Howdy! This is the first story I have ever written so be gentle with me. I do not own any of the characters from Kyou Kara Maoh or Loveless.

So this story starts off roughly from Loveless Volume 8, when Ritsuka finally finds Seimei and crosses over into the Kyou Kara Maoh world roughly along the time of third season, after Yuuri meets Sara but not to when Genus starts to go all crazy. But that is the only connection the Kyou Kara Maoh series really, then I start to go in my own direction. I hope you all enjoy my story!

Forced Departure

"Give me Ritsuka…" Seimei pleaded, hugging Ritsuka closer to him as he buried his face in the boy's stomach.

Ritsuka felt conflicted, wanting to scream and beat his brother for leaving him for all this time or hug him close and never letting him go again. As Ritsuka was about to give his answer, Soubi shot forward eyes blazing with unspoken emotion.

" Don't say ANYTHING Ritsuka!" Soubi commanded, before his face adopted the cold look that it always wore when entering a battle.

"Hide him away "

"Soubi! I command you to stop!"

"Keep him safe"

"That is an ORDER, SOUBI!" Seimei shrieked at his old fighter as he drew Ritsuka closer to him.

"Send him to another plan, another world. Now scatter and rise, Wind. And blow him away from this place."

Ritsuka felt the air shift around him, tugging at him. It was pulling him so hard that Seimei lost his grip on his little brother.

"RITSUKA!" Seimei screamed, reaching out to snatch his baby brother from the hissing wind that formed a tower around the small boy.

"Seimei!" Ritsuka called back, also reaching out towards his brother, but found that his fingers were being repelled by the harsh wind.

"Good-bye, Ritsuka."

Ritsuka turned towards the voice that had murmured out the farwell, seeing Soubi standing there with a look of defeat on his face. Ritsuka stared at Soubi as he continued to speak, but could not hear his voice over the howling winds. The winds picked up even more craze and blocked out all sound until it was the wind itself and his franticly pounding heart.

The wind began to distort the world around him, forcing Ritsuka to close his eyes or potentially get sick. His hands reached up to cover his face a little more from the blazing winds, before the world went utterly black.


"Geika!" came the urgent whisper of the kneeling girl, as she stared into a peculular orb that held many shining stars. A black figure stepped out of the shadows, adjusting his glasses in the dim light.

"What is the problem, Ulrike?" murmured the glasses wearing teen as he leaned close inorder to peer into the orb.

"Geika," the small woman turned sharply, her silvery hair whipping around her tiny frame, as she fixed her worried eyes on the teen, "someone is crossing the dimensions!"

Surprise crossed the black haired teen, "What do you mean?"

"A soul from a different world is crossing over into our own, Geika." The tiny woman elaborated, turning her attention back the the orb and gesturing at a small purple star that was fading in and out of focus.

"That is strange…" the Geika mused, scrutinizing the small star, "I thought the only ones who could cross the boundaries between worlds were Shibuya and Shinou. Can you tell who this person is and where they are coming from on Earth?"

"I don't think you understand what I meant, Geika." Ulrike whispered, shaking her head. "This person is not coming from Earth, but a different world. And they are traveling in a way that I have never encountered in all of my years of being a high priestess of Shinou Heika."

Again, the Geika was surprised to hear such news. He looked back into the mystical orb, eyeing the blinking purple star with a look of curiosity and wariness.

"I must go and inform Shibuya of this. But knowing him, he will most likely want to race out and meet this person." The teen shrugged his shoulders as a smile tugged at his lips as he pictured his best friend's reaction to this news. He turned towards the only door in the room, striding quickly across the hall to start his relatively short journey towards Blood Pledge Castle.

"Geika," Ulrike called after the black haired teen, causing him to slow his pace and turn to look at the girl. "This person will arrive in two days time and…" she trailed off, glancing back at the orb, "they will be arriving in Dai Shimaron."

The man sighed exasperatedly, reaching the door and pulling it open before looking back over his shoulder.

"Seems things are about to get really complicated again." He spoke, talking just loud enough for her to hear before sliding out the door.


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