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"Geez what an expensive setup! Thirty thousand yen for a basic upgrade and hardware cleaning? The whole freaking labtop cost less!" Hiraga Saito a seventeen year old orphan gaming addict complained as he walked back to the shelter. He was hoping to find a job programming somewhere, but not only where the only decent courses full up top but they had waiting lists longer than your average phonebook making his chances of getting in the same as surviving Russian Roulette with an automatic gun.

"Eh?" he asked noticing a strange green design in the air in front of him. He looked left and right but no one seemed to notice it, pity he didn't look behind himself, but if he did we'd basically have canon. What he missed was a bolt of red energy coming at him like a fatboy bomb its origin a misfired Turn-you-into-a-cabbit-machine! courtesy of one Ryoga Hibiki. He reached out to the design and poked it then realized his finger was now stuck, at least he couldn't pull it back as his hand sunk in. "ACK! LEGGO YOU PIECE OFF…!!!" Saito started to shout just as the bolt hit him and instantly in his place was a cross between a cat and a rabbit and god knows what else, it was very cute though.

Its paw stuck in the array the cabbitfied Saito swung into the thing and was suddenly surrounded by nothing but darkness. "Miyaa! Mya, mya MIIIYAAAA!!!" it shouted then all of a sudden BAAAAAAAAAAAAAM!!!! And he was dizzy, barely able to put two thoughts together as his brain tried to reboot. "….miyaaaaaaaa…" he mewed pitifully not fully aware of the extent of his transformation.

"Well Miss Valliere. You appear to have summoned… an… um… hmm you know I've never seen a creature quite like it in all my years. I believe it may be some kind of chimera. A composite creature, although a relatively harmless looking one." A voice said through the haze, literally and mentally and a pair of boots with what looked like a long blue dress walked through it and Saito had the sensation of being picked up by the skin on his neck and upper back, but painless.

Saito blinked, it was all he could do. His body felt… wrong but right. It was most defiantly not the one he was used to but it was very, very comfortable. He then blinked again when he was face to face with a face that was roughly the size of a van, middle aged, glasses wearing and balding. //What the fuck?// he thought while the words came out as "Miya mi, mya?" he said then clapped his hands… paws!? Over his mouth. He freaked.

"Um... Miss Valliere I believe you should comfort it, your familiar appears to be quite distraught." Colbert said handing the squirming miyaing Saito to her and she held him under the arms.

"Hey now… calm down little one. No one's going to hurt you." Louise said in a calm tone disguising her excitement. She had a rare familiar! One so rare that even Mr. Colbert couldn't tell what it was! Beat that Kirche! Plus hers was so much cuter, no one could beat her… chimera in cuteness! It even had a sweet little gem in the middle of its forehead. Lucky! She thought giggling inwardly like a little schoolgirl. (Okay yea she technically is a little schoolgirl…)

//What the hell's going on?! Have I been abducted by giants or something?! What the hell!?// he thought in panic looking around scared, then looked up at the sky, two moons. Three! Two! One! K.O! The cabbit was out for the count!

"Oh dear it looks like your familiar has passed out Ms. Valliere. Perhaps the excitement at being summoned was too much for the poor creature." Colbert said sympathetically. "All right then class you all have the rest of the day off as well as second period for the remainder of the month to bond with your familiars. Get to know them, find a good name and learn of their abilities. A familiar is more than a pet and servant, a familiar is oftentimes a mages closest and dearest friend." Colbert said by way of lecture as Louise walked back to the main group almost skipping. "Now everyone, good day. And Class Dismissed!" he announced with a slight bow before walking off intent on researching Louise's fascinating new friend.

Louise for her part was happily humming as she scratched behind one of her familiar's overlarge ears getting an unconscious purr like a housecat. She giggled at this cute response that only fit the image of her tiny creature.

"Well Zero I must say I'm shocked! You actually summoned something! A pathetic looking something but I suppose with your track record you'll take what you can get." Kirche said looking down on her again.

"PATHETIC!? Look my familiar in the face and say that!" Louise said her shout rousing the cabbit as she shoved the small animal in Kirche's face.

"Miyaa?" it said blearily rubbing at its eyes in an adorable manner. Louise for her part was snickering at the blush forming on her classmates face. Hesitatingly Kirche reached up and scratched it behind the ears getting a half garbled purr. It started shaking its head quickly and started squirming as if trying to get away.

"Ack! Don't squirm you silly thing I might drop you!" Louise ordered but she wasn't heeded and the little thing slipped right out of her hands.

//Holy crap!// he thought in a panic bracing himself for impact, and waited, and waited, and waited. Cracking open an eye nervously Saito saw the ground, but it wasn't getting any closer. //………I know my aim's bad but how the hell do you miss hitting the ground?!// he mentally demanded righting in midair and taking a thinking position. Legs and arms crossed with the head tilted. "Mya?" he mumbled his brain working on overtime with his 'nap' having calmed him down earlier. //Okay Saito. How do you feel?// he thought. //Hmm… hungry, but that's normal. Warm and comfy, a little abnormal but not too much so. I'm covered in fur… that's nowhere near normal. There are two moons out in the middle of the day, again nowhere near normal. I'm roughly the size of a cantaloupe and surrounded by people my age in school uniforms with all sorts of weird ass animals… … … … conclusion, I've been abducted by aliens, transformed into some sort of psychic rabbit and adopted as a pet. Holy crap.// he thought just before Louise plucked him out of the air.

"Well you're just full of surprises aren't you my pet?" she asked and not really knowing what else to do Saito gave a small nod. "You can understand me?" she asked surprised and Saito nodded much more noticeably this time.

"So… what is it supposed to be? It's cute I'll give you that but nothing on my little pet here." Montrancy said holding a small green and brown frog.

//So… I'm being compared badly… to this?// Saito thought reaching out with a paw to poke the unresponsive frog. He nudged it a couple of times, no response. "Myaaa?" it was the only sort of sound he could really make then the frog jumped on his face. "MIYAA!" he shouted rolling backwards off Louise's hands, into midair and throwing the annoying thing away while hovering instinctively.

"Careful now you cute little thing." Louise said biting back a laugh at the panicking Montrancy as she plucked her familiar out of the air. "Getting into fights with another mages familiar is considered to be in bad taste you know." She said gently setting his mind awhirl.

//Mages? Familiars? So… not aliens then I was transformed and summoned by magic? Well… okay I'm just gonna wait to see if I wake up any time soon. If not I'll freaking deal with it then.// he thought absently purring while getting a belly rub. //Yea this girl is dead set on spoiling me rotten. I can work with that.// he realised, not that he minded though.

"So what's the little one's name?" a new voice asked and Saito cracked an eye to see a girl of obvious Japanese descent in a maid outfit.

"I haven't thought of anything yet. It seems to be a very young member of its kind but with magical creatures that can mean anything from two hours to two hundred years." Louise said holding Saito up high and he panicked when he realized what she was about to do. "Well it's a boy from what I can tell." She said and Saito started freaking out.

"MYAMIMIMIIIIYAAA!!!" came from the cabbit and Louise had the sense to lower him realizing his discomfort.

"Sorry. I didn't realize you'd mind that much…" she said a little nervously getting the feeling that her familiar was essentially reading her the riot act as it kept Miyaing at her. "All right I apologise! It was an invasion of your privacy." She said and her familiar huffed and nodded.

"Come on... Flame let's get you something good to eat." Kirche said naming her salamander and walking off.

"That's right we need a name for you." Louise said holding Saito up to face level as she started to absentmindedly walk to her room. "How about... Oxnard?" she asked and Saito shook his head vehemently. "Maxwell?" another shake. "Simon?" another no.

//Saito! It's Saito.// he thought while Miyaing */It's Hiraga Saito!/* he sent unknowingly as he shook his head at Forrester.

"Hiragasaito?" Louise said confused then her eyes widened when he nodded. "Hiragasaito... strange name..." she mused then raised an eyebrow as the chimera raised two paws together in front of it and then separated them.

"Mi." Saito started moving his left paw. "Yaa." He finished moving his right one.

"Hiraga Saito?" she asked then he nodded.

"So Hiraga... strange name." Louise noted but Saito snorted.

"Yaa, Yaa." He mewed holding out his right paw.

"Saito then?" she asked and got a nod. Then she blinked. "I just had a conversation with something that can only meow... strange." She said then grinned when Saito huffed.

//How did she hear me? I can't say anything. Unless...// Saito got thinking */Can you hear me now?/* he asked concentrating his thoughts towards her and was rewarded when her eyes widened.

"I heard that! How are you doing it? Do we have some kind of link?" she asked.

*/I don't know, one minute I was myself the next I was like this, then that explosion and seeing I wasn't on my world anymore.../* he started to explain.

"You were a person?!" Louise asked shocked barely noticing that he was now floating because she let go. He was actually crouched down in midair as if resting on an invisible shelf.

*/I still am a person! I just... I don't know did you do this to me?/* he asked his tone full of accusation.

"No! I didn't. I couldn't! I'm not that powerful! The spell was just a summoning, it shouldn't have done anything else." She explained worried that she messed up again.

*/Then that flash of light was from my world... hooeee crap./* he sent while Miyaing dejectedly. */ I didn't even know people could be transformed like that on my world./* Louise heard.

"Well, you're my familiar now and I really don't think it's possible to send you back... or make you human. From what I remember transforming things into humans almost never turns out well." Louise explained and was privy to seeing a cabbit sigh.

*/So now what?/* he asked and Louise floundered.

"Well you're my familiar now so it's expected for me to take care of you, and I will. No one else has such a unique familiar! Besides, whatever you are now you're the cutest thing I've ever seen! You're like a fuzzy cross between a rabbit and a cat with big, ears that stick up whenever you're excited." She said plucking him out of the air. "And you make the cutest sounds imaginable. No one else such a cute little companion!" she said scratching him behind the ears and getting a purr out of him. She kept it up ignorant of the fact that she was just about to hit a sweet spot on the neck that could put any cabbit straight to sleep. She giggled when she heard some light snoring. "I guess he was really worn out with everything that's happened." She noted as she opened her room door and putting the tiny animal onto her pillow.

"I'd better find Professor Colbert." Louise said before leaving the room. It took her awhile to get across the large campus and had to pause for breath outside his office door. "Why do they always insist at having their offices so high up?" she asked before knocking on the thick oaken door.

"Come in." Came the kind teacher's voice and Louise opened the door. "Ah Miss Valliere. How are you getting to know your new friend? Are you having any problems with the little fluff ball?" he asked gently as he put down a book based on composite creatures.

"Not a problem per say Professor. I've actually been able to talk to it and get its name. He's called Saito and from what I've learned he was a human until just before I summoned him where a red light of some kind changed him into what he is." Louise said and he looked up astonished.

"Really? That's amazing, it would certainly explain why I can't pin down a species for it. Still the fact that you summoned not only an otherworldly being but a transformed one as well is rather troubling. A normal summon familiar spell lacks the raw power to reach another world. Furthermore there's a high level transmutation effect that would be needed to change a human into something so different." Colbert said rubbing his chin.

"Um, professor is there any way to break such a spell?" she asked and he shook his head.

"Only an extremely high levelled mage could even create such an effect, nullifying it could prove fatal without the original caster aiding the attempt. With so many variables in species and such anything less than an extremely powerful spirit will likely cause more harm than good. Still unique or not your familiar is still your responsibility, even more so than a normal one. I hope you're up for the challenge." Colbert said and Louise was confused.

"Um, professor how is it harder? If he can send me his thoughts then it'll be really easy to know what he needs." She asked.

"Louise, your familiar is fully aware and since he used to be human he'll be expecting the same treatment and respect you give a classmate. In his case with his past he'll undoubtedly be bitter if you treat him like a pet to be spoiled over a partner to respect and work beside. Most familiars such as Guiche's mole or Kirche's salamander will simply consider themselves extensions of their masters. However familiars such as yours or Tabitha's already have a fully developed identity meaning that it will on occasion argue with you, disagree and at times prove you wrong. It also means it can act on its own should something happen to you." Colbert explained.

"Then what would Saito consider me?" Louise asked a little nervously hoping she didn't make the wrong impression.

"I'm not sure, most advanced familiars like yours usually consider the mage something of an elder sibling. Tabitha's Melody Dragon refers to her as such. However for all we know Saito could have been a grizzled old man when he was changed."

"No his uh, voice was young around my age." Louise interjected.

"Then he'll most likely see you as a friend. You should be careful though, the fact that Saito was created by magic and can both speak with his mind and walk upon air suggests that he's holding a great deal of mystical power. Of what type though I cannot say." Colbert said with a sigh. "Where is he anyways?"

"I was giving him a scratch behind the ears when he fell asleep. He's on my pillow." Louise said and Colbert nodded.

"Well that's a good place for him. If you give him an extra pillow to sleep on so he doesn't have to share your bed will be helpful. Outside of that I'm simply not sure. You'll have to let him guide the way you treat him." Colbert advised and Louise nodded at the wisdom in this. She left shortly afterwards and was deep in thought as she went back to her room.

//A formally human familiar, what a mess.// she thought as she walked into her room. "Why can't anything ever be easy?" she said sighing but couldn't help but smile as she heard a tiny snore. She walked up to her bed and gently kneeled down so she could be level with the tiny creature. When she was only an inch away her smile broadened. "No one has to know you're so different. As far as they're concerned you just a cute little familiar." She said gently. Then gasped as the gem on his forehead flashed and she had a falling sensation.

"What the!? Where am I?" Louise asked in shock looking at the tall buildings of smooth rock and glass around her with roads that resembled cobblestone but were painted, smooth, and black with bright candleless lamps standing too tall to be readily lit. (A modern city by her point of view.) "What kind of place is this?" she asked in awe. "No moons? Just the sun?" she asked looking at the sky.

"It's Tokyo, my home." A voice said behind her vaguely familiar as her familiar's mental voice. She spun around and saw a boy her age in deep blue clothing and messy black hair with brown eyes, the exact same shade as Saito's.

"S-Saito!?" she stuttered amazed.

"That's me." He said and she noticed an echoing timbre to his voice.

"What is this place? How did I get here?" she asked and he shrugged.

"It looks like Tokyo City to me, right under the apartment complex I lived at before the fire. I have no clue how you got here thought sorry." He said looking up at the largest nearby building that was twenty stories tall.

"You lived here?" she said following his gaze near to the top.

"Yes right around there to be accurate." He said pointing to a pair of windows near the centre and the top. "Eighteenth floor apartment twelve, I was away at school when it happened ten years ago. A fire broke out on the twelfth floor and because of constant construction everyone ignored the fire alarm until it was too late. My parent's tried to escape through a window but the fire rushed out after the fresh air. My father shielded my mother long enough for her to fall out the window and land almost straight on her head." He said walking away a bit and Louise followed.

As they arrived at the alley side of the building the whole area suddenly changed into a nightmare with fire smoke and screams being present. In a mangled heap in front of them there was what once was a woman but was now simply a charred husk thanks to some burning rubble landing on top. Louise looked up in horror to see fire blasting out of the window he had indicated earlier. Saito looked resolutely at the rubble covered pavement and marched on forwards. "Wait!" Louise called after him as he turned the corner and the whole area changed again. They were in the middle of a street with a graveyard in front of them with a sign on the entryway saying 92nd St Cemetery, there was laughter behind them and Saito audibly gasped when they turned and saw a three story building with kids playing outside and a sign on the wall reading 23rd St Orphanage.

"What's going on? How is this possible?" Louise asked stunned as she saw a younger version of Saito playing soccer.

"Asks the mage…" Saito noted with a bit of amusement. "I don't know myself but that orphanage is where I spent the last ten years. With the graveyard holding my parent's resting place. Did you do anything just before we ended up here? Because the last thing I remember I was small and fuzzy." Saito asked.

"I don't know you were on my pillow one second and I take a good look at you and then I'm here! It's not my fault!" she half shouted.

"Alright geeze! I was only wondering!" he said throwing up his arms. "Let's keep going this is just plain depressing." Saito said starting to walk off. He turned a corner and started blinking. It was a flat dark purple plain made of crystal with flying gems roughly the size of his torso all ruby red.

"Now where are we?" Louise asked breathlessly.

"I have no idea. I've never seen anything like in my life." He said and reached forwards after swallowing nervously and touching one of the floating crystals.

"Miiiiyaaaaaa!!!!" resonated around them. The crystal then became transparent and showed a cabbit staring out at him.

"What is this?" he asked in awe only to be responded by a barrage of Miyas. "Oh brother I can't understand it." He grumbled tapping on the crystal with his knuckle causing it to Miya indignantly. "Do I really sound like that as a… rabbit?" he asked Louise.

"Um kinda…" Louise said warily.

"No wonder that redhead had hearts in her eyes." He said wryly "If I was in that form in my world I probably would have been smothered to death in less than an hour."

Louise giggled at that and walked up to a large flat wall. The rest were on slight angles but this one went straight up and was perfectly smooth. "Hey this one's different from the rest." She said and he walked over.

"Looks like some sort of monitor from a Sci-Fi flick." He noted confusing Louise but he tapped on it and was stunned when his hand passed through. "So it only blocks sight." He said and stepped through.

"Wait for ouff!" Louise said walking straight into a very solid, flat surface.

"Louise? Hey you there?" Saito asked turning around. He reached out to the wall behind him but it was solid. "Oh crap. I've seen the movies, this is never good." He said and suddenly the floor tilted and he started to slide down trying to grab at the perfectly smooth walls. "Ooooooooohhhh craaaaaaappp!" he shouted before slamming into the bottom. "Oww." He muttered picking himself up and brushing himself off. He looked behind himself in time to see the chute disappear. "Oh yea, I'm screwed."

He started walking forwards figuring he might as well get it over with when he came up to a mostly empty room with a bunch of… holograms? "Me?" he asked seeing himself as he was right now in front of him. Then it collapsed in on itself and reformed into a tiny creature floating at eye level. His cabbit form. Then it shifted and there stood… some weird kinda mix straight out of an otaku's fantasy. It looked like him but with long elf like ears, fur that was his skin colour covering his body, long black wild hair reminiscent of the smaller form's ears, the gem still dead centre in the forehead, and his pants on. "What the hell? Some sort of fangirl's dream boyfriend?" he asked noting how the hair on it was his normal shade on the outside but inside it was… cyan?

He blinked as the image changed again and backed up as it turned into… something. It was made of pure black crystal with a red orb dead centre. It had a massive central spire aiming downwards the earth with numerous smaller spires also aiming down but at angles, there were five more spires aiming slightly up at angles cradling the red orb. As well as three going horizontally then gaining another much larger spike on the end that shot back towards the orb and ending up just above it, looking like they were trapping it but there was more than enough room for the orb to leave between the spires.

"What does this mean?" he asked before a white haze covered everything and he opened his eyes to see a very large Louise in front of him blinking owlishly. //What the hell was that about?!// he mentally demanded physically giving out a Miya.

"Oh I have crick in my legs!" Louise announced dramatically and Saito sweatdropped. //She takes a joy ride through my memories and all she has to say is that her legs are cramped!?// he thought incredulously. He turned to look outside and noticed it was night time. "Ack! It's late!" she half shouted in surprise and Saito turned in shock when he heard her changing. Then had to muffle a snort.

//Good grief! I've got a bigger chest then her!// he thought before laughing hysterically.

"What's so funny!?" Louise demanded narrowing her eyes.

*/Oh nothing, nothing at all./* he sent doing his best to keep a straight face. It wasn't easy. //Maybe she doesn't remember any of it? I guess it fits right in with the weirdness that's happened today…// he mused as she flopped onto the bed and under the blankets she started to doze off and he hopped onto her stomach. */Goodnight Louise./*he sent.

"Goodnight, Saito" she said blearily before falling asleep. And Saito in his lazy new body was right behind her.

Authors Notes.

Again I'd like to thank Tigee86 for the idea and again my friend if you ever want an Omake just send me a message, I'll whip something up. This is going to be very different from his story for obvious reasons but a not so obvious one is the mindset difference between Ranma and Saito. Ranma's was a secluded peaceful dojo because he's never really lived anywhere long enough for it to impact him. Saito's is that shifting city because he's lived in Tokyo all his life and still sees it as home. Yet it's also been different things for him. And yes the crystal area was indeed a cabbit spaceship but Saito doesn't know that yet.