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The Strange and Wondrous Tale of the Salvation of Rorek of Knol.


In which I introduce myself as the main focus of this tale.

To whomever it may concern:

My full title is: Rorek of Knol, husband of Zatanna, father of Abigail, son of the corrupt noble Serak of Knol, and proficient user of many dark arts and wizardries.

Now, before you throw away this book and condemn it as a book of blasphemies, and I would not blame you if you did so at the mention of 'wizardries,' I shall also mention that I am a member of the laity of the Roman Catholic Church.

This book was written under the careful supervision of Brother Mark, my close friend, and a deacon in the aforementioned church. Without his help, I would never be writing within these pages. He has taught me everything I know about the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

Now, with myself fully introduced, I now begin my story of how my sin became my redemption.

How the tools of the devil brought forth the will and word of the Lord.

Chapter 1

In which I reveal the events of my early childhood.

This information is what I could gather from various accounts of my babyhood. By all accounts, including my own, I was born as heir to a sinner.

Serak of Knol, lord of a fiefdom of the same name, was loved by none, yet no one of any power that would pose a threat to him ever noticed him.

One of his great practices of my father, and a gift I inherited in my blood as a result, was reading and performing acts of black magic, acts that had horrible results, or precursors.

I, being a member of the church now, believe the reason wizardry is in my blood is this: My father broke each and every one of God's Ten Commandments. How he did, I shall now illustrate:

1: Thou shall not have any other gods before me.

Serak of Knol, to maintain his prowess with dark magic, worshiped every name of the devil he could get his hands on. In addition, he forbade public Christian worship.

2: Thou shall not make for yourself a graven image, nor fall down and worship it.

Serak of Knol, for the 30th anniversary of his birth, ordered a statue of Loki, a statue of Hades, and a statue of Skath built in his courthouse, and he made offerings to them on a regular basis.

3: Thou shall not take the name of the Lord in vain.

The only time Serak of Knol invoked the name of the Holy Father was when he called upon him to damn the souls of the many 'criminals' he persecuted.

4: Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy.

In the fiefdom of Serak of Knol, there were no holy days for rest. Everyone worked for his pleasure, without ever stopping.

5: Honor thy Father and thy Mother.

Serak of Knol never paid any special services to his ancestors. His father and mother were just another sacrifice to Satan for him, and that is precisely what he did with them. Which brings us to the next commandment:

6: Thou shall not kill.

Serak of Knol ordered thousands put to death; some for demon-worship, some for sadistic pleasure. He even carried out hundreds of those executions himself.

7: Thou shall not commit adultery.

The wife of Serak of Knol was only a tool by which he could have a son who would continue his blasphemies. I am thankful to no longer be that son. He raped and tortured many a young woman on a regular basis, for joy at others pain.

8: Thou shall not steal.

Serak of Knol made sure every coin his subjects made went into his coffers. The peasants, unable to make even a tolerable living, prayed for death. But it never came, thanks to one of His many dark curses, one that kept them working despite their ails. The only time starving people were allowed to die was when he had a blasphemous rite to perform.

9: Thou shall not bear false witness against thy neighbor.

Serak of Knol constructed outright lies about any member of his court who displeased him. Everyone believed, and the offending courtier was put to death without hesitation.

10: Thou shall not covet thy neighbor's house; Thou shall not covet thy neighbor's wife, nor his manservant, nor his maidservant, nor his ox, nor his ass, nor anything that is your neighbor's.

Everything that existed, Serak of Knol wanted. If someone else possessed something that he wanted, he would commit many of the acts that I have already listed to get it.

If ever there was any decency in my father's heart, the black magic he gained from many a deal with the tempter has cast it out of him, replacing it with madness and greed.

And it went all unnoticed by the higher authorities, because of another of Serak's many unnatural acts: he enchanted anyone who could pose a threat to his actions with a curse of ignorance. The King himself, who should have been concerned, assumed someone else would be taking care of it. And so did the next person down on the scale of rank. And the next. And the next. All the way down until Serak is reached. In this way, my evil father committed every imaginable sin in the world, unpunished.

You will understand the pain those that weren't blinded by Serak's spells felt. Especially those of the church of Knol, forced underground by the laws my father laid down. So, when Serak's mistress bore a son, a blessed plot was developed to return the word of Christ to Knol. After receiving holy approval, a lone worshiper stole into the castle, and grabbed the son, Me, from the hands of my nurse. She did not object, for she was a secret christian herself.

They took me to the church they had set up inside a cellar, hidden from the outside world. They hurriedly blessed the water, took off what wrappings I was wearing, and soon all was ready for my baptism. The priest held me,an infant of barely a year, and said "Young one, I baptize you in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen." and then he took a handful of water from the basin, and held it over my head, to throw it over my head three times.

Now, it will be keen to point out that I am, and always have been since I was born, afraid of water. Otherwise, you will take the events that followed as a horrible omen: Before any drop of the holy water touched my brow, I screamed a baby's scream, and all of the blessed water exploded in a shower of vapor. With no water to baptize me as a result.

There was yet another consequence to this act: My father's heightened senses detected the magic that was released as a result of my scream. He went over to his various devices of magical sight, and saw that I was very close to being in the presence of God, which would destroy all prospects of me succeeding him. With no time to spare, he roused his soldiers of evil and rode out on his fastest horse.

Before more holy water could be readied to try baptizing me again, warriors of every variety of ugliness and taint broke down the doors of the makeshift church. Serak himself beat on every man of religion within the area. Soon, everyone was taken to the castle.

The following is the account of a child, of christian upbringing, who lay concealed amongst the crowd as the horrid act took place: he saw the priest and his accomplices, with all of their clothes removed and burned, and all of their limbs tied to a group of horses-four horses per person. Serak was standing nearby, and when he was ready, he waved his hand to rob them of their sleep.

Here's the dialogue I'm told took place:

Serak: "I hope you understand why my commands should be obeyed without question. These so-called 'priests' of a false god tried to induct my single heir into their flawed religion. For that, I shall have them ripped apart by my finest war-horses."

Priest: "You say we are of a false religion, but there is only one religion! You dare to worship ten! You are more of a sinner than any of us here! We were not blinded like the higher nobility were; we had the light of God to shine truth through your lies."

Serak: "You're the liars here! Everything I say is truth! No one is more supreme than I, Not even God. Horses! Go!"

And with that, the horses ran as if away from a loud noise. The priest's arms and legs came off in a shower of blood that desperate people trampled each other to get a chance to drink it. All as my father watched, content in his face, blackness forever in his heart.

And so I grew, Rorek of Knol, unbaptized. Or so I thought. Eventually, when I was old enough to practice my 'gift,' I remembered the attempt made by those bold churchmen. It was then I noticed: My father, when he summoned dark energy, it was colored red, whereas mine was white, the color of purity.

I did not feel like using my power for personal gain at all, either. A fact that should have scared my father, considering what I would do later.


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