Disclaimer: Nope.

Author's Note: This was actually done as an assignment for my creative writing. The prompt was to write about two people at a carnival, one of whom wants to stay, while the other wants to go home. Not my best work ever, but it still made me smile. :D So here you go.


Oh My


The world around him is like a dreamscape made reality; up and down, left and right, the park has been completely transformed, made into a kaleidoscope of synthetic color. What would have been a gray winter evening has been brightened by twinkling electric lights— technological fairies that illuminate the shadows. High above, the sky turns black, but far below, patchwork tents add color to the dull British landscape. From the corner of his eye, he can see an undulating merry-go-round, its many glossed animals stuck playing a perpetual game of ring-around-the-rosy. Through the candy-and-vomit scented air, the disconnected voices of children ring, echoing in his frost-bitten ears. And as their laughter resonates eerily, Ciel finds himself wondering if those voices possess bodies at all.

The passing thought sends a chill down his spine, which he quickly pretends is due to the weather.

"This is ludicrous," Ciel then grouses, casting irate eyes back and forth, back and forth, as bundled families jostle past him on the wooden pathway. "A waste of time. Why would I possibly want to fritter away precious hours in this grimy place? It's probably full of plague. If nothing else, it's full of snot and spit." Beside him, as if cued, a burly carnie hacks up a wad of off-green saliva, and shoots it out between gapped teeth. Ciel almost gags, even as he gestures towards the crude display. "You see? Disgusting. Take me home at once, Sebastian."

He stops obstinately in the middle of the crowded walkway, waiting for an affirmative reply—as expected of his black-clad butler. But instead, the young man beside Ciel hesitates, pale lips pursing in thinly veiled displeasure.

The child blinks, confounded. "Sebastian," Ciel repeats, mounting irritation gnawing away at his quiet voice, "I told you that I want to go home. What are you dawdling for?"

Sebastian, startled from his waffling, shoots the boy a swift, sideways glance, momentary embarrassment glistening in his rose-tea eyes. But the expression is almost immediately replaced by a dawning sort of craftiness... "I apologize, young master," the dark haired servant murmurs, tilting forward and into a polite bow, "but I must refuse such a request. You received these carnival tickets from Lady Elizabeth as a gift; it would be entirely rude to leave so soon after arriving."

The boy graces his butler with an incredulous expression. A long moment passes…

"…you just found the Big Cats Tent, didn't you?" Ciel drones, dry realization clinging to every syllable of his (correct) deduction.

Sebastian's only answer is a smile. "Come then, my lord," the cheerful servant then coos, twisting himself and his charge (very pointedly) towards the sound of roaring tigers; Ciel (actively resisting being turn-around) half-wonders if the demon will still get his soul if he dies from overactive allergies. "Let's enjoy what the common folk have to offer, shall we?"