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An ocean liner was sailing peacefully across the vast blue sea as if it had nothing to care about in the world.

Aboard the ocean liner was several passengers of all ethnicities, ages, and races and they were all having a great time relaxing. Among the various people were some familiar ones which you all know and love.

DK reached to the banana milkshake placed on the table next to him and took a sip from it before placing it back, and he rested his hand behind his head and relaxed peacefully on the folding chair. "Ah! This is comfortable!" he thought.

Suddenly, the voice of Diddy called out to him from the swimming pool where several people were having fun at. "Donkey! Want to come in? The water is great!"

DK looked up from his seat and said, "The water isn't gray. But no thanks, I feel like taking a rest now. Go and enjoy yourself!"

Behind him, Zelda and Link were walking hand in hand together across the deck and they stopped next to the railing and looked out into the horizon of the sea. "The sea sure is beautiful," Zelda commented. "No matter how many times you look at it, you will never become bored!"

"Yeah, we're lucky to be able to come here," Link said. "Young Link and Diddy won the lottery and managed to get us to come onto this ocean liner cruise which is celebrating and promoting the release of the latest Master Bate movie."

"Too bad not everyone one of us could come though. This can't be helped since the prize ticket only allows four people at once and thus two tickets means eight people."

At the pool, Ness, Young Link, the Ice Climbers, Diddy, and Toon Link were enjoying the water together. "Catch it if you can!" Ness said as he used his psychic powers to hurl a beach ball across the air and towards Diddy.

"You bet I will!" Diddy said as he leaped up from the water and smacked the back to him, but YL went after it and sent it flying back to the other side.

"I'll get it!" TL shouted. He jumped out from the water at a height higher than Diddy's and did a powerful spike. The ball splashed into the water so hard that it basically sank to the bottom of the pool and a large amount of water splashed all over the place and doused even the people who were relaxing at the side of the pool.

"Whoa… Still strong as always…" YL said. "You really don't change…"

"Of course! I strengthen myself all the time!" TL replied.

"Anyway, it's quite a surprise to see you here," Ness said. "Didn't know that they were holding lotteries for this event over in your place."

"I can say the same about you guys! I invited Aryll to, but she wasn't interested."

Suddenly, there was a racket as people started running in one direction and screaming with joy, "It's Hatsune Miku!! Yay! Get autographs from her!!! Yay!!!"

The kids turned over to see several people, both young and old, rushing over to the pop idol Vocaloid who was dressed in a casual white dress as she greeted them with a friendly smile and handed them autographs as well as shaking hands and taking pictures with them. "She sure is a famous one!" Diddy commented.

"And her role in this movie was a huge surprise to everyone too!" Ness added. "Imagine the greatest fictional superhero and the great pop idol starring together in the same movie! This movie is going to sky rocket all the way to the end of the universe, I tell you!"

"Bowser, ROB, and Falco must be crying that they didn't get the chance to come here, heheh!" Popo said.

"Falco is a fan of her too?" YL asked. "I only know that Bowser and ROB are."

"Yeah, I think he is too, but he does it in secret. I saw him playing around with a figurine of her once in the underground lab and he was enjoying it."

"Anyway, I can't wait for the movie to be played this evening!" Ness said with excitement. "The actor of Master Bate, Tokutaro Bates, will be coming on stage in full costume too!" He looked up into the air and watched as the seagulls flew past underneath the sun.

Evening can't come any sooner…














We Are (2008 remix version)

Arittake no yume o kakiatsume
Sagashi-mono o sagashi ni yuku no sa ONE PIECE
(Gathering up all of our dreams
Going to search for our desires -- One Piece)

Rashinban nante juutai no moto
Netsu ni ukasare kaji o toru no sa
(Compasses only cause delays
Filled with excitement, I take the helm)

Hokori kabutteta takara no chizu mo
Tashikameta no nara densetsu janai!
(If we can prove the dusty old treasure map,
Then it's not a legend anymore!)

Kojin-teki na arashi wa dareka no
BIORHYTHM nokkatte
Omoi sugoseba ii
(It's alright if our personal problems
Get on someone else's nerves
Because we think about them too much)

Arittake no yume o kakiatsume
Sagashi mono o sagashi ni yuku no sa
POCKET no COIN, sore to
(Gathering up all of our dreams
And going to search for our desires
A pocket of coins, and
You wanna be my friend?
We are, we are on the cruise! We are!)

Zenbu ma ni ukete shinjichattemo
Kata o osarete ippo LEAD sa
(Even though I believe everything I'm told
When my shoulders are shoved, I take a one-step lead)

Kondo aeta nara hanasu tsumori sa
Sore kara no koto to kore kara no koto
(If we ever meet again, I'll tell you all about
What I've been doing and where I'm headed next)

Tsumari itsumo PINCH wa dareka ni
Jiishiki kajou ni!
(So being in a pinch is always
A good opportunity to appeal to someone
With excess self-consciousness!)

Shimittareta yoru o buttobase!
Takara bako ni kyoumi wa nai kedo
POCKET ni ROMAN, sore to
(Full speed through the stingy night!
I'm not interested in treasure anyway
A romance in the pocket, and
You wanna be my friend?
We are, we are on the cruise! We are!)

Arittake no yume o kakiatsume
Sagashi mono o sagashi ni yuku no sa
POCKET no COIN, sore to
(Gathering up all of our dreams
And going to search for our desires
A coin in the pocket, and
You wanna be my friend?
We are, we are on the cruise! We are!)

(We are! We are!)




Note: The ones in italic inside the brackets are translated lines.

Chapter 1
Something Unexpected Has Happened! Where Did All the Adults Go?!

After a long grueling wait (at least to someone who can't wait for something good to come), the time for the movie to began had at last come.

Fans of both Master Bate and Miku were all gathered in the theater room anxiously waiting for the movie to begin. "It's going to start soon! It's going to start soon!" TL sang quietly to himself.

"Calm down, would you?" YL told him.

"I can't hold my excitement. I'm a huge fan of Master Bate!"

"Everyone here is, but nobody is going crazy like you."

Suddenly, there was a random shouting coming from somewhere in the theater, "MASTER BATE!!! YEAH!!!"

"…" YL couldn't find anything to say.

Suddenly, the lights in the theater dimmed down a bit and a pair of spotlights focused on the stage in front, and everyone became excited. They all looked at the stage nervously and waited for something to happen, and all of a sudden, white smoke that was created by dry ice shot up from the front of the stage and then the superhero himself suddenly leaped out from nowhere and stood at the center of the stage with a heroic pose, and everyone cheered for the man himself—Master Bate. "YAY!!!"

Master Bate raised his arms into the air and said, "Thank you! Thank you all for your support! I believe that all of you here are very glad to see me! I am very happy that all of you are able to come here and see my latest project. It is an epic 2-hour long movie that also co-stars the well known Vocaloid, Hatsune Miku! Can we all give a round of applause for her?"

Cheers and roared of excitement filled through the air as confetti fell down from above the stage and the pop idol herself came jumping up onto the stage doing acrobatic flips, and she landed next to Master Bate and blew kisses to everyone, making the scene go even wilder. "YAY!!!!"

"Thank you everyone for your support!" she said in an extremely high-pitch digitalized voice that had heavy Japanese accent. "Miku is so happy to see everyone too!"

"Everyone must be waiting for this day, am I right?" MH asked. "In this movie, Miku plays the role of a Princess Elotic, the princess of Oralsecks Kingdom. An evil force has invaded the kingdom but she managed to escape, and that is where my role comes into play. As the world's most famous superhero, I, Master Bate, agree to help her end the crisis that is threatening her kingdom with the help of my trusty sidekick, Lolly Con. Unfortunately, Lolly Con's actress couldn't make it here due to illness, but don't worry; it's not like she is in danger of dying. Now without further delay, we shall begin this movie. I hope that you will enjoy what you see on the big screen!"

The audience went crazy again upon hearing that the movie was going to begin as this was what they had been waiting for so long.

But then Diddy sniffed the air and noticed a strange smell. "Hey, do you guys smell anything strange?" he asked the others.

"What smell?" Ness asked. He sniffed the air and also smelled something strange. "Yeah, I did. What is… this…?" And suddenly he fell over into a deep sleep.

Slowly, the people in the room smelled this strange odor and all those who smelled it fell asleep as well. "Hey, what is happening?" MB asked. "And what's this…?" Before he could finish talking, he suddenly fell onto his back with a crash and started snoozing loudly.

Everyone in the room fell asleep except for Miku even though she did smell the strange thing. "Why is everyone sleeping?" she asked in panic. "Everyone! What is wrong?"


After a while, Toon Link slowly opened his eyes and stretched his arms and yawned. "Ah! That was a nice sleep…" After rubbing his eyes, he suddenly got back to his sense. "Hey! Wait a minute! What about the movie?! Don't tell me I slept through the whole thing?!" He looked around and saw that everyone was asleep as well.

He grabbed YL and slapped him like no tomorrow in the face over and over. "Hey you, sleepyhead! Wake up!!!"

YL eventually woke up with a swollen face and cried, "What was that for…?"

TL did this to all the Smashers until they woke up. "Ow! You didn't have to do that, did you?!" Nana cried.

"Uh? What happened?" Ness asked when he saw that everyone else was asleep, but those people were starting to wake up again. "Why did everyone fall asleep?"

"Where is daddy?" said a random kid's voice.

"My big brother is missing!"

"Where is my uncle?!"

"Waaaa! I want my papa!"

The kid Smashers remained calm and looked around the place and saw nobody but little kids. All the grownups were nowhere in sight at all. "Where did all the grownups go?" Diddy wondered.

The Smashers left the theater and looked out into the hall which was devoid of any people and was absolutely silent. They walked out into the hall and looked into any room in hope of finding someone, but no matter where they look; there was not a single adult at all. Even Link, Zelda, and Donkey Kong were nowhere in sight! "Strange… Where did all the adults go?" Popo wondered.

After several minutes of searching the ocean liner from head to toe, the kids fell tired and gave up searching since they knew that they would never be able to find anyone at this rate.

"Ugh… I'm tired…" Popo cried as he fell onto the floor and rested against the wall. "There is nobody at all…"

"At least we won't starve," Diddy said while munching on banana. "They have some leftovers from yesterday's dinner in the kitchen."

Ness scratched his head and wondered, "But what is going on? Where did all the adults go? How did they disappear all of a sudden?"

"All that left here are little kids like us and them…" YL said as he looked at the kids who were either walking around aimlessly, confused, or crying.

"We better try to calm them down…" Ness suggested. "And then we'll try to solve the mystery behind this."

The Smashers immediately went to comfort the kids and assured them that everything would go right. After making sure that none of the kids were harmed and that all them were well fed, the Smashers gathered together in their room and started discussing about this matter. "Okay, we searched every corner of the ship and there is not a single soul asides from children," Ness said. "I think we can conclude that the adults are no longer on this ship."

"But where could they be?" Diddy asked. "There is nowhere else for them to go, and why would they disappear?"

"I have a feeling that the sleeping gas had something to do with this. While we were all asleep, the adults were taken away or something."

"Do you think that pirates came and took them away?" Nana asked. "We're in the middle of the sea, so this can happen!"

"I don't know… But I'm sure that there is no way they would just leave all of us behind… It has to be a kidnapping incident."

"And now that leads us to the question of where they are now," YL said. "If they really are kidnapped, where are they taken too?"

"If the kidnappers set off on a ship, then things will be hard…" Popo said. "We'll never be able to track them down in the open sea like this…"

"Maybe we should contact other people using communication devices or something…" Nana suggested.

"Or maybe we can go look for them over there," TL said all of a sudden. He was looking out the porthole and the others came over to see what he was looking at.

Not to far away from the ocean liner, they could see a large tropical island. "I'm willing to bet that the bad guys are at that island," he continued.

"What makes you think so?" Popo asked.

"When we were looking for the adults, I saw that the boat hangar's hatch was open and it was facing in the direction of that island as well."

Ness placed his hand on his chin and said, "He does make a good point… While we are not entirely sure about this, I think the best solution we have now is that island…"

"What's that island anyway? Was it there yesterday?" Nana asked.

"I do remember that the ship was sailing fairly close to that island yesterday night when we were going for dinner," Diddy said.

"It's useless if we just sit here and do nothing though, so I think we might as well get moving and head to that island," Young Link suggested. "I'm sure we'll be able to find something there."

And thus the Smashers decided that they will do this. They told the other children about what they were planning to do and told them to stay on the ocean liner until they came back and also assigned more matured ones to look after the younger ones. After they grabbed some food supplies from the kitchen, the Smashers headed for the hanger and selected themselves a rowboat.

They pushed the rowboat out of the hatch and dropped it onto the sea and all sat down on it. TL stood up at the front of the boat and pointed his sword in the direction of the island and said out loud, "All right! Let's go and look for the adults!"


Gillax Island

That was the name of the island that the Smashers were heading too. Apparently, they weren't the first ones to arrive at the island as there was another group of people who had settled down on this island since yesterday.

On one side of the island there was a ship that had the masthead built in the likeliness of a lion docked at the shore, and the black flag with a skull and crossbone that was wearing a straw hat implied that it was a pirate ship; the Straw Hat Pirates, to be precise.

"NAMI!!!! WHERE ARE YOU!??!?!?!!" screamed Sanji like crazy as he ran around the ship like it was on fire. "NAMI!!!! RESPOND TO ME!!!!"

"Shut up already, you damned cook!" Zoro said to him. "We've already concluded that there is no one else on this ship besides us anymore! She's not going to show up if you keep on calling her!"

As Sanji fell to the floor crying like a little kid, Luffy came into the scene with a confused look. "Strange… Where did Nami, Usopp, Franky, and Brook go? They were supposed to be guarding the ship. They don't listen to captain's orders, do they?"

Chopper, in his original deer form, came up to him and said, "It seems like someone else came onto this ship also."


"Yeah, I smelled some unfamiliar odors here asides from our usual crew," he continued while changing into his 'cute' form. "Do you think…?"

"Perhaps they were taken by savages of the island and killed?" Robin said as she popped out from the cabin.


"Don't scare him like that…" Zoro told her. "So in summary, someone came onto this ship while we were gathering food supplies on this island and these people probably kidnapped those four. Am I right?"

"That would seem to be the case," Robin nodded. "But I find it strange that Franky and Brook would be captured so easily considering their powers. It would seem that their opponents are very powerful or maybe they used some sort of dirty trick to capture our comrades."

"Okay, so bad guys took our crew members away, right?" Luffy said. "If that is the case, we will go rescue our comrades and give those bad guys a good beating!"

Sanji suddenly stood up with fire all over his body and shouted out loud, "COUNT ME IN!!!! I'M GOING TO TEACH THOSE BASTARDS A LESSON FOR KIDNAPPING MY NAMI-SAN!!!!!"

Luffy turned to Chopper and asked, "So Chopper, do you know where the bad guys went to?"

"It seems that their scent went towards the island," Chopper replied.

Luffy then turned to the jungle of Gillax Island and said, "Okay then! If the bad guys are on this island, let's go and beat them up! Wait up, guys! We're going to rescue you all soon!"


Meanwhile, the Smashers had arrived onto the shore of Gillax Island. They stepped out from the rowboat and walked up the sandy shore and looked at the entrance of the jungle. "This jungle looks creepy…" Nana said.

"Doesn't look much different from Congo Bongo," Diddy commented.

"Are you sure the kidnappers are in there?" Popo asked.

"We won't be sure until we go deeper," TL said. Pointing his sword at the jungle, he said bravely, "Okay, let us go and look for the adults and give whoever is behind this a beating of their lifetime!"


Master Bate (and Lolly Con even if she didn't appear) is the only OC here.

I hope this starting chapter is enough to get your attention. Since this is a SSB/One Piece crossover, the SH Pirates are going to get equal amount of spotlight as well. Hope you stick with me until the end of this story which I will try my best to work on!

One thing I want everyone to take note of however is that the antagonists of this story (whoever they are) will be very, very, very, very, very spiteful ones, to the point that you might even be offended. You have been warned.