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For over a year Sesshoumaru has sought the comfort of flesh from the most unlikely of lovers. Now has come the time for the InuYoukai lord to mate and acquire an heir, something his lover is unable to provide him with. In anguish, said lover flees not knowing that the heir his former lover sought was now growing heavily within his womb.

Hi, this one of the lost chapters, I wrote several chapters that I never really bothered to upload and publish. Therefore, while the story is being revamped I decided to show you just how Miroku's pregnancy was. I know you're curious, so was I. Thus this chapter, enjoy.

He was floating in a sea of silver and blues, in the distance he heard children's laughter and was shocked to see eyes like his own staring down at him mischievously.

The color drained completely form his face at the likeness the child shared with him, behind him staring curiously at him were two boys. Two golden eyed, beautiful silver haired boys. Boys, whom familiarity with his lover brought an even deeper pang to his heart. They were the children he could never give to Sesshoumaru stared at him in a mixture of fear and mirth.

The boy with his coloring pushed his hair to the side; he took a quick intake of breath as he stared at the all too familiar mark embedded in his forehead. Why was he being punish so by these illusions, of what he could never himself have nor give to the one whose hold over his heart pained him still.

He broke out into tears. They were perfection like no other and th-they could never be his. He wailed angrily. It would be that girl, that Miko, his friend who would birth his pure child. He cursed the day he ever allowed that man to take him, he cursed the day he ever fell in love with that man, that beast.

He flinched when he suddenly felt the child-like touch of his doppelganger.

"Hush now; there is no need for tears."

The boy whispered as he caressed his cheeks.

"There is nothing to fear. Though your love has rejected your gift, there is still hope." The second white-haired boy said, his form swaying as though lost in a trance.

"There always is." He added as his human-like hand rested over his abdomen.

"Miroku, Miroku!"

A voice suddenly called him from behind, back from his own world, somewhere far away from this strange world and unreal realm.

"Go now, you will see us much sooner then you think."

"Mhmm, Kaede-baba." Miroku called out as he carefully pulled himself into a sitting position.

"Wha-what happened?" Miroku grunted as he rubbed his forehead.

"You collapsed." Was the old Miko's answer, before carefully taking a sip from the pot.

"What? Where? How?"

"I don't remember." He added with a whisper his hand coming to rest against his forehead. He winced as he felt a slight pang from the wound.

"You fainted in the fields. You are very lucky one of the villagers were passing by or you would've drowned." Kaede reminded him, as she continued to stir the bubbling pot.

"Oh, Kaede I hav…"

"Ye have been unwell for these past few weeks. At first I assumed it was due to ye –pause- former paramour, but…" The old Miko pouring whatever the concoction was into a cracked bowl.

Its raw and rancid scent made his sensitive nose quiver and his poor eyes to water.

"But what, what is wrong with me. Am I dying Lady Kaede, is that it. Is my life forced somehow tied to that mo-mons…"

"Ye are with child." Kaede said, stopping the Monk from continuing his tirade.

"WHAT!" Miroku and the snooping InuYasha screamed in union, the latter of the two came crashing through the ceiling

"Yes Miroku I don't not jest ye are pregnant, about a month along it would seem. And InuYasha ye will be repairing that hole in my ceiling."

"How?" Was Miroku's question.

"I figure the usual way, one that I've heard you are quite familiar with." Was Kaede's witty response as she sent an all too knowing smirk.

Miroku cheeks flushed in embarrassment, he knew very well where she received that information from. Sighing to himself the former monk couldn't help but to lay his once cursed hands over his still flat womb.


He could feel them, the tiny ripples sending a warming shock throughout his form.

"There are two." He whimsically breathed; he could barely contain the erratic beating of his heart and breathing.

And just like that both clarity and serenity became known, the trees swaying hypnotically to a beat, birds singing tunes to their sweethearts, children squealing with laughter, the neighbors rutting..err…

"Pssch not surprising"

InuYasha said, ruining the otherwise peaceful moment.

"What, they were sired by an Inu, your lucky it isn't a full liter." InuYasha answered with a grunt, his arms crossed and one leg resting against the fire-pit.

Miroku shuddered at that thought before quickly remembering his deal with Sesshoumaru.

"I have to leave!" He suddenly shouted, as he begun to dart around the room quickly packing up his strewn items.

"Whoa, whoa, there's no way in hell you're thinking of going back to my brother. He'll kill you puppies be damned, he won't let it be known that he fucked and pup a human male." InuYasha practically snarled his features twisting in undisguised pain. He remembered his own childhood, how lonely and frightening it had been. His own kin doing nothing to make it better, he didn't want neither Miroku nor his pups to share the same fate as him and his mother.

Turning to glare at InuYasha about that reminder, he hissed out, "Are you mad, like hell I would return to that bastard."

InuYasha shivered at the feral look, why hadn't he noticed it before Miroku was slowly becoming a demon. Amazing he had unknowingly given away his spiritual power as well as his humanity for two simple life forms he was unconsciously unaware of.

Maybe if his mother had been, no there was no point thinking about what could have been, when it was clearly never meant.

"Let me help you Miroku." InuYasha finally said, his own hand coming to rest over his friend. He may had not protected him before, but he would be damned now if he allowed Sesshoumaru to harm his unborn nephews or nieces.

"Thank you InuYasha." Miroku whispered, his features aglow in happiness.

InuYasha could barely contain the gasp that slipped through his lips at the smile Miroku gifted him with; he was so beautiful a soft glow alight around him. The former monk resembled so strongly a Tenshi at that moment, in all his divinity. Even now his purity was still shown.

"Ye will not be going anywhere."

"Wh-what?" they both stuttered out, InuYasha knew of the danger Miroku continual inhabitants posed upon the village. When Sesshoumaru realized that he wasn't returning, and he would know. The DaiYoukai would rain down upon them like a messenger of death, bring war and famine onto the lands into Miroku either died or returned to his side.

"Are you insane you old hag what if Sesshoumaru finds out about him and pays a visit."

"He won't."

"Are you..."

"I am very much sure I may be old and withered but I am still a priestess by my own rights, a powerful one at that. Not nearly as much as my Nee-chan nor Kagome if she had followed my training properly." The old woman said as she sipped carefully her tea.

"But I will place a barrier for the rest of your pregnancy, as well as getting to work on that distinctive mark in the inside of your neck, and thigh." She added with a perverse leer. She ignored the glare Miroku sent her at her. Just because she herself did not know the pleasures of flesh, didn't mean she was adverse to the subject and its content.

Miroku flushed in arousal and embarrassment at memory of just how he got that mark.

Placing his hand against his belly, he let loose a wave of energy towards the tiny bundle growing so perfectly within his womb. At that moment, he made a promise to his child. To always be there and that he or she would never know hurt. This child would never know loneliness and he would never again know…pain.

Staring up into the sky, he felt a pang of fear swell through him as the crescent moon shined upon him. Searing him with its possession, just like the other who wore its mark.

He shuddered in fear at the thought of Sesshoumaru finding him, or how he would react when he found out that Miroku would not be returning to him.

He remembered his threat quite clearly, either he returned of his free-will and submitted as before or Sesshoumaru would hunt him down. The latter would play in two ways; Sesshoumaru would bed him without his permission, forcing him to fulfill his carnal desires without any pleasure. Into such time, Sesshoumaru felt that he was truly meek, and then he would begin to give him pleasure. He would be a virtual pet to the man. On the other hand, he could simply kill him, erasing any trace of his weakness.

He reared back as the menacing old woman forced the bowl under his nose.

"Now drink this, it should help with thee fever."

Ignoring InuYasha chuckle, he downed the disgusting brew. He gently reminded himself that this was merely something else that he must do for his unborn pups.

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