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Fighting For Life

Gwendal could feel his feet slam into the ground as the leaves that had been whipped up by the wind that had whisked him here settled, his eyes blinking out the dancing colors before his vision focused on the house that stood before him.

His eyes trailed over the wooden structure and pristine lawn, taking in every detail of what he assumed was an ordinary home in Ritsuka's world, before his mind noticed just how quiet the house really was.

It's too quiet. Gwendal's soldier instincts kicked in, his eyes trying to detect anything that seemed out of place about the home, before alighting on the top floor window.

His eyes grew wide as they settled onto the figure who stood there, tears streaking down that young face as his slightly unkempt hair seemed to defy gravity and stand up along with the dark black cat ears that stood up straight, showing the boys excitement and joy.

"Ritsuka!" Gwendal breathed in relief, feeling for the first time as if he were whole once again, as if the fog that had been covering his grey world had finally cleared at the sight of the boy and brought the world to life.

"Stop right there."

Gwendal paused at the harsh hiss of words, his eyes snapping down away from his Sacrifice and to the two figures that were standing in the doorway. Gwendal's eyes narrowed at the younger of the two figures, recognizing him as the brother who had taken Ritsuka away from him.

"Give me back, Ritsuka." Gwendal growled out through his clenched teeth, his eyes starting to glow ever so slightly blue.

Gwendal watched as the duo stepped down the steps slowly, almost identical smirks spread across their faces.

"Ritsuka is not yours." Spat the apparent brother of Ritsuka, his eyes promising agony to the Loveless Fighter Unit. "He is mine! And once we dispose of you, he will have no more fantasies of leaving me again."

Gwendal couldn't stop the feral growl that escaped his chest, straightening his shoulders before stepping forward in a gesture that proved his rage toward the Beloved pair.

"Nisei!" Seimei ordered, watching as Nisei stepped forward and between Gwendal and his target.

"Our name is Beloved." Nisei intoned, his eyes glowing slightly in a violet hue as he reached back to touch Seimei's arm gently for the briefest moments. "One who is loved by all." Nisei reached up and tugged on the collar of his shirt, revealing the name printed on his skin. "Fighter Systems Engage."

Gwendal snarled at the other fighter unit, tugging at his own collar to reveal the name printed over his heart.

"Our name is Loveless," His voice was deep and his eyes glowed a sparkling blue as he touched the name gently. "One without love." His eyes focused onto Ritsuka's brother, feeling his anger boil just a little higher at the hate filled gaze that pierced back at him. "Fighter Systems Engage, Auto-pilot mode systems on."

Nisei was suddenly ran forward toward the Mazoku General, his arms sweeping through the air.

"Fire, so hot it melts metal. Burns flesh from bone. A blaze more powerful than the sun. Scorch, char, Inferno!"

The words tumbled from the Beloved Fighter Unit, thrusting his hands forward as he ran and sending a stream of flames that grew and spread with every syllable.

"Fire's enemy is the Sea." Gwendal responded, crouching into one of his customary defensive stances, his eyes flaring an even brighter blue as he glared at the approaching flames. "Water so cold it becomes snow, freeze, drown out the flames. Churn, crush, smother with your might!"

Water sprang up from the ground around him, twisting and gathering in the air before shooting forward to meet the flames.

"Ice becomes steam," Nisei suddenly shouted over the roar of flame and water, his arms thrusting through the air as his voice rose even louder. "Blow wind, heat the air, burn skin and scald the soul."

Gwendal quickly sprinted to the side, watching as the wind began to chase him with the hot steam within its might. He dodged behind a tree that was close to the side of house, his voice raising with words to stop the coming assault.

"Steam cools, steam freezes, comes together, and falls as rain. Soft pattering on the earth, absorbed into the ground, to bring about life."

Rain began to fall from the clouds that had form at his command, gently hitting the leaves and his opponient who glared with hate filled eyes.

"Nisei…" the Beloved Sacrifice breathed out, not trying to stop the water droplets from falling onto himself, his eyes locked with Gwendal's.

Nisei simply nodded his head slowly, stepping in between Gwendal and his Sacrifice once more before his voice rose to a level that could be heard over the falling rain.

"But with rain comes thunder, with rain comes lightning." Nisei's eyes began to spark violet once more, his gaze focusing onto the steadily darkening clouds that hung above his head before his gaze turning to the grey haired General. "Let it flash, let its heat burn the earth, end the life."

Lightning flashed and the thunder clapped, almost deafening Gwendal as he threw himself from out of the tall trees cover, watching as it went up in a blaze from the lightning's assault. He turned his eyes to the sky as well watching as the sky charged itself up for another attack.

"Earth is a ground to the lightning, it does no harm." Gwendal whispered, watching as the lightning struck into the ground right next to his feet, feeling the heat emanate off of the fiery bolt. Gwendal's voice suddenly raised in volume as another lightning bolt struck the ground again, his eyes turning to the Beloved pair. "The earth channels the energy and forces it upon my foe."

He watched as the ground seemed to light from within, shooting forward to do his bidding.

"Nisei!" Ritsuka's brother screamed, his mask of anger breaking for the first time since he had stepped from the house, twisting his face into one of fear as his arms reached up to protect his face.

Nisei was suddenly standing next to his Sacrifice, his arms wrapping around the younger male as his voice rose with the force of his spell.

"The earth will absorb it, reflect it, rebound, it will not harm us, not even now."

Gwendal could not get his mouth to work fast enough, his eyes going wide as the energy came racing back towards himself. He felt his muscles spasm and the searing pain branch up through his body, but he was able to stop himself from uttering a single sound in discomfort.

As suddenly as the power had hit him, it had stopped, causing the tension in Gwendal's legs to suddenly give out and drop the General ungracefully on to the ground, breathing heavily as he reached up with a shaking hand to tug at the collar that was now strapped around his throat. He listened to the jingle of the chains that were clasped around his wrists as his eyes snapped back to his opponent who was currently walking closer to his collapsed form. Soft chuckles that were laced with hysteria spilling from the Beloved Sacrifice as the duo came to a halt only a few feet from the almost beaten Mazoku.

"You are a strong opponent, Gwendal." The Sacrifice complimented in a mocking tone, his eyes glittering with disgust and amusement at the chained General. "But you are no match for us, you will die here and Ritsuka will be mine."


Gwendal! Ritsuka called mentally, unable to hear the words being exchanged between his brother and his fighter Unit, but he knew it wasn't good.

He looked closer at Gwendal's kneeling form, his clothes that were burned and covered in mud, his wrists chained and the collar strapped around his neck, binding him. Ritsuka's heart began to hammer in his chest, fear coursing through his body.

I need to do something! I can't let him die!

Ritsuka charged across the room and started tugging on the door, pulling with all his might, but he could not get it to budge. Ritsuka could feel the panic building within him, causing his blood to roar in his ears as he ran back to the window, staring in horror as a gust of wind blew Gwendal into the outer wall of their house, below the window and out of Ritsuka's view.

"GWENDAL!" Ritsuka cried, opening the window without even realizing what his muscles were doing and levering himself onto the frame.

He watched as Gwendal's head snapped up and their eyes met, his ears going deaf to the voice of his brother who cried out his name.

Ritsuka didn't hesitate, the thought of this being dangerous didn't even cross his mind as he leaned forward, allowing his weight to cause him to fall out the window. Ritsuka could hear a voice yelling, saying something as the wind few past his ears, but his eyes stayed locked onto Gwendal who opened his strong arms in a gesture that spoke more than words ever could, snapping the chains that bound his wrists with impossible ease.

Ritsuka felt his body connect with the hard chest as the arms quickly closed in around him, his own arms reaching around the general's chest and simply held him close, tears of relief falling from his eyes at the contact with his Fighter Unit.

"Ritsuka…"Gwendal's soft voice penetrated through Ritsuka's ears, causing a shiver to run up his spine and he curled even closer to the other's firm chest, listening as his name was murmured over and over again in that soft tone.


Ritsuka tensed at the loud furious voice of his brother, drawing his face away to look across the yard where Seimei stood side by side with his fighter Unit, his face a twisted in rage.

Seeing the expression on his brother's face caused Ritsuka to draw closer to Gwendal, trying to make himself as small as possible in order to hide from his brother's wrath.

"Ritsuka," Seimei hissed, his voice laced with command and the promise of pain while his face contorted into something that was not quite a smile. "What do you think you are doing?"

*~*~*(END CHAPTER)*~*~*

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