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22. No chance

"So you do recognize me still, perhaps because I returned the memory to you" the woman confirmed what Gandalf and Legolas had said.

"Lea...you're...alive...your hair...pitch-black...where...what...I do not understand" Legolas whispered in shock. "You left me to die there Legolas, Saruman found me and took care of me, teaching me the fine dark arts. And now I'm here to take revenge on you...and Middle-Earth, for what you did to me...and Saruman".

She then yelled a strange mordor spell and a great colored ball of magic appeared at her hands, which she evilly swung at the fellowship, 'causing them to divide.

None were hurt, as was the intention of the woman. Legolas still lay on the ground in front of the throne, puzzling about several things, his bow and quiver laying beside him. Lea did not seem to pay attention at the elven king, for she had focused on the others, one by one they would perish, she had said.

"Aragorn..." Legolas drifted back to reality and turned his head so he could see the battle behind him. Lea was throwing several dark magic spells towards the fellowship, some to powerful to be dodged. "No...don't...Lea...this isn't you...no" he whispered in shock.

The four hobbits stood together, being drifted apart from the others, scared they stood against each other, as if they would be stronger together, as if it would have even mattered as a dark ball of magic approached them. In the last moment, they tried to jump away... it partly worked, all were not hit fully, but they were hit none the less. They fell to the floor unconscious, though it did not show they had been hurt badly.

"Four down, four to go" Lea laughed as all eyes turned to the unconscious hobbits. "Frodo!" Aragorn immediately felt his protectiveness over the old ring-bearer, he could not help it as he ran for the small unconscious forms.

"No no no no no son of Arathorn, my replacer.." she hissed the last words with much fury, "they shall decorate my throne room for the moment, I will save their lives for later, so I can make sure you will not find each other back in the afterlife" a hysterical laugh followed, "The woman is insane" Gimli grumbled out loud.

The four hobbits left the floor with the same magic Legolas had en were clung to the wall, their heads hanging down.

"Insane am I master dwarf?" she focused her eyes upon the lone dwarf, "Gimli look out!" Legolas' voice suddenly echoed through the room, as Gimli instantly jumped aside, not seeing any attack. Then, behind them the wall crumbled down, indeed there had been an attack.

Lea sighed, "Must you interfere Legolas, can you not understand the dwarf could not get away with those words?".

With her eyes still upon Legolas, she lifted just but one finger and they all could hear Gimli roar in pain as he was swung against a pillar. "Three more to go" the evil laughter filled the room once more.

Gandalf looked at Aragorn, wondering who was next, she obviously saw no threat in Legolas, as she left him laying there upon the floor. Gandalf then realized what had to be done, after thinking quite some time.

Her heart was her weakness, her heart was still true deep inside and was the weakest point of the woman... Gandalf had known Lea from her birth until the day she left with Legolas. She was a sweet innocent woman, loving Legolas for all he was as did he do her. Her character wasn't one like many had and she could always bring a smile upon one's face, even if this one would be deeply depressed. No one could bring it upon itself to feel hatred for this beautiful young elven woman, she was like an angel...now turned into a demon...

It tore at Gandalf's heart and knew it would be even greater for Legolas, they had to kill her...Legolas had to slay the one he missed and loved so greatly, at least, back then.. His heart now belonged with Aragorn, though Lea had never really left, she had a special place...until now...

Gandalf decided Legolas should be able to protect himself, before he or Aragorn would be taken as well. All then heard Gimli's armor clash with the wall he was clung too. Aragorn looked in Gandalf's eyes and nodded silently, the potion had to get to Legolas...

Lea turned her head to her five trophies on the wall and smiled contently, not keeping her attention on the three before her.

"Her heart Legolas, her heart is her weakness!" Gandalf suddenly shouted as he threw the flask at Legolas. Lea turned her head to the Istari and her eyes showed her fury as she focused them on the flask flying towards the elf. "No" she simply spoke and the flask changed direction, flying past Legolas, falling, luckily unharmed, to the floor.

"No..." Gandalf said, knowing his attempt had failed and now he had to face the consequences for his action. "Mithrandir...I have known you all my life..." for some reason the voice suddenly softened, it almost seemed to be pleading for something, as if she felt sorry for what she was going to do. The rage within the eyes of Lea was gone, instead, her eyes were gloomy, as if an elf who was dreaming. Gandalf squinted his eyes, until they grew wider, realizing what was going on. His face turned as if he saw hope and turned to say something to Aragorn and Legolas, both looking at what happened before them.

But before sound could be from the Istari mouth, a loud enraged scream with a dark and strong spell took Gandalf. He fell to the floor as if strings were suddenly cut from a marionette. "Gandalf!" Legolas could not help himself cry out for his old friend. He then exchanged quick glances with his love as Gandalf was being clung to the wall next to Gimli. Legolas feared for his lover as he suddenly felt weariness creep back over him. Aragorn formed the words "I love you" with his lips, then changed his eyes to Lea, ready for her.

"Try and claim me as one of your trophies" he taunted, knowing it was useless to try and fight, but he would, he had no choice. Quickly Aragorn ducked form a new attack, his half-elven ability using to his advantage. Lea grew more angry, as she totally focused on trying to hit the human.

"I love you too Estel, thank you" Legolas whispered as he tried to crawl to the flask with his last strength. Tears fell from his eyes, it was ever so hard to move now, he knew death would claim him soon and he just couldn't bear the thought of Aragorn and his friends being in the clutches of his evil old love. He finally reached the flask and opened it, bringing it to his lips, as the liquid flowed into his mouth...

He was too exhausted by his actions thought and he felt darkness creep upon him again, "I'm...so...sorry...my...Aragorn..." he spoke with, what seemed his last breath. Legolas fell limply to the floor and the flask clung to the floor, rolling away empty.

The soft sound drew Aragorn's attention, "LEGOLAS! NO!" he screamed, not seeing a strong magic spell engaging on him...

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