A short drabble written for the kink meme on LJ. The request asked for an Alfred suffering from schizophrenia as a means of representing the mixed views and opinions of his government and people. It's very experimental, and written almost entirely in pseudo-schizophasia (also known as 'word salad', and a symptom of some people with schizophrenia).


Sometimes America will sit for hours and stare out the window, face blank and blue eyes still and glossy while colored shadows perched on his shoulders argue amongst themselves.

Glory oscillates menacingly, skips cracks and trickles into that punctured land. Fractured house on hilltop, twirls ribbon redly and leaking stars from Sea to ShInING-- See Duo with relentless Loft pick blue and red From blank rectangles while Quiet drowns in 50 gallon-litres coffee with fries on middle. Hush, for daemons breath here and where and across skyscrapers painted gray. And green. Habitat bursting at seems glow orange. Ignition. Combustion. Threaded fire in My CoUNtrY 'TiSs oF THeE, s-na-ppiiiing, whiplash as snip-snip-snipping, snipe-snipe-sniiiping twitched muscle one too many.

Taxes spike, and red skitters dooooown the drain and then nothing, zero like a hole with coffin and one popular body, Red hissssses in the ear, rattles that window like Winter's frigid fingers.

Necessary evil, Blue bark-bark-barks, a dog but not best friend, pain with Glory spins like stars, hot fire burning bright, blue, white-but-blue.

Clamor, government talking to land on knees, hundred-thousand-million-billion-gazillion faithful interlopers bringing him up-down-up-left circle-to-pentagram it seems. The circuits scream. Electricity snaps harsh cords languidly, and the rose takes hold of the sheers. Snip-snip-snipe. Bullet caresses those AmBEr WaVES Of GrAIn Angel drops raindrops into sangria fissures.

Sometimes America will sit for hours and stare out the window, face blank and blue eyes still and glossy.

Sometimes, Matthew wonders with a frown if he should be concerned. But England thinks nothing of it and turning to leave, Canada assures himself the same.

Surely it is nothing.