A.N. – Here begins my series of Code Lyoko drabbles. All of these first ones I'm posting come from the two drabbles games on Lyoko Freak's forums. Most of these will be 100 words, but content level will vary.

This one's a dialogue drabble, and untitled (like most of the drabbles will be). A disclaimer: I do not own Code Lyoko or profit from this work in any way.

Theme: Anime

Character: Aelita

Rating: PG

Words: 100

"This...is confusing."

"But doesn't it remind you of the old days?"

"And I'd want to be reminded of that why, exactly?"

"Um, good point. But doesn't this look really, really cool?"

"It pales in comparison to what we've been through and where we've been."

"You may be right...but with this, we get to watch the peril, rather than participate in it!"

"Still, it's implausible. I mean, what's the appeal for people other than us, who've been through something similar?"

"It's escapism, Aelita. Plus, it's popular now."

"Sorry, Odd, but no matter how you explain it, I just don't get anime."