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For over a year Sesshoumaru has sought the comfort of flesh from the most unlikely of lovers. But now has come the time for the InuYoukai lord to mate and acquire an heir, something his lover is unable to provide him with. In anguish said lover flees not knowing that the heir his former lover sought was now growing heavily within his womb.

I've actually been working on this since early August; this story actually has been a work-in-progress for a little more than a year. I love this pairing and since there aren't that many fics in regard to this couple so I decided to write one. Enjoy. But I wanted to see if you're able to guess who our mystery couple is and to help me decide whether are not to go through with it, and one you guys did. The winner is: jam; it's a Sesshoumaru & Miroku pairing. Good job email me at for your story jam. All you others enjoy.

Melody of the Broken Heartened

Chapter One


There are times I wonder if what I felt was truly love or merely in an obsession based on lust that easily gave way to childish notions of a prince on a white steed and a golden haired maiden in constant distress. But sadly the simple truth that had so carelessly evaded me for the last three months came to light, for he wasn't no prince charming and I certainly wasn't a blonde. But he was….so perfect, and I was so lonely. Obsession and lust easily clouded me and naivety deceipcally coursed through me.

But neither of us were prepared for the consequences of our liaison least of all me….

First Person P.O.V.

"Ahhh….Uhhh…Harder…." The words flowed easily from reddened lips.

"Grr…." Resonated from the ethereal being entire body. As he slowed his thrust into the ample flesh underneath, his partner gave out a loud moan. The youkai growled in pleasure, his inner beast practically purred as said partner flesh parted easily to allow his girth safe passage within the silky walls, nestling him within the tight heat.

He angled his thrust hitting the other prostate dead on causing his partner back to arch in hopes of getting more of that delicious pressure.


The youth beneath him bit quickly at the swollen lips in hopes of keeping the pleasurable noises contained. The man thrusting above did not like his lovers to make any type of sound. Quiet and pliant that was their deal. Wonder surged through the youth form as why he was so adamant about them using the term lovers when they met. It was the being above who decided when and where they would meet, other's desires meant little toward him. On the plus side the youkai rutting roughly over always made sure his lovers found their release.

They weren't making love this was just animalistic rutting; in other words fucking, plain and simple.

"Mhm…." Quickly the youth mouth closed. Fear radiating at the repercussion the youkai would take. The last time the raven-haired beauty even so much as gasp was their first time, as punishment the creature above had refused him release and had even spanked at his tanned bottom till it was red as ripened cherries. To the youth mortification the experience had been pleasurable. The main reason their tryst lasted longer was because the youth was more pliant and durable for the Lord's reigned.

Opening blearily amethyst colored eyes; the youth was surprised to find that the subject of the Lord interest was the different expressions playing across his own face….

Second P.O.V

The youth beneath him was delectable morsel so complaint and willing to try anything to appease and sate his hunger, and sate his hunger the youth did. He was quite different from his usual lovers; him being a male meant nothing to him afterall his very kind was a taboo according to monks and priests. Not that he gave a damn what other thoughts of him after all he was…

"Ahhh….Uhhh…Harder…." He looked down and couldn't help the growl that escaped his lips at the sight of those kissable lips part in pleasure.

When had it become so addicting, for centuries he took lovers and slaughtered them not to soon after. But this youth from his succulent ruby red lips and honey colored skin was a treat he had no intention of disposing anytime in the near future.

It was too bad the youth could not become with pup, he was sure that if the youth beneath him were to become his mate that he would at least not tire of him and seek his carnal desires from others, for a century or two. But there was the fact that his lover was ningen, any pup sired between them he would quickly have to dispose of. He had no intention of following his father's example and siring a half-breed.

But this lovely little morsel was just perfect for the role of his mistress, because afterall who knew how he liked it, who else could handle his substantial girth and his sometimes sadistic desires.

"Mhh…" was the muffled sound that interrupted his thoughts. He looked down to see the boy eyes were shut tight, lips reddened to the point of bleeding.

The boy could barely control his cries of pleasure. So fearful was the youth below of the repercussions of such noises his lips had become to leak fluid. He unhappily noted were not of his own making. It would seem he remembered their first night, the night he plucked the youth virginity and left him nothing more but a shivering and mewing addict to his cock and touch.

Despites his warnings the youth let out a gasp when he first entered, as punishment he denied the youth release of any kind, and spanked his bottom till they bled red. The youth to his shock and great pleasure enjoyed his punishment, and without any type of assistance had two orgasms…..He of course didn't punish him, he was far too pleased by the youth enjoyment at sexual activities that were violent.…..

First P.O.V.

Those eyes widened as the object of his obsession came closer and kissed him; he gasped allowing his lover access to the dark cavern of his mouth. Plundering it restlessly the being above coaxed his tongue into play, his serpent like tongue massaged the inside of his mouth sweeping the top, lapping at the bottom, caressing his gums, and sliding over his teeth. A muffled whimper was all that escaped his mouth. Shyly he pressed against his lover, a tightened gripped around his waist, and deeper and harder thrusts were his rewards. He repeated the movement and soon he begun to feel it…..

His lover was growing in width and in length, and very soon…yes. Pulling their mouths apart he gasped. As his lover became stuck within him, it would seem his knot had been incurred.

Never before had that happen, he usually pulled away and ordered him to suckle upon his heavy cock. He refused to release his seed within him. It would always seem he was disgusted of his seed littering his soiled posterior or merely fearful of impregnating him. Like that could happen, he snorted.

The beast above did not stop nor slowed down his thrusting's they became harder, faster and so much better. Moan after moan escaped his parted lips and the being above seemed to take even great pleasure from his once silent cries. Together they both soared to their completion. His seed coated their belly and chest. His lover cock was still embedded within his heat; he sucked at him drinking all the warm fluid he could get. He knew from teachings that the knot would remain till not a drop was left. Usually the aggressor would even lap at the submissive partner entrance administrating a special enzyme to ensure that none of his seed would escape, thus ensuring conception. Lucky that was not the case here.

A sob racked through his form as he finally met completion, it felt different than before more intense. His eyes widen at a strange feeling as he soon became aware that his lover teeth were embedded within his flesh. Between his neck and shoulders, at the juncture he'd been given a mark. He was owned from the moment their flesh became as one and now he was only disheartened by the kiss that had stolen his very soul. First his body falling into temptation of this god, and then his heart was so easily disillusioned by the sometime caring caress against his skin…..

Slowly his lover eased himself from up above, his now spent cock slipped from his abused entrance leaving a trail of semen and blood. He remained perfectly still till he left…a gasp escaped his lips again as he felt the youkai above licking his body.

The now canine tongue lapped at his neck before leaving a trail of saliva to his still hard nubs. He drew the first into his mouth; his rough tongue circled them hungrily. He soon began sucking roughly at his nipples his fangs grazing them subtly, seductively as though an infant suckling on its mother's bosom.

Unable to contain himself he let out a loud keening noise his hands flying to pull at his hair the sensations coursed through him leaving him wanting, panting for more. He arched his back in hopes that the evil being above toying with his nipples would gift him with release.

With a soft pop he freed his mouth from his now reddened nipple, kissing its twin, before making his way down. His tongue softly caressing at his stomach, kneading every muscle, familiarizing every twitch and then dipping his tongue into his belly button, he shuddered in desire as he caught sight of red tinged eyes watching him. A moan broke free from his lip at the overwhelming lust that was building within; like a volcano paused to blow. His release was steadily reaching its climatic release.

Before he came face to face with his member, he knew that compared to his lovers girth he was nothing. The man above was a good nine inches, but when he became stuck his length increased by three inches. He swore on his life that the mighty cock once embedded within him, fucked him from both holes at once. His width was two and a half inches; he couldn't even wrapped one hand over that pulsating meat. And his width increased by two made it quite a feat to move from underneath.

A sigh escaped his lips as he felt the creature lap at the head of his cock, before drawing his cock into his mouth. The youkai tongue swirled along the sides before drawing it further into his throat….

Second P.O.V.

He heard his lover whimper as he slowed his pace snarling he felt his beast rise and soon his thrusts became harder, faster. Moan after moan escaped the youth parted lips. Yessss he hissed in pleasure as the youths keens of pleasure became louder. He was almost there his thrusts slowed as he tried to prolong the pleasure. He felt his fangs lengthen and without hesitation or thought of the future consequences embedded his fangs in the junction between his neck and shoulders, forever tying them together.

Stars imploded within his mind, as he closed his eyes to better negate the pleasure coursing through him. He realized that he had to fight to remain conscience; a gnawing in the back of his mind reminded him he had a duty to perform.

His cock was still embedded within the tight heat; it sucked at him drinking all the warm fluid it could get. His knot held him anchored firmly within the boy, and would not falter till his beast was sure that conception was achieved. He would of course have to leave his saliva at the boy entrance to ensure his seed remained within his womb. To better the chance of him becoming with child. He knew from teachings that the knot would remain till his seed fully coated his womb. In the back of his mind he remembered that his current lover was a mortal male thus pregnancy was impossible….but still why waste such a pleasurable experience.

His now canine tongue lapped at the youth neck lovingly, before leaving a trail of saliva to his still hard nubs. He drew the first into his mouth; his rough tongue circled them hungrily. He soon began sucking roughly at the nipples his fangs grazing them subtly, seductively.

The boy beneath him unable to contain himself let out a loud keening noise his hands flying to pull at his hair the sensations coursed through him leaving him wanting, panting for more. He watched as he arched his back in hopes that he would stop toying with his nipples and gift him with release.

With a soft pop he freed his mouth from the reddened nipple, kissing its twin, before making his way down. His tongue softly caressing at his stomach, kneading every muscle, familiarizing every twitch and then dipping he dipped his tongue into his belly button. The boy shuddered in desire as he caught sight of his red tinged eyes watching him. He soon came face to face with his young lover member.

To most Youkai, ningen scents were intolerable they stunk of sweat and lust. Their stenches bled too heavily into their noses, thus explaining why Youkai barely took ningen's as their lovers and seldom as their mates. It would take an exceptional ningen to catch the eye of a youkai and hold their attention. His father and that insufferable ningen wench were a fine example, she possess a keen intellect (for a filthy ningen) as well as intuition.

To think she once prophesized that a "Mortal flesh would part and gift him thrice with the seeds of his immortality". He scoffed at that, foolish seers and their inability to make sense.

But this one beneath him had worth as a perfect sexual companion, and perhaps if he continued to prove his worth to him in bed he would gift him with immortality.

A sigh escaped the boy lips as he felt him lap at the head of his cock, before he slowly drew his cock into his mouth. His tongue swirled along the sides before drawing it further into his throat. He swallowed the cock whole before burying his nose into the raven locks between his lover legs. The musky scent of rainwater and herbs, were part of the reason he became drawn to the ningen underneath.

Pulling his mouth from the hard member, he heard the youth let out a whimper. He smirked against the flesh nudging it slowly before surveying his handiwork.

Bruises littered the raven-haired beauty hips and neck, but that was usual seeing as their rutting was quite rough. With the youth he found he could release his full lust on him without fear of him weeping or dying. In fact the youth spurred him along, he enjoyed their encounters and even if the consequences of their meetings were wounds and the inability to sit or walk. Bite marks littered his chest and neck, none as vibrant or bloody as the mark he place on his neck.

He nuzzled the youth crotch before spreading his legs apart. He eyed that pink hole that glistened with his release as it oozed out slithering between his crevice. He lapped at the semen. The boy shivered from above. He followed the trail back up before he carefully nudged at the hole. His tongue slipped in as he tasted his essence as he slowly push in his saliva.

The boy above had pulled himself to a sitting position, before he slid his legs apart and holstered them onto his shoulders.

Pulling away he watched the youth stare at him with an unreadable expression before drawing him in for a kiss. He'd never taken the initiative before and he found he enjoyed the youth brazen. Slipping his clawed hand into the youth carefully….

First P.O.V.

He spread his legs further apart instinctually; he let out a low moan as his lover slowly eased his finger into him. The youkai paused, and he released a growl of his own. The creature merely chuckled at his impatience and as punishment for his lack of patience….


Echoed in the clearing, the he moaned into it, as his lust had only risen at his punishment. A whimper escaped his lips as the youkai pulled him in for a rough kiss.

Slowly in and out he repeated the motion before he pushed his finger in deeper. His back arched into the air. He pressed into the hand that tormented him so.

Yes…Yes…..yes….he repeated the mantra till he felt his release arching his back once more he fell backward into obscurity.

Second P.O.V.

He groaned at the sight of the youth spread leg, silently granting him permission to what he already thoroughly owned. He slowly eased his finger into the youth wary of his claws. He paused to give him time to adjust and the youth growled at him. He merely chuckled at his impatience and as punishment for the youth lack of patience he struck him against his face. The boy moaned into it as his lust risen at his punishment. A whimper escaped the youth lips as he pulled him in for a rough kiss.

Slowly in and out he repeated the motion before he pushed his finger in deeper. The boy back arched into the air at simple action. He pressed into the crevice that tormented him so. The youth arched his back once more as he succumbed to his orgasm. He pulled away from the youth hole before suckling upon it, Lifting up the pelt he brought with him, he covered both himself and lover before succumbing into a restless sleep. Drawing the youth into his arms he carefully tucked him beneath his neck.

He only knew that come tomorrow the youth may not be so incline to seeing him, but for now he was content to holding onto his raven-haired beauty. Too bad, he thought at losing his lover. He'd enjoyed it whilst it lasted (They both did; He smirked in remembrance of their past encounter and the similar result), it would seem that history had repeated itself if his longest tryst was with a ningen.

But he was in need of an heir, something his perfect lover was unable to gift him.

Oh well...

This only the teaser I wanted to see if you guys could guess who the two couple are, it's pretty easy seeing as I gave you a big clue towards one identity. And the Grand prize an oneshot or series of your choice, good luck and as the great Obi Wan said "May the Yaoi Be With You Young ADFF Fans" (I added the last part). [0 0}