Final Chapter
The End of the Voyage! Let Us Meet Again Someday!

Both the ocean liner and the Thousand Sunny were sailing parallel to each other. The passengers aboard the ocean liner were all standing along the deck waving good-bye to the Straw Hats and thanking them for their help.

"You guys really are a great help," Master Bate said to the pirates, "Such a pity that you people are considered villains by the government."

"It's all right," Luffy said. "We're used to this already. Anyway, we'll be taking our leave now."

"Take care!" Link said to them.

"Hope we can meet again someday!" Toon Link said to them. "You guys are the most awesome bunch of pirates I've ever met!"

The Thousand Sunny slowly turned to leave in its own direction and the people of both sides continued waving and shouting to each other until both sides can no longer hear each other.

A day later, the Smashers were back in Smash Mansion enjoying their usual life.

The Super Sofa Slackers (it was renamed Slackers when they realized Slouchers wasn't a word) were doing their best activity—lying on the sofa and watching TV.

"AP Flums has been disbanded," the news reporter said. "The passengers of the ocean liner that promoted the Master Bate movie were taken prisoners by the evil organization, but it was also because of this that led to the downfall of the villains. The military managed to track down their hideout and put an end to them once and for all."

As Link came walking into the room, Falco said to him, "You guys really do get yourselves into all sort of things, don't you?"

"Yeah, you can say that," Link replied. "We only wanted to have a nice cruise on the ocean, but who knew?"

"But of all the people in the organization which are either found dead or taken into captivity," the news reporter continued, "Only one remains missing and there are still no news on his whereabouts." A picture appeared on the top left corner of the screen showing Wonmoment. "One of the strongest and most dangerous members of the group named Wonmoment escaped the before the military arrived."

"This guy…" Link thought. "It really worries me that he is the one who escaped."

"So he's the guy you said is impossible to fight against?" Ganondorf said.

"Yeah, pretty much. Hope that he doesn't cause any trouble out there and hope that they find him soon…"

"For the next report," the news reporter said, "We will interview Tokutaro Bates, the actor of Master Bate, about his thoughts on some of the criticisms regarding the movie."

Hearing this, Link called out loud at the door, "Hey guys! I'm sure you will be interested to see this!" No sooner after he shouted, the door slammed open and Ness, Young Link, Diddy, and the Ice Climbers came rushing in and stood in front of the TV.

"Sit down! I can't see like this!" Bowser told them.

The TV showed a reporter interviewing Master Bate in his full costume, "So Mr. Bates… What do you think about the people who rated your movie? According to them, this movie was somewhat of a letdown even if it is the first major movie of the franchise. Criticisms involved the lack of screen time for Lolly Con, the usage of a different villain other than Ogre Gazm and the fact the new villain isn't as cool, and also several pacing issues. What do you have to say in your defense?"

"Damn those critics!" Ness cursed. "They can't say a nice word, can they?"

"But I love the movie!" Diddy said.

Master Bate cleared his throat and replied, "All I can say is that people have their opinions. However, they perhaps expected too much from this movie in the first place that they were disappointed by it. They may complain all they want, but it does not change my opinion about this movie being a very well made one. Why not ask them this? Do they think they can make a better movie and come up with a better plot? Surely they have no right to complain about this if they cannot make a better movie. In the end, it's best that you refrain from listening to negative critics. This movie is without doubt a successful no matter what they say. Do not let the words of critics such as them polluted your minds and ignore their words as if they are unnecessary dusts floating through the air. Critics who say those will never get statues of honor."

"Well said!" YL thought.

"It's good to hear your defense on this, but would you think that you said to be a backlash against critics?" the reporter asked him.

"It's about time people like us show them a piece of our mind. It's not always their position to judge the things that we make. One should be proud of his or her own works and not let others take down your pride with their harsh words," MB replied. "The critics should know that their negative words can wound people deeply! We put our effort into everything only for them to trample it on the ground? Not a chance! People who criticize are those cannot truly appreciate media of any kind!"

"I really like that guy," Nana said, sounding very touched. "He is the greatest!"

"He's pretty likeable all right!" G&W agreed. "You don't see much people standing tall and defending himself from critics in this method!"

"So did you guys enjoy the movie in the end?" Link asked the kids.

They turned around with smiles on their faces and gave large nods with their heads. "We love it!"


I know it's not very much of an ending. I really can't think of what else to put in, but think of this as more of an epilogue rather than a real chapter. I can't say that this is my best and proudest work either as I believe that there are some parts that could be done better and that more effort could be put into it.

As for Wonmoment, you should know it already that you won't be seeing the last of him. Someday, sometime, he will return in the future.

Anyway, I appreciate that you manage to sit through everything. I'm still glad that I got this story finished even though I somewhat lost a bit of interest halfway.

Perhaps I should put more effort into stories that I actually want to work on next time? Luckily I have a lot planned out my next story and I can't wait to start it. I have the rough done already and I can already tell the difference in writing style that this one will be a very well made.

In case some people don't know yet, this story's plot is a combination of the Crayon Shin-chan movie The Storm Called The Jungle and the Doraemon movie Nobita's South Sea Adventure.

Stay tuned as the Godzilla, the King of Monsters, goes on rampage in my next story!