Summary: There is a time for everything, the Pevensies learn. A series of drabbles based on Ecclesiastes.

Disclaimer: You know the drill- I own nothing, C.S. Lewis owns the Pevensies, etc.

Author's Note: While this is based on the very famous passage from Ecclesiastes, I will say that it won't follow the order of the verses, but instead I plan on trying to find the chronological order of a life- for example, beginning with a time for birth and ending with a time for death. The idea for this is mainly Edmund-centered, but the other Pevensies will have their roles to play as well.

Part One

A time to give birth

A wild struggle for life was going on in room 154. The baby- male, born at 4:54 A.M. on a cold, wet November Thursday. Five pounds, eight ounces, premature, and breathing problems since the moment he came out.

The mother, a once joyous woman, wore an expression of anxiety and dread. Her husband, a large, solemn man said nothing and held her hand as she wept silent tears. The nurses who were on duty passed between the parents, the sick child, and the two children the couple had already had that had been brought to the hospital and were sitting surprisingly quiet for their age on two chairs in the corner of the room.

"Don't worry, Su," The oldest, a blonde-hair, bright-eyed, smiling boy declared to the younger daughter, "Our brother will be out soon. Right, mom?"

"That's right Peter," the mother of the family said weakly, pain still leaving echoes on her face.

The clock ticked. Tick. Tick. Tick. For mere minutes or hours, none of the family members could say.

After an eternity, a young, careworn nurse entered the room. The man jumped to his feet, expecting bad news, but as soon as the family saw the expression on the nurse's face, four identical smiles lit up their faces.

And then they brought in the newest member of their family.