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Now onto the story, which takes place a few years after the War of the Ring.

- Prologue

Legolas fluttered his eyes as daylight broke; he had been sleeping outside that night. The sun gently caressed his face as it slowly rose into the sky. For some reason he had not managed to find rest, even now that the war was over. Something troubled him. He felt that something was wrong, and yet he did not know what or how that could be. Everything in Middle Earth seemed to be at peace, serene and there was hardly anything to worry about these days, yet some feeling of dread lingered around him.

Legolas leaped out of the tree he had made his bed for the night, landing lightly on the soft lush grass. He lifted his eyes to the warm sunshine and tried to shrug off the feeling of dread that had been troubling his thoughts and dreams. He sighed, yet another day among his people, of the few that had survived the darkness that had washed over the lands some years ago.

He missed the fellowship, his true friends and family. Aragorn had been crowned king of Gondor shortly after the war, he remembered the day very well. The smile on the man's face as Legolas stepped aside to present the lady Arwen to him was both a warming memory as it was a sad one. He knew everything would be different from that moment on, his closest friend would grow to be a fine king, occupied by the matters of his people, his land and his wife. It had been a painful moment when Legolas had left to return to Mirkwood with his people.

Two years after the crowning Aragorn had come to visit Mirkwood, it had been a joyous day for Legolas to see his friend again. They had sorely missed each other and for the duration that Aragorn had been in Mirkwood, they were on hunting adventures almost every minute. Both needed a break from their royal positions among their people, just to be back in the wilds, back to their true selves.

On the second day of his visit, Aragorn received a summon from Lord Elrond in Rivendell. It said it was urgent, but without any other explanation as to why. Aragorn left immediately and despite his father's opposition Legolas went with him.

Once they had arrived in Rivendell a great darkness befell their world, Lord Elrond had grave news for Aragorn. Barely keeping the tears at bay, the elf told Aragorn that Arwen had fallen gravely ill in his absence. It had taken Aragorn many weeks to travel towards his friend and as untrackable as the ranger had been, no news could have reached him. Arwen, on the order of her father, had been moved towards Rivendell straight away. But her illness was beyond her father's hands, she was a mortal elf now and nothing could keep her sickness at bay.

Aragorn and Legolas had arrived to Rivendell only to witness her last moments upon Middle Earth. Aragorn was besides himself, knelt at her bedside he held his tears only long enough to send her off with a warm smile and all the love he carried for her. She had seemed to at peace with what was happening to her, she had made her choice long ago and had accepted the consequences of it.

Legolas had kept his respectful distance as he watched both her husband and father in great pain. It hurt him to see, but he knew he should let them have their last moments together in peace. He guarded the door, listening to the whispers and labored breathing of the dying elf. It wasn't until he heard a wail and uncontrollable sobs from Aragorn that he knew it was over, the Lady Arwen had left them that dark day.

The King of Gondor could not bear to return to Minas Tirith without his queen. His world had emptied, it made no sense without her by his side. He had send a messenger to Gondor, informing Faramir, his steward with the grave news. He had also left instructions for his loyal friend to remain in charge for a while longer, for he would not know when he would return and retake his position as King. The lands were safe, save for the occasional roaming orc raids and Faramir was more than capable of handling those matters.

Legolas had send word to his father as well, informing him he would not return to Mirkwood for as long as his best friend needed him. He could not possible leave him now. He remained with his friend for many months in Rivendell until his soul was healed enough for him to return to Gondor and continue with his life.

The bond that had grown between the man and the elf over the many years that they had been friends was strengthened only more in this time. Legolas became the person Aragorn depended on the most. The once proud composed king had fallen and broken to pieces. Legolas remained by his side continuously, was a shoulder to the man when he needed to weep and a silent ear to him when he needed to vent. He had been everything Aragorn needed in that time and Legolas had been grateful that he was to be that person for Aragorn.

Now that Aragorn had returned to Gondor after regaining most of his former self, Legolas felt lonely without him. He longed for his friends, for the fellowship in its entirety. The four hobbits had returned to the Shire, living their lives as they had before the war. He had heard in a letter from them, that Sam finally mustered the courage to profess his love for the woman he had loved for years and that later that year he had married her. Otherwise they mentioned the Shire not having changed at all, the hobbits in the Shire had continued their lives as they always had, before, during and after the war. Everything that had happened had bypassed them. Frodo, Sam, Merry and Pippin often felt it was surreal, they had gone through great adventures and no one at home believed them to be real. Except the children of course, like old Bilbo's stories, they couldn't get enough of it. It was both a blessing as it was a loneliness he remembered Frodo writing.

Gimli had returned to his kin after the war, he had heard from his close friend that he had begun a new quest with this kinsman. They were to find the remaining members of his kin, still wandering the lands and travel south to establish a new home for themselves in Aglarond. Last he heard they were still searching and making preparations for their journey. Legolas had offered his help, but Gimli had turned him down. He had told the elf that he was his dear friend, but that many of his kinsman did not share his newfound love of his elvish friends. It was better to steer clear still, perhaps one day he would convince his kinsmen that a new alliance between elves and dwarves would not be the worst thing.

Gandalf the White had returned to his wandering ways. Roaming Middle Earth from one corner to the other sharing wisdom and aiding folk of all kind to recover from the war of the ring. Many folk had fallen, not only to the evil armies from Mordor, but also other threats that had grown bold during the war. Often the white wizard had returned to Minas Tirith and the nearby Ithilien, where Faramir now lived with Eowyn. Though Lord and Steward now, the man still desired to know more from the wizard and Gandalf was happy to teach.

Again Legolas sighed, he was prince, yes, but hated it. He wished to go out, away from Mirkwood for a while, start another quest with the fellowship, even if there was no reason to. Just to be away from the utter boredom that seemed to be his life now. Whoever would have imagined, during the quest and war against Sauron, many would have wanted nothing else but peace and quiet. He being one of them, wishing for it every night. And now, after their wish had been granted, life just seemed dull. Of course he was thankful it was all over, of course he would not wish more harm upon Middle Earth, but life as it was, was not very exciting. Perhaps the feeling would fade overtime and he would feel the same as he did before the great war.

Yet the thought of going on another quest with his friends was intriguing. Just to be around all of them again, without the threat of Mordor weighing down on them as it had before. It certainly was inviting, but it not likely to happen, nor would another threat to Middle Earth be welcome to its inhabitants. The world was just beginning to rebuild from all the war had destroyed.

Besides, the others were happy where they were now, they probably did not even have the same desires as he did. They had everything they wanted and were happy with their lives. Even Aragorn managed to move on from his grief and slowly rebuild himself to be the man he used to be, a king. Legolas felt a sense of loneliness creep over him as he turned his eyes to the sky that was slowly growing brighter.

"If only..." he whispered to himself. Legolas' expression turned sad as his thoughts trailed off. The fellowship wasn't the only thing he missed, there was more to it than the eye could see. Residing in Mirkwood reminded him only of her, of a happier time.


Somewhere far from Mirkwood, a black hooded figure wandered though the edge Fangorn woods. It was seemingly wandering around without a purpose, to a bystander it would seem as if the person was lost. Whether it was a man, elf or orc one could not tell, the black robes covered the entire body and the hood was large enough not to show anything of its face.

The figure wandered to the edge of the forest, coming out of hiding and suddenly let out a desperate cry to the sky.

"Saruman! Tell me what to do! I am lost without thy council!" "Saruman! All thy have taught me, I do not know what to do Saruman!"

As if the sky itself was responding to the figure, the clouds gathered above the forest and the wind raised its force. Within only a few moments the trees were swaying, fighting against the strength of its assaulter. The figure stood strong, not moving an inch.

Suddenly lightning cracked from the dark clouds, only a few meters from the once unfaltering figure. A yelp could be heard as the person in black was thrown backwards from an invisible force. Smoke raised from where lightning had struck and slowly moved closer to the now barely conscious figure. The smoke seemed to take a more solid form, a man-shaped form clad in white smoke.

Although not recognizable in its form, a familiar voice rang from the smoke.

"You know what to do...my loyal apprentice. I have taught you all I know - you have all the tools to accomplish the task I left you with. Take revenge...you know what to do...this entire realm could be yours, but only if..."

The dark voice echoed around the hooded figure laying on the floor. Barely able to move the hooded figure gave small signs of recognition to the voice. Parting lips, it spoke

" Saruman, if you say I am ready, I am...but will you stay by my side?"

"I will always. I will give you strength and if you succeed in what you must do, I will come back by your hand. I am linked to you, my soul will not continue on, until your task is either complete or you fail and join me. You MUST succeed"

The voice of Saruman died out and the hooded person in black regained their senses.

"Yes..." the person hissed as two glowing red eyes could be seen from under the dark hood.

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