This story takes place during Breaking Dawn when Bella is in labor. Everything from here on in is my own version.

This is from Rosalie's point of view. She's a tough cookie and really wanted to do something different with her.

This chapter is quite short but i wanted to give you all a taste to see if you like it. Enjoy!

The screaming upstairs was getting louder and louder, and then suddenly it stopped.

The next sound we heard was the wailing of a baby. It was soft, yet very clear. We all rushed upstairs and were shocked at the sight before us. There was blood everywhere and all us vampires had to hold our breaths.

Bella was writhing on the operating table Carlisle had brought from the hospital. She had a marks all over her body from the multiple bites she received from Edward. He bit her in many places all over her body so that the venom would spread more quickly so the transformation wouldn't take so long. He planned on stabbing a needle into Bella's heart and injecting the venom so as to speed up the process. Hopefully, this worked. We had never planned on turning someone into a vampire before. Well, not like this at least.

Esme held the baby in her arms. "It's a girl."

"What's her name?" asked Alice.

Edward answered, "Bella isn't in any state to name her and I just cant think right now. That will have to wait for later."

Emmett had kept his distance from the baby and had a strange look on his face. I had to wonder if it was because of all the blood of if there was another reason. It was quite strange behavior for Emmett but I couldn't help stare at the little baby before my eyes. She was so beautiful. I couldn't but help feel a slight tinge of jealousy. The thing I wanted the most was to have children, a family. I had a family but a child was something I could never have. Bella had everything I wanted. It just wasn't fair.

"Can you all keep an eye on Bella for me?" asked Edward.

"Of course." we replied in unison.

"I'm just going to get cleaned up. Emmett, can you come with me please?"

That was strange. Edward never asked Emmett to keep him company. I wondered what was up with those two.

An hour had gone by and those two still hadn't returned. I went to Edward's room to see what was keeping them so long. The room was empty, however. On Edward's bed there was a single sheet of paper with Edward's writing on it.


I'm so sorry but I can't stay and be a father. Bella, you deserve someone so much better than me. Emmett and I are in love. I tried to make it work between us but when the baby was born, Emmett realized she was his singer. She was my daughter and I knew we had to leave in order to protect her. Alice never saw this coming because we just decided it was the right thing to do. Emmett and I are meant to be together. I hope you can all understand we did this for the baby and for you and Rosalie.

I ran to Carlisle's study and showed the note to everyone. I was just speechless, and mad as hell. How the hell could my husband and brother be in love and just run off with each other? And poor Bella. She was going through the change, not aware of any of this. How was she going to cope when she awoke?

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