihito.

"Yukihito, what happened?" Yuki lifted up his head, showing tears in his eyes, threatening to fall. "it happened so fast! Kijima and Manukato were fighting but Kuon wouldn't let them continue. Manukato took out a weapon from his shoe and slashed Kijima with it and killed him. Kuon then battled Manukato for vengeance but then he stabbed Manukato. I'm telling the truth or let me die" then without warning, lady Mogami slapped Yukihito across the face. Lord Mogami grab hold of her.

"YOU LAIR! Kuon is a murderer! He deserves death!!"

Otaga sighed. " it seems I have no choice but to exile him. Lord and lady Hizuri gasped. "b-but mayor! Kijima was kuon's best friend his friend! Manukato started the fight!" Otaga glared at lord Hizuri

"even if its true, it's still murder, and if he does show his face here in Tokyo, then he will be put to death! I will be deaf to pleading and excuses" lady Hizuri burst into tears. Otaga continued on.

"nor tears or prayers will change my mind." lord Hizuri hugged his wife tight and tried to comfort her, but he too, is in pain.

At the Mogami mansion

Kyoko was laying on her bed, dreaming of her knight in shining armor. "oh my sweet prince please come. Before I met you, there was sadness and hate. Now when you first appeared, I just want to run in your arms and smell your lovely scent. Please my prince, come to me." then she herd a knock on the door. "who is it?"

"its me Kyoko" it was the nurse. Once Kyoko let the nurse in, the nurse gave Kyoko the bad news. "Kyoko, I'm afraid that your cousin Manukato is dead. He was murdered" Kyoko gasped. "who would do such a thing!?" the nurse took a deep breath before answering. "Kuon Hizuri did it. he killed your cousin"

Kyoko turned pale. "n-no he couldn't be…"

"I'm sorry but its true. I thought he was different from his family but I guess I was wrong. He's nothing but a snake." Kyoko burst into tears.

"WHY?! I love him nurse! But Manukato was my cousin! What should I do?!?" then they both herd a knock on the door. Then kane popped her head from he opening. "can I come in?"

"oh moko-san!" Kyoko ran to her best friend, who hold out open arms to her. "oh moko-san! Kuon killed Manukato! I cant believe it! But why?"

"because he was defending his friend." Kanae answered. Kyoko broken the hug and looked at Kanae confusingly. "what?"

Kanae told her story about how Manukato killed Kijima and Kuon fighting Manukato and Kuon's expression after the battle. "he was being a good friend. but he's exiled by the order of mayor Otaga. Kyoko now understands the situation. Then she turned to the nurse "nurse please, I know Kuon is at friar Lory's church, so give him this." she took out a ring from her jewelry box that said. 'I love you' the nurse understood and headed straight to the church.

Meanwhile in friar Lory's church.

It started to rain heavily while Friar Lory was tending to Kuon's wounds. But then he received news of Kuon's exile. Kuon's face turned pale. "exile?! Why didn't he put me to death?!?"

"actually if you ever show your face in Tokyo then he will put you to death!"

Then they heard a knock on the door. The friar gasped. "Kuon, go hide!" Kuon did as he was told and hided behind a statue. Friar opened the door to reveal the nurse. "nurse! Please come in" the nurse entered and asked the friar. "is Kuon here?"

"yes. Its safe Kuon, you can come out now." Kuon came out of his hiding place and asked the nurse. "how is Kyoko? What did she say about our marriage?"

"she says nothing but cries and sobs" Kuon burst into tears. "its my fault! I killed her cousin and now I killed a part of her!" then Kuon found a dagger and pointed it to his heart. " I should just end my life now!!"

"get a hold of yourself boy!"

yelled the nurse. She quickly took the dagger away from Kuon. "she's right Kuon! You must stay strong! You are only put to exile so be happy!, Kyoko is still alive so be happy!" said friar Lory. then the nurse took out the ring and gave it to Kuon. "its from Kyoko. She told me to give it to you."

Kuon examined the ring and noticed it had writing. 'I love you' "yes! This gave me my strength!" then friar Lory gave Kuon a brochure. "Kuon for now, go comfort Kyoko and after that you go into hiding in Kyoto. I know a good friend there that can help you. Then I'll find a way to get Kyoko to leave the mansion and go straight to you" Kuon smiled happily and hugged the friar goodbye "goodbye friar." Lory smiled. "goodbye Kuon."

Back at the Mogami mansion

Kanae made sure that her best friend gets her alone time. So she told the lord and lady and Sho. "she's not coming out tonight." lord Mogami understood. "of course. She loved her cousin deeply. So did I" Sho sighed. "well I understand too. Guess our date will have to wait till she recovers." lady Mogami nodded "of course. Come Sho, lets go to lord Mogami's office. We need to talk about your future with our daughter…"


Kyoko is on her bed, tears falling from her eyes. "oh, where is he?" then she herd something from her balcony. It was Kuon. He tried to smile but failed. Kyoko burst into more tears and ran to her husband.

Kuon hugged her tight but he grunted in pain. Kyoko broke the hug and see all the bandages wrapped around his upper abs. Kyoko lead him to her bed. She made Kuon remove his shirt and see that his upper left arm is also wrapped in bandages. Kuon said nothing and he didn't even dare to look her in the eye. He felt so ashamed.

But that changed when Kyoko used her index finger to lift his chin up and then kiss him passionately. After she broke the kiss, she whispered in his ear. "I love you" then minutes alter Kuon laid back on the bed with Kyoko laying on his chest, sound asleep. Before falling asleep himself. He whispered to his wife.

"I love you too"

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