A.N. – This one is for KittyAttack, who always manages to leave insightful reviews with the occasional request. I am only too happy to fulfill this one, though it strayed from the prompt in the end. Remember, review number 175 gets a request written, too!

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Prompt: Alive
Characters: Aelita and Sissi
Words: 200
Rating: K+

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Amidst the strobing lights and heavy thrum of bass, Aelita was right in her element. Nestled against a professional-grade turntable, headphones snuggled to her ears, she let the music sweep her away as she created it. Here was something uniquely her own, a talent she did not have to hide. She was nigh unaware of the teeming masses writhing in adoration or the rapturous applause as she finished one track and segued to the next. Aelita was the center of attention, yet she swayed to the melody, lost in her own personal world.

Sissi watched, entranced with the hundreds of others at the dance. It was obvious to anyone with a pair of eyes or functioning eardrums that Aelita was supremely talented. It stunned Sissi, the depths to which the music moved her. Gyrating to a catchy beat was second nature to the girl, and her flashy wardrobe and undulating hair as she let the rhythm compel her caught many an eye. Normally, Sissi would revel in the stolen glances and slack jaws. Tonight, though, all the attention was meaningless to her; right now, Aelita and her siren's call were Sissi's entire world.

Two hearts, one beat – synchronized in song.